Let’s Look Inside Mel Blanc Let’s Look Inside Mel Blanc
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Let’s Look Inside Mel Blanc

What’s better than seeing the bodies of a bunch of voice actors? Seeing the insides of a voice actor. Reader Jeaux Janovsky found this video purportedly showing Mel Blanc’s vocal chords in action.

  • Tedzey

    Wow… Pretty hard core!

  • Gerard de Souza

    For the fan who has everything. Didn’t see this on the DVD collections.

    There is that legend that even Blanc stated that a doctor said he had the same vocal chord structure Enrico Caruso. I wonder if this was at this session. How would the doctor know?…and all we need are Caruso’s video of vocal chords?

    I’m gonna do a youtube search on Eddie Selzer’s colon-o-scope.

  • Gerard de Souza

    All I need is someone looking over my shoulder not to ask what I am looking at.

  • jordan reichek




  • wever

    Why……….. when……. who wa— ………. .why …. would someone film this?

  • Deaniac

    …what in God’s name…

  • NSFW? They’re vocal chords folks.

    Even if you were ’embarrassed’ at what they could look like to passers by, shouldn’t it be obvious by the title “Let’s Look Inside Mel Blanc”, the blurb before the video stating “Mel Blanc’s vocal chords in action”, and the title of the video which is “Mel Blanc’s vocal chords”, as to the actual content of the video?

  • Norton

    This reminds me of the time they showed the inside of Ronald Reagan’s colon on MTV.

  • Call me crazy, but this is the most intersting video (bah, thing, actually) I’ve seen in weeks.

  • Joe

    I came.

  • Um, How would he make the consonant sounds, if he has a pre-1990’s endoscope shoved down his throat?

  • GW

    It may be a bit of a gimmick right now, but soon there will be people analyzing endoscope footage like this to create artificial voice systems that make interesting sounds. There’s already systems being developed like this one:

    Not too long from now, there will be robots doing their own voice acting and people will use footage like this to understand in detail just how the sounds are created to work with the robots.

    • GW

      I look like an idiot now for sure. I suggest that a video that’s impossible to take should be used in the future for reference. Well, nonetheless, there must be some other way to study the movements of the vocal chords.

  • Emily Brundige


  • Randy

    I work in the medical field, doing, among other things, assisting with Bronchoscopies, and trust me, this video is totally fake.

    • Haha, me and my innocence… you know, I was going to ask if there’s any way someone could post a proof, a comment by a family member from long ago, blah, blah… but hey, in the internet anything can happen, right?

      Anyway–why do you say it’s a fake? Because of the synchronisation? They’re more exact? (I have no idea, ha)