Mr. Magoo Bar and Fast Food Mr. Magoo Bar and Fast Food
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Mr. Magoo Bar and Fast Food

Does this place really exist? Because if it does, I am so there!

(Thanks, Sebastien Dabadie)

  • If they’re keeping it ‘in theme’, stay away from the spaghetti. It’s probably barbwire. Their beer is probably toilet cleaner.

  • Andrew

    Their restrooms are probably switched, and they probably put poles in inconvenient places.

    But seriously, we could go on and on… it looks great.

  • fishmorg

    A long time ago around here in NJ, there was this bar & grill called “Dirty Old Man”… the sign used the “Mr. Chips” figure from the Burry’s cookie packages and commercials. Somebody probably complained, because they soon changed it to “D Old Man” by removing the “-irty”.

    (Thad’s right… would you really want your meal prepped by Mr. Magoo?)

  • Wow! Now that is QUITE a hoot! I pray to Christ that (hispanic) blind people don’t “file suit” like people did over that insipid film a few years ago!! (I guess the phrase “near-sighted” had totally vanished from the decades-old icon’s world!)

  • Alfons Moline

    Actually this is not hispanic: this commercial is in Brazilian Portuguese, so this Magoo Bar and Fast Food is going to be inaugurated in Brazil (the commercial does not state in which town in Brazil, whether Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo or somewhere else). Any Brazilian Cartoon Brew friends there who could help us to find out more about this joint?

  • Marv

    Waldo scrapes plates in the kitchen and Quincy buys only buns baked at the Rutgers cafeteria.

  • David Breneman

    For decade’s there’s been a Magoo’s Annex Tavern in Tacoma (never could figure out what the original it was an annex of, was). I don’t think they licensed the name, however, because Magoo’s image never shows up there except as an occasional “Santa Magoo” painting on the front window for Christmas. Back when I was in high school it was our favorite place to buy kegs because you’d swear it was Magoo himself checking your ID.

  • Gerard de Souza

    Do they serve Black Label?

  • Pedro Nakama

    Keep us posted if you ever find this place.

  • Jorge Finkielman

    If you pay attention to the commercial, directly in YouTube, you have precise information of this ad, and about the television station that originally aired it:

    “VT criado por minha agência KRIA Propaganda – (86) 8809.2999 – para a inauguração do Mr. Magoo / Bar & Fast Food. Este é o primeiro VT feito totalmente em animação 2D e 3D de Parnaíba. Confira!”

    Roughly, since I speak Spanish (coming from neighbor Argentina; my wife is a Portuguese speaker, which she learned in the streets of Massachusetts) this commercial was created by the KRIA Propaganda company, listing their phone number, for the opening of that restaurant, located in Paranaíba, Brazil:

    It was created for the local UHF channel 48 of Paranaíba, that can be seen here:

  • Av. Sebastiao 1777 is in Vassouras, Pirai do Sul, Parana, Brazil, South America

  • Charlie K

    A bit late with this but today, I saw right here in Baltimore, Mr. Magoo’s Pizza & Subs, complete with a caricature out front. He’s apparently a more popular mascot for restaurants than you’d think.