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Mondo Looney Tunes

Dear Warner Bros.,

Hire these guys to make your cartoon posters.

Today, Texas-based Mondo will be releasing two more entries into their limited edition Looney Tunes poster series. Mondo creates limited edition screen print posters of favorite classic and contemporary films. They also have a gallery space in Austin.

The two new posters will be available online today – Thursday, December 6th – at a random time. Hyde and Go Tweet is by Phantom City Creative; Hair-Raising Hare is by artist Michael De Pippo. Click the gallery below to see these and earlier releases by artist Tom Whelan. To purchase, you have to follow Mondo on Twitter for the on-sale announcement. Each edition is limited to 260.

(Thanks, Thom Foolery)

  • These are all fantastic, but the HRH and H&GT fit the “old-school-monster-movie-poster” style superbly.

  • Alina Quiñones


    Why are they all so expensive? I’m going to go cry in a corner now.

  • Bryce

    Great stuff but how do they do this legally? Are the licensed by Warner Brothers to make these?

  • Tim

    These are great but, as usual, they’re sold out within 5 minutes of going on sale – and they’ll surface on ebay 5 minutes after that, starting at 4 times the price, thanks to sharks. I wish Mondo could figure out a way to stop this happening.

    That said, I was lucky enough to get Mondo/Tiny Kitten Teeth’s “Finn and Jake” and “Fionna and Cake” prints (my BF sat in front of his PC like a hawk, to buy them as a surprise for me!) and they are really lovely prints. The high price is because these are signed, numbered, limited edition screen prints.

  • Paul Penna

    Slight quibble: too bad they didn’t also credit Arthur Q. Bryan for “What’s Opera Doc?”

  • Adam

    I love Mondo, but don’t expect to ever own anything they’ve ever made due to the instant sell out/ebay phenomenon mentioned above. It’s quite ridiculous.

  • Ryan

    Totally agree. Those are very cool images!

  • These are amazing!!!

  • Max W

    These are licensed, and they cost that much because they are not posters, but expertly printed screen prints.

  • Marvin O

    All of these are very strong graphically but the “What’s Opera, Doc?” example pulls a mis-step in going with a too-flat, too-stylized Bugs and in using a style for Elmer’s arms more akin to “Adventure Time” than to late classic WB. Warners would NEVER have bent Elmer or any other classically constructed character of theirs into such a visual riddle, even for the sake of stylization. Maybe they would but never like this.

  • Nick Nerdlinger

    Love these posters (most of them) but it certainly points out the weaknesses of current animations that come from the studios. Ironic, because I happen to know some of the artists who work at Warner Bros. and they are tremendously creative people. Warner Bros. and Disney won’t be able to rely on their “evergreen” characters forever.