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Obama Is Bugs Bunny, Romney Is Daffy Duck

If you’re trying to understand the 2012 US Presidential elections, here it is in cartoon terms: Barack Obama is Bugs Bunny, Mitt Romney is Daffy Duck. I’m voting for Porky Pig.

  • Neither is smart enough to play either character.

    • BTW, speaking of “smrtness”, who’s the hack responsible for this Photoshop job? The placement of Daffy makes no sense at all. Ever heard of using layers?

    • SKent.

      The JFK v Nixon example makes sense. All the others are a stretch too far.

    • Kevin Martinez

      Absolutely right. Are journalists so bored and/or lazy that they have to regurgitate stuff like this?

      • Ben H.

        Tis the season. The republican primarys are all but called out and theirs not much happening on capital hill. It gets this way during summer.

  • tonk82

    I’ll vote for Marvin the martian, i really like his slogans:

    “””I’m going to blow it up; it obstructs my view of Venus.””” (about earth)

    “”” Earthlings have no sense of direction! “””

    And above all:

    “””I think man is the most interesting insect on earth, don’t you? There is a growing tendency to think of man as a rational thinking being which is absurd, there is simply no evidence of any intelligence on the earth.”””

    • erveek

      I hear that Marvin isn’t even a natural-born citizen!

  • Well, if there’s one way to help familiarize the average American with contemporary politics, then mid-century theatrical shorts are the way to go, right? In last presidential election cycle, we had Jon Stewart making the comparing Joe Lieberman to Droopy and Fred Thompson to Foghorn Leghorn (source).

    In any case, Daffy is certainly an interesting choice. Too bad we often forget that the character is completely mad. Daffy Duck is a challenging character because his his lack of self-control is utterly corrosive… his pattern of influence often forces the story or character dynamics to reel in uncommon or dangerous ways because of his inevitable interference. Does Daffy ever actually contribute to the story? Sure. But he always does such a great job of interfering with it instead.

  • Aymanut

    I don’t think this really works, both of them have too dull a personality to be a cartoon.

  • wever

    Then I’m voting for Obama! Bugs is what I wanted to be!

  • Romney: “Vote for me now! Vote for me now!”

    Obama: “You keep out of this, they don’t have to vote for me now.”

    Romney: “They do so have to vote for you now! I demand they vote for you now!”

    • J Lee

      …which I suppose makes Joe Biden Elmer Fudd in this scenario (though Joe’s been scattershot enough lately you don’t know if Mitt would be putting his beak back in place or if Brarak would end up with singed ears).

      • Aaron

        I’m pretty sure it makes the entire American people Elmer Fudd.

      • Charlie

        I thought Dick Cheney was Elmer Fudd…

      • Well, Cheney, like Elmer, sure knows how to shoot someone in the face.

  • And BOTH of them are owned by the same big corporation…

  • SKent.

    M-iTT is too robotic to be a Daffy. He doesn’t believe a word he says, everything he claims to believe is a calculation.

    If Romney’s a cartoon character, he’s more like some badly rotoscoped prince charming from one of those Richard Rich disney knock-offs.

  • Toonio

    If bugs gets brain damage *maybe*, else the comparison is way too atrocious.

  • A Writer

    Mitt is that headless chicken. No brain at all

  • I thought Mitt was from The Grid. Didn’t we see him training Sylar how to be Tron in that one premiere?

  • Mike Cagle

    Huh. It doesn’t seem that anyone commenting read the actual article you linked to – not even Charles Kenny noticed that the present article is a sequel to the one he pointed out.

    • The Gee

      Well, I read it and then I re-read part of the one from ’08.

      One observation: Greenfield gets around.

      The main observation would be Romney is more like an Elmer Fudd or another foil for either Bugs or Daffy.

      As a cartoon character goes, he’s the character that comes across as being one which is easily lead around for comedic effect.

      Say, Bugs and Elmer:

      You’d have Bugs saying: “Stand over here!” and Elmer does just that.
      Then Bugs says,”No. Over here”

      Elmer: “Over here?” and happily, gleefully taking the advice, stands there.
      Then Bugs, “Over here.”

      Elmer, “Over here?”

      and so on until Bugs declares, “Right here!” And, Elmer stands on a bullseye.

      Then it turns out he is standing right underneath a safe tied up with a rope and hanging from a tree. The safe falls.

      A quip is made about how Elmer is now really in the money or that he’s safe right now and…. you get the picture.

      Greenfield is probably close to right in the analogy as long as the one most at ease is comfortable with being himself. That would only be the one most like Bugs.

  • Mike

    I’m supporting the Wile E. Coyote campaign. He’s eloquent, good-looking, athletic, and his frequent purchases from the Acme catalog are enough to stimulate the economy.

    Oh, and he’s a genius.

  • AaronSch

    The only true cartoon character running for President in 2012 is Barack Obama. Face it, his presidency is more cartoon than reality—you must suspend disbelief to take him seriously. He is akin to the character, Tom Flanagan, the pathological liar portrayed by SNL alumnus, Jon Lovitz. A self-professed democrat, Lovitz himself recently put it best by calling the current occupant of the white house a “F***ing A**hole.” I concur. Personally, I’m voting for the guy who used his own money successfully rather than squandering my hard-earned dough on false promises and political payoffs. I trust corporations far more than any government.

    • “I trust corporations far more than any government.”

      I cannot even begin to try understanding what led you to that conclustion.
      I’m not going to stand here and say governments are trustworthy, but you ACTUALLY trust corporations? Even now? After everything that’s happened in politics over the past 30 years? After everything they’ve done to enrich themselves at the direct expense of the country that enabled them to grow in the first place?

      • Mike

        Corporations are out to make money. That’s their nature, their “job” so to speak. But what’s the job of government? To serve the people, right? To make the rules. To not allow corruption at any level. In other words, to be the adult in the crowd, which they have not been in the past 20 years. It’s all on them.

        Look up a lady named Brooksley Born for further reading.

  • EricW

    Totally not seeing it. Mitt Romney is Buddy. Totally Buddy. The hair gives it away.

  • Julian

    Porky Paul 2012!

  • akira

    Romney or Obama = Loonatics or Space Jam version of Looney Tunes

    Ron Paul = 1940s 1950s version of Looney Tunes
    (that is who gets my vote if you couldn’t tell)

    by the way, Jerry, thanks if you had a part in it for making the Looney Tunes blu-rays not have pop up menus when you pause to check out a still frame (like the annoying disney blu-rays do… i would totally mention that in a post some time, because i bet some animators stopped buying blu-rays because it was annoying to try to step through frames on disney disks)

  • Not Amused

    I fail to see how this political statement has anything to do with this website … Leave the political opinions for FOX news.

  • axolotl

    Yeah, Romney used to be cool, he was wild and crazy and jumped up and down going ‘Woohoo Woohoo Woohoo!’ Then he started trying to appeal to a broader segment of the population.-_-

  • Skip

    One more vote for Porky Paul 2012.

  • Jackson

    ron paul = looney. That’s for sure.

    • akira

      i’m curious which of his policies are looney?

      -wanting to bring the troops home unless congress officially declares war?
      -wanting to end the “war on drugs”?
      -wanting to end the federal department of education and leave govt control of education to the states?
      -getting more campaign contributions from active duty military than the rest of people running for GOP nomination and Obama combined
      -balancing the budget?
      -allowing competing currencies in the united states
      -ending the TSA?
      -ending Homeland Security?
      -ending Patriot Act?
      -ending the Federal Reserve?
      -suggesting the golden rule as a guide to foreign policy?
      -continuing to campaign after the mainstream media told everyone that he was unelectable (since last summer when they were pushing for cain or perry)?

    • how is he looney? Smaller gvt, end wars, no bailouts to billionaires, no NDAA, no TSA…and so on.

  • Schultz!!!!!

    Chuck Jones described Bugs Bunny as a reactionary. I don’t think that fits either candidate.

  • MissConception

    I don’t see that analogy working on any level. That relationship is nonexistent between the current candidates.

  • I didn’t knew Daffy was a mormon…
    Maybe thats why he is so persistent?

  • Pedro Nakama

    Hillary Clinton is starting to look like Witch Hazel.

  • tamara

    you got your politics into my cartoons….
    while im all for political statements, this analogy is really stretching it. the people here are already rabid enough, amid!

  • Oliver

    Maybe animation websites will stop bringing politics into cartoons when crazy GOP politicians stop accusing Disney/Pixar of spreading “gay propaganda”.

    • Aymanut

      That doesn’t really have anything to do with politics though. Those people are just crazy. I’ve heard liberals accuse Pixar of being misogynist and homophobic as well. I say if we just ignore the extremists, we can reach a much better understanding.

      • Those people aren’t liberals. They’re “liberals.” There’s a big difference.

  • Alissa

    I can’t see Romney as a cartoon character. Seeing as how cartoons have super secret subversive agendas promoting environmentalism and ‘the gay’ and he’s the epitome of upstanding American! values.

  • Bryan

    GWB always reminded me of Yosemite Sam, but these guys, meh.

    Buddy is the closest suggestion so far, but really they’re both like some generic personality-less characters from a 70’s-80’s Filmation/Bluth/Ruby Spears series…

  • Graham

    So, Romney works hard and gets no applause while Obama does almost nothing and gets a standing ovation?

    Yeah, that’s about right.

  • Bob Nelson

    Obama is Wile E. Coyote, “SUPER GENIUS”. Time to stop ordering stuff from Acme. Though Wile E. does not need a teleprompter. Beep Beep!

  • ernest

    This analogy might be right on…because anyone stupid enough to believe in “magic underwear” to ward off evil is pretty daffy in my book. I mean, it’s one thing to delude yourself about a make believe man in the sky, but to wear underwear and think it’s going to save you from evil…that’s called delusion and if you believe in it yourself, that’s self induced delusion and really…really…you would want someone like that to govern the US? Really?

    • Mike

      It depends. Is the magic underwear made in America? Because the department stores seem to only carry enchanted briefs made in Guatemala.

    • It’s not “magic underwear.” Does the fact that the Pope wears that one hat mean he’s delusional? Are Jewish men delusional for wearing a yarmulke? I don’t see how wearing our garments of religious symbolism underneath our clothes instead of over them means we’re complete nut-jobs unworthy of being out with the “normal people.”

  • Rick R.

    No.. Obama is Wile E. Coyote, the talking version who thinks he is far smarter than he really is. 57 states? The Austrian language? The “Constitutional law professor” who recently said it was unheard of for the Supreme Court to strike down a law passed by Congress? The one who inserted himself into the White house bios of just about every President (except Jerry Ford, for some reason)?

    I am not incredibly fond of Romney, but as usual, I will vote for the person who I think will do the least damage. In this case, I’m thinking Romney.

    • Romney will do incredible damage, my friend. Even if his own economic convictions (if they even actually exist anymore) weren’t backward and destructive on their own, he is connected to a political party that has repeatedly demonstrated that it has no interest in governance, and has been completely taken over by an element that thrives on unlearned ignorance, exploitation of faultlines in our society, and punitive superstition.
      Oh, AND they’re dangerously trigger happy.

      Think carefully about whether you want these people in charge. Because they are not the same Republicans that were in charge during the ’00s. They’re even more extreme. And it’s only going to continue getting more so.

  • Rick R.

    Compared to the man who wants free abortions for everyone, everywhere and is hostile to religion? Obama scares me for the damage he could do with four more years.

    Believe me, I want to someday vote for a man or a woman I like.. but the two party system we have seems determined to never allow that to happen.

  • Stéphane Dumas

    Does Porky Pig is Gary Johnson?

  • Bugs

    Lol seriouly they playing same role in real life by giving doges to every nation