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Lucky Rabbit Feet


As we cartoon fanboys anxiously await a big Disney Oswald merchandising blitz, it’s a bit disheartening to learn that one initial line of upscale merch is being directed exclusively towards the ladies.

Oswald footwear is currently being sold in the finest Paris fashion boutiques, via Brazilian shoemaker Melissa. These “Ultragirl peep-toe flats”, adorned with a retro Lucky Rabbit design, are apparently all the rage.

Can sneakers be far behind?

(Thanks, David Gerstein)

  • hahahahaha. man. if they had oswalds on white slippons i might wear them but then maybe not because a bunch of hipsters would possibly wear them and it would ruin the appeal. Its a pretty good feeling to know that cartoons can be on the feet of some hot european babes though. that is what all cartoonists should strive for; the maximum and natural appeal of an awesome animated cartoon character.

  • Classic cartoon characters from the 30’s seem to be rather common on woman’s gear. I remember seeing handbags with Felix the cat all over the place in boutique shops last year, and then of course there’s the merchandising boom that was Betty Boop. As fashionable as having these characters on their gear is, you can bet most of the woman wearing them don’t know where the characters came from. I know this for a fact as I’ve known someone for years who collects Betty Boop merchandise but had never seen any of the cartoons she starred in until recently.

  • It’s official. We are now living in an alternate reality controlled by David Gerstein, where it’s become a fashion statement for women to wear 80 year old mediocre cartoon characters on their feet.

  • Diana Green

    Disheartening? Indeed! There are women who like classic cartoons, you know. Did you notice that the mix at San diego last year appeared to be about 50/50?
    This is art form we’re talking about, not a boy’s club. I thought that arbitrary notion died off in the 90s, with the passing of the “Comic Book Geek, sweaty overweight fanboy with no social life” cliche’.
    Disheartening? Not to me!

  • Zep

    Oh, bullpuppy, Thad-whatever one thinks of Oswald cartoons this is one appealing design. It’s a good thing.

  • Hey, fellas and gals—give Thad a break! He’s just yanking my chain. He can’t bug me, though… I know he’s just envious, waiting for guys’ Oswald fashions to turn up so he doesn’t have to wear Ultragirls in public.
    En garde! (And now I’ll just leave while my shadow does the fighting.)

  • kborcz

    Those ARE pretty cute shoes.

  • These look awesome. I think it’s great that there are fashionable things featuring great cartoon characters being marketed to women.

  • If the shoe fits. . .

  • Annie-Mae

    1st pair of white shoes I would own. Too bad they seem to be in Europe only. Hope we get more Oswald cloths.

  • Thad! How sthad you think Mr. O. is “mediocre!”

  • Meg

    I also think they are very cute shoes…I love cartoons, so why not sport them any way possible? (Especially classic Oswald shoes!)

  • Meg (and others)… no need to play defense! It’s only “disheartening” that the shoes are for girls because guys like Jerry and myself want appropriate men’s models, too. Maybe not Thad, though. (-:

  • rachel

    Rats!!! I was just in Paris and got dragged of to Versailles by my friends before I had a chance to go to Colette. I totally would have bought these! Hopefully they’ll release them in the US at some point, but it doesn’t surprise me that Colette has them first–that boutique gets all kinds of interesting merchandise before anywhere else has it.

  • jimmy


  • Pedro Nakama

    They’re mostly white which means you can’t wear them until Memorial Day weekend.

  • Zep

    They come in half a dozen colors, actually: dark grey, green, black, white, blue and red.

    I’m wondering what motivated this very niche brazilian designer to choose Oswald, of all things? And what other couture designs are already available(outside of, say, Japan)with him? Where there’s shoes there must be shirts.

  • The girls get something for a change! But why white? I bet it doesn’t really matter, since it probably goes up to a nine and is too narrow anyway…

  • Steve Gattuso

    They’re being marketed in France, so the Memorial Day bit goes out the window. For them, it’s a Spring fashion statement.

    Also, a great gift for the transvestite cartoon buff in your family.

  • There could be some hope for better merch! According to KidScreen Magazine today, the Walt Disney Company has acquired the Disney Store chain from a subsidary of The Children’s Place Retail Stores.

    I don’t know about you but my hubby Matt and I visit the stores often and end up leaving empty-handed and upset by the lack of quality. Although, we did pick up an amazing little Oswald figurine a month or so ago for our living room.