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If I had a Sony PSP (or played video games for that matter), I’d be looking forward to the February release of Patapon, a visually striking rhythm-based fighting game. The game’s graphics are based on the work of French artist and toy designer Rolito, who also has a blog here. Here’s a few links that tell you all you need to know about this title:

Game trailer with plenty of animation

Interview with Patapon director/game designer Hiroyuki Kotani

Write-up on about why Patapon is a unique game

(via Fous d’Anim)

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  • Wow. This looks like a groundbreaker- beautifully simple, but concise cartoon design in a perfectly cool colored world of hip beats and percussional panic attacks. Thanks for turning the monitor in this direction, Amid.

  • It surely looks awesome and fun to play as well! BUT LocoRoco does come to mind :P

    *Still cool though*

  • Some Guy

    I still say Shigeru Miyamoto is the Walt Disney, nay, the Chuck Jones of video games.

  • Gobo

    The art style reminds me a bit of the game Michel Gagné is working on, “Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet”:

  • Looks an awful lot like Michel Gagne’s Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

    But not as good!

  • Ha ha! Way to go, Amid! As an professional animator and a not-so-professional gamer, it’s always so nice to see good games with a unique style make the highly-respectable Brew. Patapon premiered at this years’ Tokyo Game Show, and was a HUGE hit.
    Oh, and Stephan, it’s by the LocoRoco team as well. :3
    (If anyone wants to check out another viusally stunning game, check out any trailers or pictures for ‘Okami’ for the Playstation 2.)

  • Steve Gattuso

    It reminds me a bit of Michel Gagne’s work, which is the highest compliment I can pay it. Imaginative, easy, and fun.

    Naturally, it’ll have zero attraction to the thickie twitch gamers who want things that blow up reeel good, but I think the Wii has demonstrated that that crowd is not your most lucrative market.

  • Kelly Tindall

    I can’t wait for Patapon! LocoRoco was wonderfully imaginative and very, very simple. I hope that Patapon is just as enthusiastically fun and easy to play.

  • Josh

    Patapon and LocoRoco were both created at Sony’s Japan studio (although by different directors & teams), so at least they’re aping each other’s visual style within the same studio. :)

  • Nymo

    Good news for PSP owners: It’s just $20

    Now I have a good reason to get the game…

  • I also got the Gagne vibe from this– it is from a french based design house, where Gagne is “insanely” popular- pun intended. Hmmm, I’m sure it’s possible MG provided pre production groundwork design, because, if he didn’t, it will seem a tad slimey- Like Wizards neglecting to acknowledge Vaughn Bode’ work as the film’s wellspring of design, mood, story and style. May MG have a new audience to parlay from and make up any loss from them using his vision for their own devices—LITERALLY.