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“Cartoons Are No Laughing Matter!”

Yesterday, the Parents Television Council released its latest study, Cartoons Are No Laughing Matter: Sex, Drugs and Profanity on Primetime Animated Shows Kids Watch Most, documenting the “shocking levels of adult content on networks with the highest-rated primetime animated cable shows”. The networks cited in the study included Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Nick at Nite.

The report has it in particularly for Adult Swim. Says PTC President Tim Winter:

Adult content isn’t just creeping into the cartoons that kids today are watching the most; it has overtaken much of that animated programming. We’re not talking about cartoon characters slipping on banana peels and ramming into doors. Our data demonstrates that today’s norm is profanity-laden storylines involving everything from rape and cocaine to STDs and crystal meth. There is now more sexual content on these cartoons than violence — even when counting traditional ‘light’ cartoon violence.

“Parents might not be surprised that there is an abundance of adult-themed content on a cable network called Adult Swim; but those same parents are likely to be very surprised at just how adult the content is and how often teens and pre-teens are flocking to the network. Many don’t even realize Adult Swim appears on the same channel as the decidedly kid-centric Cartoon Network“

Major findings in the report include:


• Sex (680 instances) surpassed every form of violence (674 instances) in animated primetime cable programming.

• Sexual depictions included simulations or obscured scenes of sexual intercourse, pornography, masturbation, pedophilia and prostitution.


• There were a total of 208 incidents relating to drugs, including cocaine, marijuana, crystal meth, psychedelics and alcohol. Eighty percent of the drug-related incidents were depictions rather than references.


• The study identified 565 incidents of explicit language on shows rated TV-PG and TV-14. Twenty-seven percent of the uses of “f**k” and “sh*t” occurred on TV-PG programs.

Content Ratings

• Eighty-five percent of the TV-PG shows and 64% of the TV-14 shows containing sexual content did not have an “S” descriptor warning parents.

• Cartoon Network failed to use the ratings system to warn parents about sexual situations (S), suggestive dialogue (D) and coarse or crude language (L) 100% of the time.

You can download the entire report (as a PDF) HERE.

  • PTC can go suck it! Why is it so hard to just go up to your flat screen TV and shut it off then. Or when are the actual parents going to be responsible for watching their kids? Be a parent and take care of your kids!

    Adult Swim starts at 8pm folks. Again, be a parent. Those kids should be in bed and get up in the morning for elementary school. Leave my cartoons alone, and be responsible parents.

    PTC: Parents Torturing Children

    • Grant Beaudette

      Given the PTC caters to parents who are too lazy to write their own complaint letters I would guess getting actual parenting out of them is setting the bar a bit too high.

    • NC

      @Gavin, Right? I mean when did parents stop enforcing curfew on their children? I mean when I was a kid in the ’90s the minute Simpsons or Dinosaurs was over that was time for bed. I mean seriously parents are you too lazy or too stupid to realize your kid should be in bed 2 Hours BEFORE Robot Chicken starts.

      Also parents watch what your kid is watching. I literally had to stop a parent from buying Robot Chicken for her seven year old. And she was all like.. “d’uh I never saw it before and I thought it was just a cartoon…”

      sth… STH indeed!!!

    • AntiActivist

      Apparently these so-called “responsible” PTC members have enough time to conduct all this research into what their children are watching, but they have absolutely no time to turn off the TVs?

      As usual the blame should be entirely at the parents who doesn’t bother to take care of their own children, instead they let other forms of media or other people perform that task instead. When something bad happens, instead of blaming themselves, they always resort to finding an easy scapegoat.

      • Which is what the song Blame Canada from SPBLU is about.

    • You miss a huge issue: there is STILL a persistent belief that “CARTOONS ARE FOR KIDS!” A perception that this report may help change. Check Allyn’s comment, just below yours:

      “I was 11 when South Park came on TV, and I loved it! I didn’t watch it in secret though, I told my mam and dad all about it so they started watching it too, needless to say they hated it. But they didn’t ban me from watching it…because IT’S A CARTOON!!!!”

      An 11 year old watching South Park is far, far, far from the target audience. But because it’s a cartoon, parents — and Allyn as a child — justified watching it.

      We can bitch at the PTC all we want, but maybe it’s a good thing. It can serve as a wake up call to parents (and kids!) who don’t realize that CARTOONS ARE FOR ADULTS TOO these days. Instead of censorship, it will results in more AWARE and RESPONSIBLE viewing habits, something I very much support.


      • A.W. Gammill

        Absolutely! This is the first thing I thought of when I read this post. I am so glad you brought this up and said it so well.

        Cartoons are so versatile, so perfect a media for telling stories that there is simply no way to limit them to a single age group. I watched cartoons as a kid, and I watch them now. Cartoons really grow up with you, just like live action movies do.

        Because cartoons can be anything, they should be anything, for any audience. Your comment made my day. Cartoons are not just for kids! They’re for everyone! My cat likes Mighty Orbots, the same as me!

  • I was 11 when South Park came on TV, and I loved it! I didn’t watch it in secret though, I told my mam and dad all about it so they started watching it too, needless to say they hated it. But they didn’t ban me from watching it…because IT’S A CARTOON!!!! From the age of 4 I knew that all cartoons were drawn by someone and didn’t reflect the real world. Cartoons don’t make violence, sex, drugs and all the fun stuff in life more appealing when you can draw that distinction between reality and fantasy.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Sounds so different from my era where watching Rocky & Bullwinkle past my bedtime on Saturday nights seemed like a thrilling experience to view without your parents knowing about it!

  • In the ’50s, the same kind of groups were complaining that Popeye, the Three Stooges and even Roy Rogers were too violent for kids.
    60 years from now, they’ll find something else to complain about.

    • mikey

      kind of worrying if we keep going in that direction, how bad will cartoons get in the future??

  • Adult swim should know better than to air adult content on a network so obviously aimed at kids.

    • krycek

      maybe kids shouldnt be watching cartoon that late…

    • krycek

      its called adult swim!…

      • Tom Pope

        Krycek- THANK YOU!

    • Max

      Kids should stay away from Nick at Nite, too.

    • iseewhatyoudidthere

      “Cartoon Network” is an animation channel first and foremost. Just because they air cartoons aimed at children in no way means they should limit themselves to just that.

      It’s this kind of mindset that constantly infantilizes animation in the mind of the public.

  • ZiggyStardust

    start sarcasm
    here’s a crazy idea. now bear with me for a moment people cause this might be a revolutionary idea…… why dont parents monitor what their kids watch and stop them from watching something called “adult swim”. I know you might think me insane but children should perhaps not be watching something with “adult” in the title. you know something designed for adults. i know its insane to parent children when there are parents groups to tell us what to do but there it is.
    end sarcasm

    • Alison

      Guess you could put a spin on an old saying, “When the parents are away, the PTC and other groups will play parent.”

  • ZiggyStardust

    PS: you know what else contains adult content? the news. here it plays anytime from 430 to 730. sex scandals, war footage, traffic accidents, shootings and this is the tip of the ice berg.

    • whippersnapper

      ^This. *like*

  • Adam Bestler

    I think it’s hilarious that they’re obsessively keeping count of every instance of animated depravity. The only argument anybody can muster is: if you object to the content of the shows your kids watch, then don’t let your kids watch it. It’s that simple.

  • “There is now more sexual content on these cartoons than violence” – and they actually say it as it was a bad thing… :D

    • mikey

      So up the violence! :P

  • So what they’re saying is that the V-chip doesn’t work???

    • Chris Sobieniak

      You would think with all the parental locks that could be placed on any TV that this would not be a problem at all, even I had to set one so that the kids in my house don’t watch any of that at all too.

  • Andrew

    I love how they pretend to be all scientific about this. “Our profanitologists, using advanced techniques in swearodynamics, have used highly sensitive naughtyometers to detect a statistically disturbing amount of pee-pee and wieners”

    I’ve never seen so many swear words in a spread-sheet. This study should be censored!

    • Funkybat

      Yet I’m willing to bet this same bunch of busybodies would be up in arms if “the Government” were to implement restrictions on what kind of content goes into cartoons. After all, these are the same people who whine about the encroaching “nanny state” when it comes to everything else, so surely they would feel the same way about cartoon profanity. Unless, of course, they’re just a bunch of irrational hypocrites.

      • Kristjan B

        Some people are never happy

    • Paul N

      I’m not going to waste my time reading an idiotic study like this one, but the quote above can’t actually be in it, can it?

  • Was My Face Red

    The TV is not a baby sitter. When a block with the word ADULT in the title comes on it’s a big clue that it’s past the kiddies bedtime.

  • There is always someone telling you what you shouldn’t or can’t watch.

    There is always someone telling you what you shouldn’t or can’t do.

    It isn’t for your own good or well being – it’s about control. They want you to think the way that they think.

    Go watch your cartoons, kids. It’s good for you.

  • Shouldn’t the name Adult Swim be a bit of a give away.

  • Keegan

    F*ck parents. How about you just take responsibility for what your own kids watch. If you don’t like it, change the f*cking channel.

    Pardon my profanity but, f*ck.

  • Jack

    Isn’t this a good thing “Sex (680 instances) surpassed every form of violence (674 instances) in animated prime time cable programming”.

  • Jack

    “There is now more sexual content on these cartoons than violence” isn’t this a good thing?

  • mat

    The funny thing about adult swim is they didn’t think about the west timezone thing. On cn west on directv adult swim is still on at 7 am in the morning so kids can can get up and watch it before thier mom gets up! Good job cn!

    I agree parents need to do thier job and watch what thier kids watch but you will be surprised how many adults i know who didn’t know there was adult stuff on cn. They tell me “It’s a kids channel. Why is this on here?” The hospital here keeps cn on all night for kids! Hope no kids come in after 8!

    CN needs to really tell adults about adult swim more.

    • Carl

      “CN needs to really tell adults about adult swim more.”

      Or parents could, you know, maybe take an interest in what their kids are watching? Oh, but then they couldn’t complain and blame others for their poor parenting.

    • Funkybat

      “Cartoon Network” and “Adult Swim” like to pretend the other doesn’t exist, they won’t mention the flipside of the coin in any commercial breaks or other promotional media, it doesn’t fit in with the marketing plan.

      There was once talk of making Adult Swim its own cable network, but I don’t really think that’s necessary or wise. AS is already a bit starved for content, with middling/downright lame stuff mixed in with the good stuff. And when much of the “good stuff” is MacFarlane reruns, you know pickings are slim.

      AS kicked ass 10 years ago. AS in the past few years…not as much.

  • Manny

    PTC, are you an extension of the church or are you just working like it?

    Keep your buisness to the Walt Disney Company and let us other, more liberated animation fans, be!

    • ThunderChild

      Dude, don’t blame the church for this. You’re sounding just as closed-minded as the idiots trying to shut down the fun.

  • Adult Swim could change its name to the Constant F**king on Meth Programming Block and PTC would still bitch. They could also go to a separate channel with no kid’s programming on it, and PTC would still complain. This has nothing to do with children and everything to do with censorship.

  • m(_ _)m

    Wait a second, their data identifies the norm is anything between sex and drugs and sex-diseases and drugs? What an impressively wide range of objectionable content.

    Putting aside the fact that maybe it’s any parents fault for thinking “adult swim” was for kids, I don’t get how this “these are cartoons, but there’s drugs and sex!” stuff can still be coming as a shock to anyone. South Park is ’97, The Critic and Duckman are both ’94, Beavis and Butt-head is ’93, and The Simpsons came out in ’89. Maybe these shows weren’t as explicit as these new shows, but they were still (With the exception of maybe the Simpsons) “adult” cartoons. These types of adult-oriented shows have been around for decades now. Honestly, if people are still complaining “but, they’re cartoons, and there’s sex!” then they’re just not worth listening to.

    I’m happy that in large part people are accepting cartoons as being for adults, but at the same time I’m disappointed that it’s only through shows like Family Guy that we see any example of this. (I mean really, with most people I talk to, when I say “cartoons are for kids” in jest, they are quick to point out any number of modern cartoons that are definitely not for kids. I just don’t get how people from this PTC can still be around, and still be throwing out warnings like this)

    Now, if this PTC wants to complain about Adventure Time, Chowder, Rocko’s Modern Life, or any other show along those lines, then I would totally accept their complaints (Though, I might disagree with those complaints)

  • DCollard

    Sex, Drugs, Violence, and Bad Words on shows with adult ratings?


  • Jorge Garrido

    PTC, shut your face!

  • 2011 Adult

    DISNEY Channel!??!!?!? What!??!

    The Parent Council was on this issue from the day Adult Swim started. They need to accept that it’s what’s in. Get over it.

  • Avoiding the obvious cheap shot at “Family Guy” re: the headline’s quote… :-p

    “F*ck” and “s*it” (or “bleeped uses of [same]” as the report puts it) in a *TV-PG* rated show?! Guessing something on Adult Swim (or Fox)…

    Meanwhile, surprised they didn’t harp on the mention of/mere existence of gay characters… or what (too few IMO) gay characters there *are*, anyway. Maybe they’re busy boycotting Archie over Kevin Keller…

  • Daniel Shock

    Hey, this is good news. Finally the sex to violence ratio is going in the right direction!

  • color me ignorant- i thought the idea of the PTC’s report was, not to attack the cartoons, but to heighten the awareness of parents to the fact that these cartoons exist. I didn’t get from this report that they were calling for the cartoons to be banned or censored or cancelled, but to help parents be made aware of what their kids might be watching, so they can, as others here have said, exercise parental authority and monitor their children’s tv-viewing habits.
    the only action the report seems to be recommending regarding the networks and cartoons themselves is that they be accurate in their ratings descriptions and the relative rating of advertisement to the shows they are shown during, in order to help the parents know whether a certain show is something they want their kids to be watching or not. That hardly seems unreasonable to me.

    • cbat628

      What you’re saying doesn’t seem unreasonable to me either. I think it’s a great idea to give parents an accurate and objective report about the ratings and context of any given show, as there may be things parents might accidentally look over in their busy schedules.

      However, I don’t think that what the PTC is doing.

      What I – and I’m sure many others – think is that the PTC are being very opinionated in their assessment of adult themes in cartoons. Notice that their headline, “Sex, Drugs and Profanity on Primetime Animated Shows Kids Watch Most,” appears sensational when compared to something like “Adult Themes Prevalent in Animated Shows.”

      What’s worse is that they not only appear to be opinionated, but very reactionary as well. For instance, I find it highly unlikely that “Disney Channel” would host programs with enough adult themes to warrant significant attention. “Nick @ Nite” doesn’t even host any animated programs other than “Glenn Martin, DDS.”

      Again, I don’t disagree with what you’re suggesting: a company giving an unbiased, objective report of any suggestive or adult themes in programs.

      But for a company to suggest that they hold dominion over what is or is not appropriate for someone else’s children to watch is insulting, dangerous, and un-American.

      I sincerely hope I wasn’t being rude, it’s just that I know that parents are smart enough to not allow their children to watch a block called “Adult Swim” if they felt that it was too mature.

      • cbat628

        ADDENDUM: The PTC agreed that “Nick at Nite” didn’t have enough animated material to be sufficient (although why it wanted to use Nick at Nite in the first place instead of Nickelodeon is beyond me). It also gives high marks for Disney Channel’s animated programming, (marking off only for their failure to warn parents of one show’s utterance of the word “suck”). If anything, it appears that both channels were used as a constant of sorts. Also, the PTC is an organization, not a “company.”

        But I still stand strong in my opinion that the PTC seems very reactionary.

        For instance, in their examples of mature content/references being made in these animated shows, they use “King of the Hill,” “Family Guy,” and “American Dad” for an overwhelming majority of their examples. These are shows made specifically for mature audiences. Also, Adult Swim runs a banner at the beginning and during its block that states that its programs may not be suitable for children.

        There is one instance where they use a show made for young children, (Cartoon Network’s MAD), where they suggest that the show bleeps out the “F” and “S” words. In this example however, I feel that the accusation isn’t solidly founded. Besides, if the organization really wants to challenge a kids show of bleeping actual profanities, they should watch the “Spongebob Squarepants” episode “Sailor Mouth.”

        Comparing adult shows and kids shows is like apples and oranges. The fact that the PTC are doing so, leads me to believe that they are using association to suggest that most, if not all, programs found on some of these channels are inappropriate.

        I also find that the PTC seem to think that “cartoons” are simultaneous with “children’s programming.” And if I know my Cartoon Brew audience, I know how much that association must be annoying.

        But I digress.

        My point is that if the PTC wants to make available an accurate and objective report on adult themes in television programming, that’s fine. But a sensational piece such as this not only draws the ire of parents who feel that they’re being insulted, but ultimately does a disservice to their cause.

    • Angeloris59

      That’s what I thought!

  • Isn’t called ‘adult swim’ for a reason? Those dudes must not get the joke.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    A little background:

    “The Parents Television Council (PTC) is a U.S. based advocacy group founded by conservative activist L. Brent Bozell III in 1995. Through publications on its website including staff reviews, non-scientific research reports, and web-based newsletters, the Council proclaims television programs or other entertainment products to be beneficial or harmful to the development of children.

    “While their claims of potential harm are not corroborated by any independent scientific body or studies, and despite a membership count of less than 1/100 of one percent of the U.S. Population (12,000 as of October, 2010), the Council’s proclamations are regularly and prominently featured as valid fact in mainstream U.S. news media.”

    Source: “Parents Television Council,” Wikipedia

    • Brent

      Of course they claim a membership of 1.3 million people whenever they threaten advertisers and TV networks over programming that they object to, such as The Playboy Club.

      • James Fox

        an NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City announced they won’t air The Playboy Club

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Wouldn’t surprise it, it’s Utah after all.

  • Rufus

    The most disturbing crap is on Family Guy anyway.

  • Andrew

    Lois: Oh, it is so good to be home. You know, I wanted us to live in a place with real family values, but values don’t come from where you live or who your friends are. They come from inside, from your own beliefs.

    Peter: I agree, Lois. Like, for instance, if you’re watching a TV show and you decide to take your values from that… you’re an idiot. Maybe you should take responsibility for what values your kids are getting. Maybe you shouldn’t be letting your kids watch certain shows in the first place if you have such a big problem with them, instead of blaming the shows themselves. [long pause] Yeah

    • Mad Dog

      Yeah if only the writers would make Lois and Peter say an intelligent message like that. :/

  • tredlow

    One thing that the PTC said that I agree upon is that young children shouldn’t watch Adult Swim. This is true. Adult Swim is full of vulgarity, violence and other things inappropriate for children.

    However, the thing I disagree with, and this is usually the case in most Parents-Television conflicts, is that they blamed the channel instead of the parents. For one thing, the channel is called “Cartoon Network”, not “Kids Cartoon Network”. Yes, the programming is mostly for kids, but they never strictly say that it’s 100% kid-friendly, so they are allowed to air programming for adults as well.

    I also disagree with them saying that “Parents should not subscribe to Cartoon Network.” No, don’t deprive your children of their favorite cartoons just because you can’t be bothered monitoring the things they watch.

    And another thing; does the PTC really need to do a ‘study’ to realize that something called ADULT SWIM is for ADULTS? Do you really need the TV telling you that the show is full of swearing and drug use?

  • It’s easy for cartoon fans to say that if you don’t like it — don’t watch it. But we can’t be so ignorant as to think the PTC hasn’t already considered this, read the study: “The first remedy is for parents to be more aware of – and involved in – the media consumption of their children. A program is not suitable for a child just because it is a cartoon and carries a content rating that suggests it is appropriate for children.”

    But the Parents Television Council certainly has a right, and a point, to make about certain abuses of Primetime programming.

    Their note about Cartoon Network’s inconsistent rating process is important because it opens the door to questioning whether the network is actively manipulating client dissemination of, and viewer access to, lucrative advertising efforts. If CN is consciously and deliberately moving the needle of what advertisers should be be morally conscious about, then it’s a question of business ethics, not letter-to-the-editor-angry-time ethics.

    That said, the study appears limited. Comedy Central isn’t mentioned anywhere in the entire report (nor is The Hub), and represents a rather critical omission doesn’t it? I know it isn’t a “children’s network” like the Big Three, but Comedy Central airs cartoons during the day that are also watched by the PTC’s coveted 12-17 demographic, I should think. Secondly, unless I’m mistaken, the report doesn’t even define “Primetime” for the purpose of the study. The report only indicates that cartoons may air “as early as 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time, 8:00 p.m. Central Time.” Most in the media have agreed upon the 8:00-11:00, which is fine, but for the report to not even detail this is astonishing, really.

  • Most of the parents who complain about this stuff, including those in this study, feel they have a right to use TV as a babysitter for their television. That’s why they’re so upset.

  • Sven-Bengt

    Why don’t parent groups parent the children instead of trying to parent everybody else?
    Or are they just so passionate about parenting everything?

  • snip2354

    How is this new news?

    There’s nothing different in this post than what they claimed for over a decade.

    Cartoons ARE a laughing matter! That’s one of the most popular conceptions about cartoons! And here I thought Roger Rabbit would convince us of that! Wonder what they would say about that film!

  • joe

    Haha, why the hell is Disney Channel on that list?

  • Vic

    There’s gold in being a scold –

    Brent Bozell; president/director; $422,804
    Brent Baker; vice president; $126,300
    David Martin; executive vp/asst. treasurer; $215,000
    Dan Gainor; Business & Media Institute vice president; $122,400
    Terry Jeffrey; editor-in-chief; $122,400

    • The Gee

      That’s not the Parents Television Council.
      That’s a conservative media watchdog called the Media Research Center.
      The only overlap is Bozell who is a part of both organizations.

      Here’s the Board of Directors for the PTC:

      The PTC does include Pat Boone and a couple of corporate guys who you’d think have been supportive of cartoons somehow, the Recycled Greetings card guy and a guy from Quaker Oats. But, whatever….

      And has a group of celebrity advisors, like Steve Allen (who I thought was dead, not that that would stop Steve Allen from “accomplishing something.”)

      That said, unless it becomes a political campaign issue over the next year (doubtful) you will all forget about this within a week. So, carry on until then.

      • David Cuny

        Steve Allen died October 30, 2000.

        While Allen was certainly prolific – and I admire quite a number of things he did – he was also the man who dressed Elvis in a tux and had him sing to a hound dog.

  • soooo……are they still saying that animation is for kids?

    Who are these people who keep beating this old drum? It’s 2011.

    These groups are SO irritating because they are on a mission to keep the medium of animation regarded as a children’s genre. Why??? It retards the perception and growth of the medium and makes it more difficult for intellectually mature stories to be hopefully developed in animation.

    Animation is not a genre. It’s a medium.

    It sounds like Tim Winter is making a job for himself with these kinds of statements. Who is to say Cartoon Network is “kid-centric”? Show me where that was declared in their mission statement.

    Far as I am concerned Cartoon Network is “animation-centric” . Period.

    • Funkybat

      I’d say 6 out of 10 adults in this country still think of animation as primarily a children’s entertainment medium. before the rise of The Simpsons and later South park & Family Guy, it was probably like 9.75 out of 10.

      PTC has an agenda, and the idea of “adult cartoons” just seems like a corruption of the pure-as-driven-snow medium of “kiddie shows” to them. They would probably melt, “Temple of Doom” style, if they were made aware of the existence of Hentai…

  • Dave

    “Adult Swim starts at 8pm folks. Again, be a parent. Those kids should be in bed and get up in the morning for elementary school. Leave my cartoons alone, and be responsible parents. “


    But do many people know how to actually practice responsible “parenting” anymore? Raise up a few generations of kids on the type of shows being described in that report and a lot of them will grow up to be the type of parents who just shrug and say “what’s the big deal?” about letting their kids watch these types of shows. Sure I can change the channel or just turn off the TV in my own home and insist that my kids don’t watch those shows (which instantly casts me in the role of the villain, the mean ol’ dad who won’t let his kids have fun like the other kids) , but they have to go to school and interact socially with their peers who do watch those shows.

    I don’t think groups like PTC are the answer , those never have any real impact in the long run, but I wish networks would be more responsible . They may deny it, but they do target children to watch these shows. Anyone who doesn’t understand that is naive or doesn’t have kids.

  • Meredith

    “There are some cartoons that kids shouldn’t be watching.” I don’t see why that statement causes such an uproar in the community. It’s true. And frankly, I’m tired of all of the same old Robot-Chicken, South Park and Family Guy type profane humor. IT’S ALL THE SAME JOKE in case you haven’t noticed. Everyone’s just trying to out-shock each other now.

    I miss being able to watch a show and have a chuckle without my ears bleeding. Remember the original Space Ghost Coast to Coast? Subtlety is preferred by some people. King of the Hill, for example. That doesn’t make me a right-wing prude.

  • Algernon

    What really ticks this group off is that the cited instances of sex outnumber those of violence, which runs contrary to America’s Puritanical creed.

  • Justin Delbert

    Wow! They really did a careful study. I blame the parents for not knowing what their children are watching. Cartoon Network and Adult Swim failed, while Nick and Disney Channel passed. They’re forgeting a channel however, Comedy Central: they show South Park, Ugly Americans, and Futurama

  • Clint H

    Man, this just makes me so angry. Parents, it’s called CHANGING THE CHANNEL. YOU’VE MIGHT’VE HEARD OF IT.

    BTW, since when has Disney Channel been accused of stuff like this? Isn’t it like the last place you want that kind of stuff to happen? I think the PTC just ran out of channels to protest at and just decided to randomly pick a non-threatening channel.

    • Joshua

      They weren’t protesting against Disney specifically, they just included them in the study because it’s on cable, it has animated series, and kids watch it. And they only found one offensive word on Disney during the entire period they covered (“suck”).

  • Loco the Clown

    Is there a Council for bad design, lifeless animation and lazy writing? If so, sign me up!

  • Our innocents will be seduced!! The horror!

  • siskavard

    “cartoon characters slipping on banana peels and ramming into doors.”

    As if these types of censoring ‘save the children’ organizations would even allow characters to slip on a banana peel or ram into doors.

    Every kids show I’ve worked on has had a huge list of the most ridiculous things that the characters are not allowed to do, which could be doubled as a list of things cartoon characters do for COMEDIC EFFECT.

    My theory is that kids are flocking to these adult shows because the programming aimed at them is BORING.

  • Rick R.

    When I am asked why I work in an administrative position in entertanment, and not in production, I have two stock answers:
    1) I like getting a paycheck every week.
    2) As a straight, white, socially conservative Christian male, bout the only way I could get a job in production is through affirmative action, and we are about the only people who don’t get affirmative action in California. (And while I will get brickbats here, no doubt, people in production generally laugh and agree with me.)

    I’m not an angry person, I like my job and my MPHW pension and retirement medical. I make decent money, and I get to do neat things like Comic-Con and E3 each year.

    But as that report and this thread point out, liberalism really is the new catechism, and heretics (in this case, mostly Christians) are to be burned and insulted to the best of the poster’s ability.

    Norman Lear’s “All in the Family” and Maude broke most of the taboos 40 years ago. I have seen most of Norman Lear’s stuff, and it was done with nobility and purpose.

    Seth MacFarlane is not Norman Lear.

    Recently, I watched a new anime series called “Angel Beats.” In the first episode, the lead female character draws a sniper rifle on an angel, and declares “There is no God, Jesus or Buddha.” By the end of the series, we find out she is completely wrong. (And no, the series is more likely Buddhist than Christian, it deals with reincarnation more than issues of Heaven.)

    But… the series deals with real emotions and real issues, and even minor characters are fully fleshed out as people in 12 half-hours, and it has a literary quality to treat religion and the afterlife respectfully. Will Seth or Adult Swim ever make such a show? Not likely.

    As as Meredith says, we get the same jokes over and over, usually
    – 13-year-old emotional levels,
    – lots of gross out humor,
    – and gratuitous attacks on Anglo Catholics (it’s never a padre that gets mocked so far I’ve seen, just priests), Mormons, and then regular Christians (like South Park’s depiction of the Lord.)

    They never go after Judaism or Islam with the same gusto or fervor, so yeah, it would be a Christian organization like the PTC that would make noise on occasion.

    If there’s something new that’s not just covering the same ground Seth, Trey and Adult Swim have steamrollered over a million times, cool. Otherwise, it just proves that Disney exec right who said story doesn’t mean anything.

  • Claudia

    So what part of “Adult Swim” is what they don’t get? Also, don’t they usually have a disclaimer indicating that their shows have inappropriate content for children?

    Just monitor what your kids watch, for example “The Simpsons” is not a kids show, therefore my uncle doesn’t let his kids watch it, but when I was a kid I did watch “The Simpsons”, however, my mother was there too most of the time, taking care to watch what my brother and I watched, and answer questions when they popped out due the content we were watching.

    Bottom line: Parents, you have to be involved in the kinda of media your kids watch, you can’t just leave them alone and then complain about them receiving inappropriate content. They’re your kids, do your damn job.

  • It’s amazing that animation can receive this kind of bias, from the PTC, and yet these guys don’t do the same to Live Action-oriented programming. I’m not trying to single out Live Action programming, I just think it’s unfair to assume that Sex, Profanity, violence, and drugs are only found on a cartoon; it seems like a darn heresy hunt, if you ask me.

    Also, isn’t there sex, drugs, and profanity going around the whole entire planet Earth already? I guess the people from the PTC don’t care because they haven’t been around the world.

    • Rick R.

      Actually, they do go after live-action TV. The PTC was vocal enough to get Kristin Chenowith’s new show retitled as “Good Christian Belles” as opposed to it’s original title “Good Christian Bitches.”

      That show will likely be gone by mid-season, but the point was made that Christian women are hypocrites! Uh, sure, there are some, but would Hollywood greenlight a show with a premise of gays or Jewish people or Muslims being hypocrites? Again, not likely.

    • Brent

      Oh they do go after Live Action shows. Someone else noted their demands for the name change of the new Kristin Chenoweth series (“Good Christian Bitches” -> “Good Christian Belles”), and they took full credit for that change (even though from the start ABC said that the Good Christian Bitches name was a working title). They were relentless in their attacks against the North American version of “Skins” and took credit for driving it off of MTV. Now they’re going after NBC’s new series “The Playboy Club,” demanding that affiliates refuse to carry it and promising FCC complaints at the drop of a pair of bunny ears.

      But yes, they do go after anything animation related, particularly anything that Seth Macfarlane has a hand in – or probably anything that he’s even watched – because inevitably they see anything animated as being directed at children. They maintain the traditionalist – and foolish – view that “Animation is only for children,” therefore sex and violence in ANY animation is directed at children.

  • The PTC is nothing but a place where all they do is complain about the littlest things in life. They think they can just solve their own problems by censoring the daylights out of cartoons? I laugh on how stupid that is. Cartoons ARE NOT just for children they are for EVERYONE! It all depends on what is in the content of the cartoon to begin with. Has there even been ANYONE in the animation industry to have the guts to sue the daylights of this place? This place is just run by parents who have serious bad parenting and they need to be removed from society at once.

    If all they do is complain about the tiniest things in entertainment that shouldn’t even be bothered without thinking that their child is likely to grow up. What will that child watch when he or she reaches the age of 18 and cant find anything suited for that age due to the censorship from their “overprotective” parents? They wont find anything inappropriate on the TV. Because these crazy bible humping lunatics censored the daylights out of the TV! If most parents weren’t stupid and would actually THINK before complaining we would have a better place for TV animation. But sadly enough the whole “animation is for kids” thing is still happening. And to those who are smart parents, wait for the day till your child turns into the age that he or she watches something like Ralph Bakshi’s Street fight or even El Superbeasto. For those who are stupid and thinks animation should be left only for children. You should be locked up in an insane hospital because you cant accept the fact that there are adult cartoons.

  • J

    As a parent, I agree that parents should be more aware of what their children are watching. Isn’t that what the PTC is trying to help me do? Also, if the networks are not labeling the content with the appropriate ratings or any ratings at all, it can make the parents’ job that much more difficult. I’m not crazy about watchdog groups as they usually have an underlying agenda, but they can assist me in making informed decisions about my family’s entertainment choices.

    • Brent

      “As a parent, I agree that parents should be more aware of what their children are watching. Isn’t that what the PTC is trying to help me do?”

      Not entirely. What the PTC has done in this case is produce a “scary taglines” – “Our data demonstrates that today’s norm is profanity-laden storylines involving everything from rape and cocaine to STDs and crystal meth. There is now more sexual content on these cartoons than violence – even when counting traditional ‘light’ cartoon violence.” – and then produce statistics that support their position while ignoring data – or circumstances (such as the time that these shows air; a very important factor in the exposure of these shows to children) that would negate their “data.” By some definitions this would render that data corrupt.

      “Also, if the networks are not labeling the content with the appropriate ratings or any ratings at all, it can make the parents’ job that much more difficult.”

      This has been one of my biggest problems with the PTC – and I’ve followed them for years. Their website regularly runs articles on why shows have been “misrated” – usually full of righteous indignation about it. The thing is that the complaints that the PTC has raised about misrating are usually based on grounds that “don’t pass the sniff test.” The elements of the TV Parental Guidelines are well known – you can find them on Wikipedia – and in virtually every incident that the PTC described as being an incident of misrating, their description (always couched in the most alarming terms) didn’t meet the standard for the show being incorrectly rated.

  • I know some of you folks are saying that having more instances of sex than violence is a good thing but I have to play Devil’s Advocate here.

    Sure these shows depict sexual content but they’re not exactly positive. Shows like Family Guy, South Park and American Dad make jokes about rape, pedophilia, domestic violence and prostitution. Of the positive sexuality they have in the show (Gay characters) is often ruined with bad stereotypes.

    The more positive depictions of sex and sexuality are in shows like the The Simpsons where there is a married couple, and people generally having sex lives but also deal with issues like infidelity, relationships, sexual orientation, marriage and divorce.

    These are much more mature views of sex in an animated series rather than those who use sex as shock value. I like a sex joke as much as the next person but a lot of sex depicted on television is very juvenile which tells a lot about the attitudes we have about sexuality here in North America.

  • Luke

    Who cares? If you do not want kids watching it, maybe you should monitor them a bit better than let them monitor the TV, huh?

  • The Parents Television Council should go kiss Mr. Hanky

  • Michael F.

    I’d be interested in seeing how many of these programs that PTC got upset with are not American made. After all, some shows are imported from Canada or the UK, and the values in those places are different from the values here.

    I’m curious as to what the PTC would think about some of these Canada or UK shows. They’d have really hissyfits!

    • Chris Sobieniak

      No doubt invasion of foreign cultures is a no-no!

  • TheBeezKneez

    The disconnect is that they assume prime time animated shows are aimed at kids. That being animated, by default, means it’s for children. Never been the case, never will be.

  • PJW

    When a child views a cartoon, and sees a cat commiting suicide…how is a young child going to view that as suicide? How is a young child going to see a black stereotype as a “bum?” How will a child know? Children are not morons, I assure you. I was one once. But how will a child see that as terrible? Children are kind and sweet. They’ll barely notice what you slip under their noses. As long as they laugh. (Oh, and network censors, kids als notice what you’ve cut.) I’m not saying kids should watch Family Guy. (Dumb show, IMO)Children cringe at profanity. They’ll say it, but it’s only the parents fault for speaking that way. So now it’s the parent’s fault. I’m not saying to blame the parents every time, maybe it’s a kid at school. You can’t always blame TV. Use common sense, ya jerks. You’ve overstayed your welcome, one millisecond too long. Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna go watch some uncensored Looney Tunes!! Who’s with me?

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Network censors cutting stuff out of cartoons was certainly something I could tell first hand as a 5 year old 30 years ago!

  • Oh great. Are these f—ing idiots going to gut cartoons again? Are we going to have to go back to the land of smurfs and the Snorks?
    I hate these f—ing studies.

  • Maya A.

    Another gross overreaction by the PTC. Newsflash: Not all animated programming is meant for kids. Adults and older teens watch cartoons as well. If you don’t want your kids to watch shows that you might not approve of, then take some responsibility and enforce it in your own home. Don’t try to ruin it for everyone else.

  • Metallicfire

    I don’t like it when offensive or derogatory things are put in kids cartoons, but things intended for adults are intended for adults.

  • Chris

    What a bunch of overgrown babies!

  • david

    meanwhile, on the internet after 8 pm. tommy is searching youtube videos of:

    unfiltered webcam strip tease with bootyclaps
    a monkey drinking his own urine
    a skateboarder falling off a hand rail and snappin
    his arm in half.
    joe pesci clips from scorcese movies.
    teenager vlogging about his first mushroom trip
    all the cartoons the PTC tried to censor.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      And yet this is all ‘normal’ to me since I view this as the real world I belong in when it’s all there for you.

  • Kajet

    How do you stop your kids from watching stuff like that? BE A PARENT AND MAKE THEM QUIT WATCHING IT.

    Why should we suffer because you can’t do your job?

  • Jim Engel

    Do any of you guys ever question your own psychological makeup when you derive so much entertainment from so much crap? This society’s appetite for crass vulgarity is way more disturbing to me than the observations of people awake enough to realize how bad it’s gotten.

    • Crass vulgarity is cool and funny when baked just so.
      Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.

      • Jim Engel

        I rest my case.

      • You, sir, are a case-rester.

    • iseewhatyoudidthere

      Like it or not, not everyone has the same taste in humor. Rather than trying to mash everyone into the same square peg and call it “the way we are supposed to be”, maybe the PTC and people like them should accept that.

      The people who derive humor from these types of gags aren’t forming interest groups to manipulate the PTC/Media Watchdogs into watching what they want by releasing “statistically based reports” on their preferred “Family Friendly Programming”.

      So why not “be and let be”? Television will be dead anyway, in which case internet content will supplant it and provide more diverse entertainment that will cater to both camps, whether the PTC likes it or not.

      Just let it go and set the parental controls on your tv like a responsible parent. There is no point in holding on.

  • GeneD

    While this post has brought out the usual whiners I’m encouraged that some people have a more nuanced
    point of view, only they can’t quite express it: Bigmedia is a supergovernment that practices taxation without representation. It’s usurped our schools, our churches, our city halls. We pay through the nose for our supergovernment and have no say in it. I’m convinced this, as much as anything, accounts for the huge surge of the Internet, the collapse of the newspaper business, and ever-increasing dissatisfaction with show-biz’ product. I suspect it’s also given a boost to cable-cutting; who gladly pays to support Brian Roberts and his cronies? I don’t like Brent Bozell; he’s a textbook definition of ninny. Neither do I like Seth MacFarlane’s boss, Rupert “Hack” Murdoch — or Hack’s spiritual brother Sumner Redstone, whose idea of great entertainment is to lift his leg. Murdoch and Redstone are textbook definitions of tyrants.

    One other thing: Some would respond to Bozell and his lobbyists with a variation on that old saw, “IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT YOU CAN TURN THE TV OFF.” To which I pose two questions:

    1. Who can turn TV off?


    2. Who can turn TV’s ADVERTISERS off? (Like Mr. MacFarlane’s sugar daddy Yum! Brands [sic].)

    Cartoon Brew is a fine site.

  • Adult Swim= Adult content!!!! Ugh

  • Louis

    “They will clean up all your speakin in a manner such is this.”

    “They will make you take a tinkle when you wanna take a piss.”

    “And they’ll make you call filatio a trouser friendly kiss.”

    “It’s the plain situation, there’s no negotiation with the fellas at the freakin’ FCC.”

  • Ahh, those people all need to get laid.

  • chipper

    Oh dear, did South Park do something naughty again?

  • Where’s the PTC study of HBO, AMC and Showtime? Just because it’s animated doesn’t mean it needs to be for kids.

    These people are absolutely mentally deficient in this area, and need a re-Ned-uctaion. (meaning a total frontal lobotomy, I’m sure you recall. Then again, it sounds like they may have already been subject to one.)

  • Bob Harper

    My kids don’t watch Family Guy because they don’t like nonsequetor gags.

    Honestly though as a parent, I’d rather deal with talking to my kid about something they saw on South Park as opposed to having to explain why censorship exists in our supposed Democracy.

  • Jane

    Eh, I don’t think adult cartoons hurt kids. Personally:

    Have always watched the Simpsons.
    I watched Daria and Beavis and Butt-head when I was pre-school with my mother.
    Started watching SNL at 5, and they had those very adult shorts.
    Adult Swim when it first started I think… I was 7.
    Family Guy and South Park sometime in there…

    Did they freak me out, and go over my head and expose me adult things? Yes, all the time. That’s why I loved them. And they didn’t ruin me for life, in fact I think they helped me stay on the ‘straight and narrow’.

    • PJW

      Same with me and Pinky and the Brain at age 7. I think that ended up w/ the same results. Though it never went over my head…huh…

  • Mike

    For me, the word “adult” has always stood for a certain level of class and sophistication, pushing aside (regardless of age) the easy, cruel, and sometimes vulgar ideas that skip hand-in-hand with the adolescent mind. As such, Adult Swim has demonstrated none of these qualities.

    “College Sophomore Swim in a Dry Pool of Ideas” would be a more accurate name.

    • Dennis Morgan

      You mean like the “adult” video store?

    • Blue

      Class and sophistication? You’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise if you ever need to use an adult diaper.

      • Mike

        Thanks guys, for proving my point: “Adult” is a state of mind rather than just another stage in the aging process.

        Now, while my idea of being an adult is different than your own, if pornography and diapers are your best symbols of adulthood, then hey—that’s your business.

  • On PTC advisors, I’m a bit surprised that former 1980s teen idol Debbie Gibson (one of my few 1980s music faves), isn’t on the board….back then, even KIIS-FM wouldn’t play more of her then-popular tunes as they should…..I think some of the critics of these conservative activists and such are a bit too hard. SMurfs and Snorfs, J., are the pansy wait types attacked by the L.Brent Bozells [did Phil Hendrie’s Steve Bosell take his persona and surname from L.Brent?:)] would also attack.

    Didn’t Chuck Jones do a lot of those types of Smurf cartoons in the late 70s? (Like, “Chipmunk Christmas”,1978?)
    And I like everything carotoned from Disney to South Park.

    I like to give myself and animation here a good name, not blacken the eyes of animation by taking sides regarding Disney vs Warner, Hello KItty vs Sylvester, Jones vs Freleng, theatrical vs TV, feature vs short! (in short here, I consider myself a kinda crossover from “adult” to “Family” type. Pat Boone was the same way as a compromise in pleasing rock and pop folks.)

    In closing, I don’t think any saerious boycotts will take place other than to say that the people involved on their site are definitely not teenage-20s – i.e., if one of today’s hot stars, like say, Justin Bieber, boycotted, it would be a bigger issue, I guess.

  • Brent: I’d be careful with your comments crkiticising PTC. You apparently also hate Disney, too., I play it safe and defend them and like Looney Tunes (defended by right wingers due to the RACIST, and other content, that OFFENDED LIBERALS-“Bugs Nips the Nips” is NOT LIBERAL CONTENT>…:)]. I don’t like to make enemies….call me a Kenny G of Looney Tunes fans (in terms of enjoying bots sides, an overstatement when applied to the G-man.)

  • TJR

    What’s amazing to me, is that this reads like they have only just now discovered this……Omigosh, there’s adult content in cartoons?! …..You mean it isn’t all just Archie and funny animals?!?! – It’s as if these people have been completely cut off from the outside world for the last 20 years

  • Is PTC going to criticize adult diapers next? They could be claimed to be objectionable because they are filled with large, wrinkly butts.

  • Andrew

    Im not worried about the Cartoons Its what the little kids say over Xbox live that parents should be worried about. Ive never met anyone as racist or foul mouthed than a 9 year old playing CoD.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Cartoons were always made for adults. I love it after Heckle and Jeckle shoot off a canon it goes limp.

  • rfk

    Surely there must be some way we can blame Dreamworks for this.

  • Mr. James

    I guess at 33 I must be one of the “old ones” now on Cartoonbrew that sides with the PTC.

    I started watching Adult Swim from the very beginning (in college) and thought it was hilarious. However, at that point the shows were Sealab 2021, Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, & Space Ghost Coast to Coast with various anime thrown in that was pretty tame. Since that first year the shows have slowly but surely declined in quality and content and increased in filth and perversion.

    I would also like to ask everyone that has posted the, “It’s the parents fault for letting their children watch this stuff. If they would just turn off the TV it wouldn’t be a problem.” please let me know if YOU yourself have kids. My guess it that the answer would be a resounding NO. As the proud father of a 6 month old child I fear that in 10 years I will not be able to allow my son to watch Cartoon Network or various other “kid based” networks due to their lax values and criteria for what they broadcast. Why is everyone bent on indoctrinating our children with filth at such an early age? Why can we not preserve some of their innocence as long as we can?

    Some of us still have “values” and grew up with programs and experiences that we feel are sadly dying off. I know it’s old fashioned and outdated but I will try my best to raise my family to hold them dear as well.

    • Bob Haper

      I have kids – all TV viewing age- I don’t let them watch Adult Swim, or Fox, Comedy Central, Monty Python and so forth. I make sure they go to bed and then I get to watch them and you know it works out well. They keep their innocence and I get to be depraved.

      Your kid is still too young to watch TV so here’s some helpful hints. First keep the TV high enough so they can’t reach it. Then hide the remote from them. Whatever you do, don’t let them near a computer because the internet has much more horrid stuff on it. Keep them away from any kids that might have seen this stuff and tell them about it. And for God’s sake do not let them know about the Old Testament to the Bible, there’s some scary stuff in there.

      And if none of that works, sit them down and discuss what they may have seen and what they make of it and let them know how you feel about it. You’ll be surprised how much kids value the esteem of their parents. Or not, it’s your right to parent your kid how you see fit, I wouldn’t want to suppress anybody’s rights.

  • While it is CLEARLY the parent’s responsibility to keep their children from watching these shows with mature content warnings, it is also obvious that these shows have gotten out of hand with the over-the-top adult content. The networks should at least take a LITTLE responsibility knowing FULL WELL that kids are going to watch these shows. It’s RIDICULOUS that some of these ADULT SWIM shows are getting played on Cartoon Network, especially the LIVE ACTION shows which have NO BUSINESS being on this network in the first place. The kids shows are geared to appeal to adults and the adult shows are being watched by kids. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

  • Dave

    Cartoon network should show cartoons 24 hours a day. Adult swim should have it’s own channel and it can show live action all it wants. I think the cartoon network brand suffers from being connected to adult swim and vise versa

    • What’s this rumor I heard about ADULT SWIM being shuttled off to the channel now known as BOOMERANG, and made into a 24-hour thing?

  • Paul N

    I’m assuming we have Seth McFarlane to thank for most of the pedophelia references this “council” documented. Someone needs to tell that douche that pedophiles aren’t funny.

    • Humor is subjective.
      It’s funny when Sylvester Cat collapses into a heap of horizontal slices.
      It wouldn’t be funny if it was yo mama.
      Same with pedal feel-ya.
      That particular crime is a mind-bending obscenity in real life. However, it can be an effective comedy topic, and it’s especially suited for use in animated cartoons.

      • Paul N

        Um, no. Sorry. Wrong.

      • tom

        It was funny in that brasseye episode, although I guess that wasn’t saying “Peadophilia is funny” more like “Overreactions and media hype about Peadophilia is ridiculous, and very funny when parodied”

  • What in the cel

    It’s called Adult Swim for f**k sake. How else do you want it spelled?

  • Johnno

    It is silly to go off on a tirade against Adult Swim when duh… obviously the title means stuff is for adults. but I can’t really blame the PTC here. If anything they shoul make parents more aware that not all cartoons are for kids.

    Yes folks, a great number of people don’t believe cartoons and animation is for anything other than for children. They see it as an inferior form of entertainment compared to live action. They’re simply been conditioned to believe this.

    Now as for whether the content of sex, violence etc. is of any worth or humourous or not is a separate topic. I do find that a lot of shows are too crass, and I wouldn’t mind it so much other than that the people I know who love watching these love to behave like the characters and take their moral views and opinions from these things, which is pretty dumb as they are obviously overblown and exaggerated for the sake of comedy.

    It is also true that kids are still ‘monkey see, monkey do.’ They will think the things they learn on television are reality and we have a generation of idiots raised on the belief that casual sex is all well and good and that profanity is a polite form of speech anywhere. So the largest joke here is that exaggerated television with all its immorality and overblown view on topics of sex etc. is actually conditioning, not kids, but adults too.

    The best way to deal with this is basically parents being better parents and monitoring what their children watch and a full scale campaign to alert ignorant parents to the fact that animated shows run the gamut from educational to children’s entertainment to young adult entertainment to adult entertainment to full blown pornography.

    Educating people about animation is the answer, and most Americans in particular still think animation is only of the Disney/Pixar variety for family appropriate entertainment or limited to a few things like the Simpsons and Family Guy. Any growth for Japanese Anime in particular has not done much to change any of this. And ironically, neither have video games many of which are aimed at adults and feature plenty of animation…

  • I actually have a bigger problem with people making cartoons about pedophile than people writing reports about how they don’t like pedophile cartoons.

    But I suppose that could just be me.

    And while I have no interest in censorship, vulgar jokes will always get laughs, but the superior cartoonist can get just as many laughs without lowering the bar.

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    Well, everyone pretty much summed it up. People love NEVER taking responsibility for anything. It’s easier to blame a cartoon than look at themselves and monitor their kids if they have such a problem with it.

  • Albert Belle

    I think that some are worse then others even for Adult Swim. Family Guy, South Park and Robot Chicken for example have crossed the line when it comes to certain subjects. Then make crude jokes about pedophiles, little children,out of control racism, violence beyond control (like Peter beating up a little kid),constantly putting down religion and a long list of things.

    Family Guy especially has reached a point where they just try to be as vile as possible like when Peter drank car fuel and destroyed his kidneys or Brian spewing out tons of vomit on the floor or Meg going to prison.These shows have strayed from the path of being funny to just plain sludge that make you flinch just to watch them. Look at MAD on Cartoon Network. They are funny without resorting to vile,low down offensive humor.

    It’s true that censors and other people over react about things but some of these shows despite being late at night or for adults go to far.And don’t try telling me that they are cartoons and it doesn’t matter. The people making them should have SOME self control.You need to draw the line somewhere. Tell me why FG had to have Stewie drinking horse sperm? What is the purpose of that?

  • If they find shows like American Dad, Family Guy, South Park, etc. inappropriate, then they should watch “Animaniacs”.

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    Now THIS is a true example of “political correctness gone mad.” Not, “boo hoo, minorities get mad when you fling slurs at them CENSORSHIP!” or “someone told me to shut up FIRST AMENDMENT!”

    As much as I can’t stand The Sath McFarmland Super Show, overreacting to them being on a television block that is clearly labeled ADULT swim is stupid. These people need to be more active in their children’s lives and find shows they’re all comfortable with, rather than letting the TV do their babbysitting for them and only getting off of their fat duffs when it turns out that GASP, CARTOONS AREN’T JUST FOR KIDS.

  • I’d watch Animaniacs over those shows any day! :p

  • Arthur F.

    I’m old enough to recall the variations on this… it’s sort of amazing how far the PMRC went. And if you read the names they claim, they are all respectable elders today that all the politicians would cozy up to if possible, (it’s from the wiki sorry long quote):

    The formation of the PMRC began in 1984 after Tipper Gore, along with her daughter Karenna, heard Prince’s song “Darling Nikki”. This track, which appears on the soundtrack to the film Purple Rain, contains references to sex and masturbation (“I knew a girl named Nikki/I guess you could say she was a sex fiend/I met her in a hotel lobby/Masturbating with a magazine”).

    Gore watched other rock music videos and concluded: “The images frightened my children, they frightened me! I am frightened! Way frightened! The graphic sex and the violence were too much for us to handle.” Susan Baker became alarmed when she heard her seven-year-old daughter singing along with Madonna songs that Baker considered “suggestive”[citation needed] Gore and Baker, along with Howar and Nevius, formed the PMRC in May 1985.

    “The PMRC claimed that the change in rock music was attributable to the decay of the nuclear family in America.[1] Gore asserted that families are “haven[s] of moral stability” which protect children from outside influence, and that without the family structure rock music was “infecting the youth of the world with messages they cannot handle.”

    Rap music of the mid to late 1980s, especially artists that were deemed violent, particularly Ice-T and Geto Boys furthered the PMRC’s influence in American politics. Ice-T was personally accused by Tipper Gore with support from the PMRC for the increasing rates of violence against police officers in Los Angeles in the late 1980s.”

  • Maybe we should the FCC song from “Family Guy” to make it about the PTC. ‘Cause the way I see it, it’s like they want to remove “Adult Swim” altogether even though I wouldn’t watch “Adult Swim” myself (I’m more of a “Looney Tunes” gal, personally). As for “Animaniacs”, count me in on that bandwagon! Now, if only WB let “Animaniacs” on TV again, even in reruns, let alone release Volume 4 (the remaining episodes) on DVD.

  • Dave O.

    Censorship is terrible, but there is something to be said the creativity that comes from being censored. The live-action Hollywood ‘classics’- like Casablanca, Wizard of Oz and maybe even Snow White- would not be that way if it weren’t for the Hays Code. The Code put a clamp on sex and violence but great filmmakers often worked around it and in doing so found ways to tell a better story.

    To use an example in animation, John K.’s Nickelodeon Ren and Stimpy will always be better than the Adult Party R&S because being on a kid’s network put restraints on John’s raunchy and gross-out humor. Adult R&S is almost unwatchable because any cuteness had been stripped away from them.

    The past 30 years of short-attention span filmmaking has led to shortcut storytelling. I’m all for cartoon violence (bring on the anvils!), but the amount of blood in cartoons now is unsettling. And the sex is often pointless and not in the service of story. Would I advocate for censorship? No, but I would advocate for a more considered approach to using sex and violence. Who knows? It might lead to a new golden age.

  • smallerdemon

    I admit to buying heavily into one of the worst philosophical argument fallacies when I see this statement: “…on a cable network called Adult Swim;” The “one bad apple spoils the whole bunch fallacy” in which our intrepid censors peg Adult Swim as a network and not a programming block. It is enough of an error to call into question their level of commitment to fact finding for sure.

    I agree with everyone else, though: be a parent, people. If you don’t want them to watch these shows, make that a household rule.

  • Aliyah

    They cannot keep blaming the networks on what they decide to put on them. If parents have a problem with their children being exposed to those kinds of things, then they need to be PARENTS and take control of what their children are being exposed to. Raising children starts in the home and parents nowadays let their kids run around doing whatever and not really teaching them what life is about. If you want to blame anyone, blame the parents. Not the networks.