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One-Of-A-Kind “Koko The Clown” Coolness

Earlier this year I discovered Germany-based Bernd Müller and his fantastic one-of-a-kind figurines – like this one from Gulliver’s Travels. Apparently his love of all-things Fleischer didn’t end there. Check out Müller’s lastest creation: Koko The Clown.

I don’t think he sells these – but, by God, I want one!!!

(Thanks, Steve Loter)

  • Looks great, but I would’ve made the feet bigger. Love the red, yellow and white spots/buttons.

  • Great to see my work another time here on this site.
    BTW: as I make many of my figures on customers demand it’s always possible to get one ( or another…).
    Thanks for the idea making his feets bigger- I thought they were on scale with Fleischers scretches.

  • John A

    Bendable rag doll Kokos would be awesome!!

  • top cat james

    Looks to be more a tribute to the Hal Seeger TV version rather than the Fleischers judging by the appearance of the figurine and the title card facsimile on the left side of base.


    I agree with everyone. Looks good.

    • The intention was to build a Ko-Ko based on the old Max Fleischer idea with the colours from Mitchell Perkins new Comic “Ko-Ko and his christmas adventure”. I build it for the author himself . Everything was made in close coorperation.

  • Polecat

    Wow, what a nostalgia trip! My mother loved Koko the Clown. :D

  • Mitchell Perkins

    Glad everyone like Bernd’s work on the Ko-Ko The Klown figure. Actually, Ko-Ko in print always appeared
    in glorious black and white. We based the color scheme on some very rare Sunday sheets produced by the Fleischers for the “funnies” as they were called. So based on that color arrangement he would look as he does in Bernd’s photos. Our graphic novel entitled KO-KO THE KLOWN’S CHRISTMAS ADVENTURE sold out before it hit most books dealers during Chrismas 2000.
    Because of a very low print run, the books has been out of print for some time. The illustrator, George Broderick did a masterful job of creating the look of Flesicher’s early cartoons. Bernd Mueller did a magnificent job of creating the 12″ Ko-Ko.