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More Comic Con finds

A last look at some of my coolest finds at the Con. And here’s a real winner: this unframed cel, found in a stack of MGM odds and ends.

The Con is over. I’m safely back at home. The event has forever turned into a Hollywood Mardi Gras, with an actual comics convention under the surface. And if you dig deep enough, you can still find stuff like this: a Barney Bear title card layout and a Rudolf Ising credit title cel (they happened to be one on top of another and I thought it looked good):

Or this original title card layout drawing for The Univited Pest (1943)

These boots are made for walking… in cycles! Someone was selling a pair of cool Hanna Barbera shoes from the 60s.

  • Jay Sabicer

    I gotta ask, did you buy any of the above items? Granted, Quimby wasn’t the superstar that Disney, Lantz or Fleischer was, but that signature is as big a film icon as the Fox searchlights or the Warner’s concentric rings.

    • Let’s just say I’m negotiating for the Fred Quimby cel… the others are way out of my price range!

  • James

    ”The event has forever turned into a Hollywood Mardi Gras, with an actual comics convention under the surface.”

    I love Comic-Con but Hollywood Mardi Gras just sounds like so much more fun. Also, awesome finds!

    • Funkybat

      Seconded. “Hollywood Mardis Gras” really fits what this event has become. When animation, which was originally something of a usurper to the focus of the *comic* convention, is now itself pushed to the sidelines, you know comics are really getting the short end of the stick.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Now all those title cels need is a nice cool turquoise background!

  • Toonio

    A Hollywood Mardi Gras? LMAO!

    Based on what I’ve seen, it seems the comic-con has lost it’s soul. More and more it’s about pushing content than having an experience.

    I only hope they realize that soon enough before they kill it.

    • Jay Sabicer

      I’d have to disagree. This has been my first Comic-Con in 12 years, but there was certainly a comic-centric vibe to it. Yes, there were the media companies, pushing their product inside (and outside) the exhibit halls, but I was able to talk to dozens of people who day-in-day-out, work on sequential art (whether that be comics, animation or fantasy illustration).

      Comics are undergoing a change, due to the increasing costs of printing, shipping, et cetera. Much of it is making the transition to electronic publishing, which I believe will spawn a new generation of artists and writers, who in turn, will take storytelling into new territories. [Disclaimer – I’m working on my own graphic novel, to be released electronically.]

      I talked to 3 different companies that are developing tools for tablet computers, and this device is only in its nascent stage. Of course, if this is the new paradigm of distribution, we may expect to be fewer vendors selling their printed wares. This however, will not make obsolete the panel discussions, workshops and yes, media-sponsored preview that have been with Comic-Con for it’s entire run.

    • Funkybat

      Sadly, I don’t think Comic-Con can be “killed.” What might happen instead is that events like Trickster will siphon off the original intended audience, and it will morph into a completely TV/Movie/Geek Chic event, and it will still draw thousands of people, the so-called “invaders” who never would have set foot in say, Comic-Con ’86 or even ’94.

  • jordan reichek


  • Rick R.

    Yep, it _is_ West Coast Mardi Gras. I can confirm that with the Saturday night Samba dance parade on 5th.

    Seems to me the Comics people haven’t left, though. All the old vendors still seem to be there, and there was no shortage of Comics and stuff, and the point of the place is, you get out of it what you want. Wanna do comics? Do comics. Wanna party? Party. Well, okay, you can do waht you want unless you want to do panels. Those are silly now. Pick one room and live with it, it seems. I just watch em on YouTube now rather than waste 4 hours or more in lines.

    I wanted to go to Worst Cartoons Ever! Friday but I won tickets to the party on the Adult Swim party on the USS Midway. Complete bust, in my opinion. The organizers said they spent their budget on getting the ship, so decoration was minimal, and food included 7-11 level nachos for $7.50. I did get nice pics on the flight deck though, so that was cool.

    The pics I took are here if anyone wants to see em:

    I only have the cosplay pics up now, but the pics of the floor, events and other stuff will be up tonight.

  • John A

    Hollywood Mardi Gras? I’m bringin’ beads next year!

  • M.V

    Would cels like the Fred Quimby one be re-used for the opening titles of every cartoon? I always assumed that was the case. But was never 100% sure

  • Andy

    OMG! I had a pair of those HB slippers when I was a wee tot. Nice to see a pair survived.

  • Those hand-lettered typefaces of the 30s & 40s were just stunning. It’s wonderful to see these samples. There’s an enormous amount of work that goes into them, and the artist has to have a special talent.