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Cartoon Culture

Mug Shots

The Smoking Gun presents an assortment of iconic American cartoon stars depicted on the shirts of these recent arrestees.
(Thanks, Hiland Hall)


    I sure ain’t gonna mess with NUMBER SIX……..she looks one MEAN BABE!!

  • What, no gangsters with Wile E Coyote shirts?

  • It looks like a good portion of The Brew’s readership has done time in the slammer!

  • Okay, I’m calling foul on one of those shirts. The Count from Sesame Street is not a cartoon character in any way.

    Pretty fun assortment though.

  • Ohhh boy that made my day.
    Number 6 is definately the best one of the group

  • Zee

    I’m guessing the majority of those were for heroin or meth possession. Scary. The juxtaposition of the innocence of a cartoon character with an ugly drugged out junky is very interesting.
    And I agree with Anthony; The Count is not a cartoon character, he’s a puppet.
    Stay away from drugs kids!

  • tom

    A number of those shirts are illegal knockoffs, too. The DA should add that to the list of charges against the offending clotheshorses.

  • Ryan W. Mead

    The Count may not be a cartoon character, but I’m sure he works for the courts. “I sentence you to 30…30 days in jail! Ah ah ah!”

  • did anyone else notice how some of them really kind of resemble the character on their shirt? kinds of like dogs resembling their owners…

  • Hahaha yeah! Especially nr. 5!!!

  • I’ve never seen anything go from completely hysterical to totally depressing so quickly.

  • Steve Carras

    That picture of Woody Woodpecker looks like he was designed by Emery Hawkins. (With the doll eyes, anyway.)