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Q: What do you get if you combine Jessica Rabbit and Winnie Woodpecker?


A: The logo for Major Woody’s Bar in downtown Columbus, Ohio and a very disturbing image.

  • I dunno about you, Jerry, but this is waaaay better than that recent Bugs Bunny one you posted! (I’ll never get used to that.) At least this “Woody” looks hot. (Then again, I’m accustomed to cartoon animal chicks.)

  • It’s like a T-Shirt you could buy at a gas station

  • I kind of like it. But then, all I’m seeing is breasts.

    I guess you heard Seth McFarlane signed some deal for a ridiculous amount of money. I think he deserves something for making me crack a smile every now and again. I certainly enjoyed an O.J. reference they made early on but then that’s just it, isn’t it – all the humour is just references to other people or shows.

    If he had to pay all of those sources, like say a record producer would have to pay for samples, he wouldn’t be all that rich I imagine. And, yet, if he didn’t use them, he’d have nothing.

  • I love a girl with sharp, pointy lips.

  • Nic Kramer

    Man, I never seen that before and I live in Columbus!

  • Animation Pimp

    I figured that guys who draw breasts like that have in all likelihood never touched real ones. If they had, they’d know how impossible and rather unsexy gigantic titties are. What guy (except maybe Robert Crumb) wants to fiddle around with those two balloons? You can’t even fit them in your hand, let alone your mouth. They’d just flop around like fish –with blue veins.

  • John Mighito

    Amazing, will this deviant art parade ever cease? Everything is a Composite these days- are there no original characters left?

  • BigHorse

    That is disturbing! Who would’ve ever thought Winnie had such small feet.

    Actually, I find this funny. It’s a real hoot……

  • FP

    That pixeloo guy should do a “photoreal” version of this one. Bleh!

  • Bob

    That may be a major reason why the Blue Jackets have never made the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

  • Steve

    You mean Woody Woodpecker? I’m pretty sure a cross between Jessica Rabbit, Woody Woodpecker, and Winnie the Pooh would be nothing short of terrifying.

  • Well, the proportions look about right to me……

  • Damn. Woody Harrelson’s really come up in the world.

  • I like it!!!

  • Brad Constantine

    Yikes!! Besides the disturbing idea of it all, the tiny head doesn’t help the design balance a bit,(but makes the lettering fit) One false peck and… (insert Don Martin sound effect) Ka-Ploobadoof!!

  • Bugsmer

    Sort of makes you wonder what lurks inside…

  • red pill junkie

    The proportion of the head makes you think the rest of the body is just a prop. You know, like as if Woody was using a over-sized disguise or something.

    I was a more fan of Holly Wood than Jessica’s BTW, much more appealing proportions.

  • Alex

    Cartoon Woody!? I get it! Fornication with woodpeckers!? I don’t get it…

  • I think she’s hot–she will definitely be replacing the Winsome Witch pin-up over my bed.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I think what BigHorse was talking about was the Winnie Woodpecker from the Woody Woodpecker series that was on FoxKids many, many years ago. That’s all I can think of.

    Seeing the name alone though conjures up a classic episode of Beavis & Butt-Head where they go into an Army recruitment building and were told to sign these papers to join, only to leave the guy with the names “Major Woody” and “Private Parts” as they ran out the door before the guy could shoot ’em dead for their typical caterwauling.

  • John Mighito,

    DA has its share of horrors (and its share of really good work), but I’m a DA user, and yet, I’ve got my own original character, so no worries.

  • Steve – Steve, I meant Winnie Woodpecker, Woody’s girlfriend in the 1950s cartoons. But Uncle Wayne just sent me this frame grab from The Barber of Seville of Woody that might be a better reference point.
    sexy Woody

  • P.C. Unfunny

    I feel sorry for anyone who thinks she’s hot.

  • Killroy McFate

    Coming soon to a mudflap near you.

  • Richard Aluminum-Titanium

    It’s like a “Twilight Zone” story where the last man on earth has no choice but to mate with such a last hybrid female specimen, to propagate the species by the sole option left, rendering himself the patriarch of a future half-pecker race. It’s the feature Walter Lantz never made.

  • I can’t get past the breasts, and pointy nipples.

  • Christopher Cook

    On a related wordplay note, there is a T-shirt showing a groggy Woody in a robe and bed slippers. It’s titled “Morning Woody.”

  • Mr. Semaj

    This can’t be real.

  • Jeff

    It seems the artist was unaware of the fact that Woodpeckers are birds, not mammals.

  • Barbara

    That is quite frightening and hideous. I am loathe to think of the kind of patrons they receive.

    I haven’t seen it either, I’ll have look for it the next time I’m in the Brewery District..

  • madmadmad

    as if there#s not enuf brainless misogynist crap out there!

  • Steve Gattuso

    Winnie Woodpecker? I can honestly say I’ve never seen the character in my life. Should I be glad?

  • John

    Looks like Woody’s disguise to fool Buzz and Wally in “Stage Hoax”.

  • BEIRO!

    This example is NOTHING compared to what I have seen in historical studio animation “off-the-wall” art the boys did during those LONG, boring hours over a hot lamp. Aside from that, being a LONGTIME Winnie Woodpecker supporter (-smile-), I definitely approve of this version. Of course, with Woody’s penchant for dressing in drag to fool his adversaries, one might think this might be the crazy dude’s typical joke on us yet again… of course #2: this artwork was, by the look of it, professionally created for the purpose of advertising a nightclub and, as always with popular iconic constructs, gets borrowed for the sake of independent business ventures. I have no doubt in some years ahead I’ll see a version of MINERVA MINK on some roach coach in L.A. Y’think?

  • OM

    …Of course, she’s better hope those are naturals and not implants. Can you imagine the disaster if she looked down at her feet and failed to look *straight* down?

  • Nah man Gorgeous Gal from Fine Feathered Frenzy is still the hottest women Woody’s ever had lol! Sexy voice plus money makes up for everything else. <3

  • EDIT: Hottest woman, not women lol! Gorgeous Gal was kinda big but she’s still only one person har har!

  • tontoboy

    I love this ”sexy winnie woodpecker” =)

  • William

    I find nothing disturbing about this image whatsoever. I think it’s kind of sexy. I could never imagine Winnie Woodpecker having big, gigantic boobs like this. This is every man’s fantasy if they are in love with female cartoon characters. It will defiantly make me think of Winnie in a whole different way.

  • Yeah still say Gorgeous Gal from Fine Feathered Frenzy is hotter lol!

  • Me

    Winnie woodpecker is from both the classic version of woody woodpecker and the new woody woodpecker show series. In the classic series her only appearance was in an episode called real gone woody. I am a major woody and Winnie woodpecker fan so I know a lot about them. Winnie also appeared in comics of woody woodpecker as well. Winnie woodpecker is woody woodpeckers girlfriend. She had a different look in the new woody woodpecker show then in the classic series though. In the classic series she was fully clothed and wore a ponytale and in the new series she looked more like woody and didn’t wear a ponytale or a shirt but wore an orange skirt.
    A comment I’d like to make about the picture is that in this photo her arms and legs are white when they should be blue.
    The photo is also clearly of the classic version of Winnie woodpecker.