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New Donald Duck cartoon carton

Continuing our ongoing monitoring of classic cartoon characters on modern food products, animator Alex Kirwan sent in this image of the new Donald Duck Orange Juice carton. Says Kirwan, “They seem to be using the style-guide of a much earlier, circa 40’s Donald, complete with pie-cut eyes, white hat, and black tie. Perhaps they are conciously following the recent trend, lead by Warner Bros. and Popeye, using earlier versions of their characters on their consumer products.”

  • Man, I’ve never seen Donald Duck orange juice in any supermarket I’ve been in.

  • Jay Sabicer

    I hope today’s version of DDOJ better than it’s previous incarnation– that stuff was terrible! Burnt flavor and watery, probably due to overpasteurization.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Still pine for the days when it was the usual cans of D. Duck OJ personally, at least they’re still at it (not much of a fan of drink cartons with the plastic caps so you no longer have to open the sides these days).

  • Pedro Nakama

    Do you think because of the economy a lot of stuff is going retro so people can remember back to happier times?

    Now they need to work on the taste of Donald Duck Orange Juice.

  • Interview with author of new book about how supermarket orange juice is not quite orange juice:


  • amid

    Jay – If you want to learn why orange jucie tastes so awful, I’d recommend the upcoming book Squeezed. There’s an interview with the author in this Boston Globe article which descibes some of the nasty chemical processes used to make supermarket oj.

  • MadRat

    When I first saw Donald Duck Orange Juice here in Oregon I thought, “What on Earth does Donald Duck have to do with orange juice?!” Then I was reminded that Disneyland was built in a former orange grove in California and Disney World is in Florida, a state that has oranges on it’s car licence plates.

  • Bryan

    They used to print old Carl Barks dailies on the side of the carton, opposite the Nutrition Facts.

  • Ron

    I just always thought because his bill and his legs are Orange,they put his face on Orange juice. BTW I love that version of Donald’s design. If they want to be really brave, they’ll use the original design from “the Band Concert” and “The wise little hen” where he really looked like a duck.

  • DD Orange Juice is easy to find in Maryland and parts of Pennsylvania; maybe it has its strongholds. At least in its carton incarnation, it’s a significantly better juice now than it was in my childhood.
    In the 1990s the backs of the cartons ran one-page comics by the likes of Bob Foster, Frank Smith, and William Van Horn. Sadly, now that the juice itself is better, the carton backs have Mickey images and dull facts about the food pyramid.

  • Jay Sabicer

    Thanks Amid. The Globe article was a bit of an eye-opener. Strangely enough, there is a Firmenich factory about 10 blocks from where I live in Anaheim. But the odors emanated from that place could be described as anything but orange juice (they also make flavorings for the soft drink industry). Sickly sweet which can be smelled from miles away, if the wind is right.

  • Dale Hopson

    I noticed the artwork for “Gremlins” behind the cartoon of juice… that could easily be a breakfast cereal “concept”.

  • The comic strips are back on the cartons….