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Olive Oyl shoes

If you’re a Popeye fan, you might appreciate these. Israeli shoe designer Kobi Levi creates incredible one-of-a-kind artistic footwear – and his blog is a lot of fun to explore. Check out this pair inspired by Segar’s Olive Oyl:

(Thanks, Kyle Boyd)

  • beautiful!

  • I don’t know about you but these are amazing. It’s like gothic clothes I love them but I would never spend my money nor wear them in my life. Love it.

  • Andrew

    These are, hm.

    Well, I can’t say they aren’t creative.

  • Emm

    Very creative, but I don’t think even Lady Gaga would wear those shoes.

  • Holy crap! I’m a guy and even I want a pair of those! Nice!

  • Clint H

    “Well, blow me down!”

  • Justin Delbert

    They look nice, they’ll make a girl taller though (which is why I call high heels “cheaters”). To name some examples: A friend of mine isn’t that tall (I’m tall), but one day she put on really good high heels (probablly those Olive Oyl ones ha-ha) and she was either as tall a me or taller. Also,I have a little cousin who is not so little anymore. She’s going into high school and she’s the tallest in her class and taller than some kids a year ahead of her. One day she may be taller than me (or at I least I predict it). Maybe that’s why they make these Olive Oyl high heels, because Olive is taller than Popeye. Hey, just a little food for thought, right?

    • “They’ll make a girl taller though”

      I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever heard any one say that as a negative. The human eye is attracted to tall woman – why do you think most models are never shorter than 5’8″?

      In response to the post, I stumbled across this designer’s shoes a few months back – they’re beautiful forms if not very practical.


  • I could totally see wearing those to the right occasion! And I’m not even a shoe-crazy type. I do have a major soft spot for Olive Oyl though. I’m heading straight to the designer’s website to see what other wonders he’s created. I’m glad people like this exist in the world!

  • Art Binninger

    Well, they’re certainly more fashionable than dancing with two spittoons on your feet.