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Looney Tunes USB Drives

I don’t get out much, but luckily my readers do. Chris Stulz found these Looney Tunes USB flash drives during a recent trip to OfficeMax. These are quite cute and also come designed as Speedy Gonzales (photo below) and the Tasmanian Devil. They store 4GB – and it’s apparently the first set in a series.

While out shopping, Chris also found these scary Looney Tunes Show Mr. Potato Heads (below center, click to enlarge) at Walmart, as well as these funky Looney Tunes Laplander hats (below, right) at Hot Topic. Looney Tunes merch is back, people! Woo-hoo!

  • Charlie

    I have the Sylvester laplander hat. Pretty stylish, I do say so myself.

  • Michael

    Walmart has a whole line of Looney Tunes Show Merch.

  • “Looney Tunes merchandise is back,..”
    At least the show is good for something.

    • joe

      Hey, do you guys really feel the need to trash on the show anytime you get?

  • Toonio

    Hot Topic here I come…

  • Let’ hope at least that with this merchandise revival there will be new artworks of the characters instead of the over-used ones!
    (Doese anyone remind the WBstores product with all thet eye-candy desings ? ahhh, good times!)

  • Jody Morgan

    Even with those nice USB drives, WB is trying too hard to reach the hipster crowd. I mean, seriously, giving Sylvester a pierced ear?

  • David Breneman

    I didn’t know Emtec (formerly, BASF’s recording tape division) was still in business. I can’t believe these things are actually made in Germany. Someone must have bought the rights to the logo.

  • Inkan1969

    You have to tear their heads off in order to use the drives?

  • Ironic that I read this after buying a Wile E. Coyote hat at Spencer’s in the mall AND a Wile E. T shirt at Target today. The hat is cool…nerdy, goofy, unsafe to wear in public, but the perfect Halloween costume! It has floppy ears! They also had Bugs, Yosemite Sam, Foghorn Leghorn, Ninja Turtles, Muppets and Nintendo characters…and the cashier in Spencer’s said they were all selling like crazy.

  • A Looney Tunes Potato Head is kind of a crazy idea (moreso when you think at Mr. Potato Head as a Toy Story character) , but I must say they look pretty cute.

  • zac

    I have a hard time accepting any looney tunes that come from outside of the termite terrace.. They’ve tried so many times to bring these characters back (baby looney tunes, space jam, the recent 3D shorts, the new cartoon series) and it always just feels like a merchandise grab.

    I think they’d have more success simply syndicating the old 7 minute shorts rather than wasting money and squandering the classic animation’s integrity by re-developing their characters over and over.