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More Crap


It’s time for another educational cartoon showing us how to take a crap. Courtesy of animator Greg Holfeld down under–no pun intended.

  • Finally I know how to do it! Goodbye adult diapers.

  • That was completely uncalled for.

  • Jay

    Seems like the kids in all of these pooping tutorial cartoons are always terribly constipated, straining to have their first crap in weeks. *GNNNN!!!* “I did it!!!”

  • Fred Sparrman

    I think Frank and Ollie would have put more squash and stretch on the turds.

  • red pill junkie

    Fred Sparrman: LOL!

    They forgot the most important part: how to clean yourself with toilet paper.

    Or was the frog going to do it for him? Is that some sort of trained aussie frog that I can order on line?

  • I couldn’t help but laugh at the post title. It literally looks like it says, “More Crap by Jerry.” LMAO!

  • J.T Wilson

    Ochhhhh!!! >_

  • For those of you who missed my previously posted explanation for all this, let me assure you that it was all done for very sound reasons, not just to keep down-under kiddies from constipation.

    This film was commissioned (hell yeah! We got paid to do this!) as part of a toilet training package to assist intellectually disabled children and their careers. Hence, everything had to be made very clear.

    Don’t worry, the paperwork and hand-washing are covered too. There’s 6 minutes of this stuff.

    And you mean to say you folks up there DON’T have talking frogs in your bathrooms??

  • Keith Paynter

    So that’s where Mr. Hankey comes from!