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Nutella goes Looney Tunes

Heads up, Jarheads! Here’s the scoop from our roving reporter Dave Filipi, direct from a supermarket in Philadelphia. Nutella, the bread spread made from a “combination of roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa” is currently offering its product in glass jars adorned with images of four Looney Tunes stars. I love that Clampett-esque Daffy, I want ’em all!

Dave snapped these pix with his iPhone (the first two from the left, below, click to enlarge) off a supermarket shelf in Philadelphia. A closer look at his photos shows these particular jars to be imported. Let’s hope these imports are making their way across the USA. I have no idea what Nutella tastes like, but I’m sold.

  • Nutella spread is tasty. I like it in a crepe with sliced bananas.

  • Yummy! I like nutella. It tastes so good that you can just eat it out of the jar.

  • Gerard de Souza

    Love it that they are all running.

    Daffy looks great.

    Just ate a ton of Nutellla tonight, no kidding. A spoon and a jar: deadly!:)

  • Brian

    “I have no idea what Nutella tastes like”

    Oh, Jerry, you lucky so-and-so. You get to taste Nutella for the first time. There’s a reason peanut butter is less popular in Europe, and that reason is delicious Nutella.

  • Dock Miles

    Hey, as I’ve said many times before, one of the best aspects of a Toon endorsement is that you can be sure they will never have a sex scandal.

  • Donald C.

    I love Nutella far too much…

  • Nutella has had a long history in storing their hazelnut chocolate spread in containers that then turn into glasses. It’s really quite a good idea. They’ve had a different variety of cartoon characters over the years. I was never a fan of the spread personally.

  • Nutella is dheeeeeelicious! To be used on roast bread or pankcakes.
    Sez this European with Nutella in his fridge. :)

  • Hello there CB! I’m writing directly from the country where Nuttella is produced and I can confirm: it’s not the first time the Ferrero Company is teamed up with Warner to offer limited edition stuff: in the early 90’s were made the first nuttella Glass dedicated to singular charachters, some years ago there was a special edition for the Olypic games and this is the current style chose for this year; Glad you love them, Jerry, I’m a looney tune’s fan, but I don’t find them so attractive: the LT logo upon it is the modern one (looney tunes active), which reminds me the logo of a dish washing powder, then the artwork upon them are not this exceptional thing: they are the same used and re-used in this last period and that you can easily find on other merchandising stuff… so, “de gustibus non disputandum est”,!

    hey, wouldn’t be a bad idea to launch a message to the italian producer and ask to put, at least, original art works and new charachter poses upon the next Nuttella Glasses collection?

  • Thom Foolery

    Wow. That Daffy actually looks really good! It’s something that hasn’t been plastered over merch a hundred times already. Everything else (‘specially Bugs) looks like it came out of the same style guide/model pack that’s been used for years. I wonder why if they decided to use a new Daffy image, why they didn’t decide to do so for the rest? Either way, these will make a nice addition to the ol’ Looney Tunes Welch Jelly jar collection.

    Oh, by the way Jerry, Nutella is actually pretty tasty is you like chocolate. You can think of these as the cool prizes in a box of sugary cereal.

  • european

    you have no idea what Nutella tastes like? you missed so much.

  • Gobo

    Nutella tastes like pure awesome (if your idea of awesome is spreadable chocolate and hazelnuts). Looney-free jars of the stuff are readily available pretty much anywhere these days.

  • Chris

    Nutella tastes like delicious.

  • Stephen deStefano

    Crap! I need this!
    Nutella tastes pretty good Jerry! It’s like peanut butter made out of chocolate. Very smooth, very rich. There’s no way you’d ever need more than four jars of it in a lifetime, unless of course they start putting more classic characters on their product.

  • Captain M

    Nutella is delicious but it is very rich and sugary. It’ll take you at least a year to scoop out enough of the stuff to empty the jar.

  • Jerry, if you have indeed never had Nutella, do yourself a favor and buy it on the first opportunity. It is ecstasy in a jar.

  • Saturnome

    All of my glasses at home are nutella glass jars… I’d love a Daffy with that.

  • Nutella is a party in the mouth and EVERYONE IS INVITED.

    Even you, Jerry!

  • Twignlftger

    Nutella is awesome but it does grow hair on one’s ass as a side effect. If Nutella were really on the ball, they’d do a manicure scissors endorsement.

  • This is great!! I’ll be looking out for them all.

  • FP

    Word to the lactose-intolerant: Avoid Nutella, unless you want to spray-paint the inside of your toilet in earth tones.

  • Rooniman

    I must get them all, especially the Daffy one.

  • Jay Sabicer

    Having prior access to the style guide images, I know why Daffy looks different: He didn’t have a running pose, whereas Bugs, Tweety and Wile E. definitely did. They probably had someone from Warner Licensing come up with one and being fresh from those excellent Clampettesque greeting cards put Daffy in the same style.

    Oddly enough, I’m writing a story where a Nutella jar plays into the plot. I may have to integrate Daffy to give the story a sense of timeliness.

  • They’ve been doing this stuff over in Italy for as long as I can remember. I actually have this set, but not from the US….from Italy. I’ve also got some Justice League, Tom and Jerry, Peanuts and many other sets from over the years.

    It’s about time they brought this stuff over this side of the pond….it’s not really “news” to me I guess :\

  • Zee

    Nutella is sooooooo good. Looney Tunes aren’t bad either.

  • Nutella is GREAT in coffee to make
    a great hazelnut mocha!

    Nutella also sounds like a
    crazy Japanese sci fi movie

  • Tim Hodge

    Nutella & banana sandwich
    or just sitting in front of the TV dipping pretzels into the jar.

  • optimist

    Nutella has been sold in the USA for years(and for sure in NY back in your day Jerry)-you can probably get it anywhere like a Pavilions now. Kobe Bryant’s picture was on the jar until his scandal of some years back.
    Cool to see one of the McKimson Bugs from his famous model sheet used here, and the Daffy is terrific also.

  • Bob Porrazzo

    I have had Nutella, once…DEADLY SINFULLY GOOD! Makes one heck of a sandwich. But now seeing the Looney Tunes gang…well that makes it even more delicious.

  • DN

    I never used to get what people tasted in Nutella that was so great. Having it in crepes has made me appreciate it. It’s NO substitute for peanut butter, though, guys. Come on.

  • Aw man! I want that Daffy one so bad! I hope they sell them in Canada.

  • Ben

    I’m going to go make a Nutella sandwich right now. I guess Looney Tunes is an improvement over Kobe.

  • chipper

    Woo, cute Looney Tune characters without ‘tude!

  • Scarabim

    Chocolate Nutella is the BEST. And seeing it in such great packaging is making me drool all the more…

  • John J

    Nutella is great. I tried adding half a cup of it to a basic cheesecake recipe for Thanksgiving and it gave a terrific boost to the cheesecake. I’ll look for these glasses but usually they only have the regular jar around here.

  • Nutella! *swoon*

    Be careful – once you start a jar you’ll be snacking on it all day long!

    Love the Daffy Duck jar!

  • Here in Brazil there’s a whole wheat bread called “Nutrella”. The logo is written in the exact same font as Nutella. Very confusing.

    Then again, I could go for a Nutella-Nutrella sandwich right now.

  • Matt Petersen

    I remember a few years back Nutella did a GREAT promotion using their jars featuring DC Superheroes.
    My friend from Australia sent them over to me, I love them!!

  • Alfons Moline

    Here in Spain, Nutella is known as Nocilla, and for those who were kids in the 70´s and 80´s, one of their fondest childhood memories is having a slice of bread and Nocilla after school while watching cartoons on T.V.! Not long ago, Nocilla did a special promotion featuring the Simpsons on their jars in 3-D scenes:

  • doug holverson

    Can you get Nutella in Omaha, NE?

    If I can, I may try a Nutella sandwich while doing something on topic like catching up on the video links on this site.

  • Nothing says childhood to me like a cupboard full of glasses and jars with cartoon characters on them.

    Here in the States, I’ve never seen a glass jar of Nutella. I’ve only seen plastic jars. And no, it’s not a substitute for peanut butter… but it goes great with peanut butter, espeially in a Fluffernutter sandwich.

    (I think everyone here singing the praises of Nutella should be getting free jars of the stuff.)

  • According to my g/f, who is Australian, it’s a big gag to give Westerners a bit of Vegemite and tell them it’s Nutella or some other chocolate spread. Apparently there are a few YouTube videos to this effect.

    Thankfully, she herself would never stoop to such depths, but we do like the salty goodness of Vegemite, maybe they could do a promotion with Hoppy.

  • James frost

    I am from the uk and i have a large collection of the glasses which include the looney tunes and also the simpsons. Are there any value to these glasses?

  • ozzilady

    I’m an Aussie & I too have collected these glasses for some years. (along with the similar IXL jam glasses). As for their value… at one time they were worth 4 or 5 times their shelf price… mainly because different series were released in different countries. I think the continual rise in shipping cost has killed international interest… today, they seem to have very little value. But, I still love the glasses, & I still love the contents!

  • james frost

    Thankyou very much Ozzilady im going to hold on to these for some time now, just in case the value does rise. x