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Meet the new Fungus named after Spongebob!

“It lives in a rainforest, under a tree…” Scientists have discovered a new fungus growing in the jungle and have named it after Spongebob.

“Shaped like a sea sponge, the bright orange (and sometimes purple) mushroom, Spongiforma squarepantsii, was discovered in the forests of Sarawak, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo in 2010, and just described in May in the journal Mycologia. The fungus has a particular odor, smelling “vaguely fruity or strongly musty,” according to Dennis Desjardin of San Francisco State University.”

“Vaguely fruity”? Yep, that’s our Spongebob!

(Thanks, Red Pill Junkie)

  • Is it a favorite food of the Stephen Colbert spider?

  • Mike

    This is the sort of thing that makes me happy I’m studying Biology.

  • Neat! I like stuff like this!

  • It would have been great if it also was a psychedelic mushroom ;)

  • Who lives in the rain forest under a tree?

    Spongiforma squarepantsii!

  • tonma

    HAHA! Plus: this was born to become one of those triva pieces that will stick around for ever:
    -Did you know Spongiforma squarepantsii in not a sponge but a fungus?????
    -No way!!!