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Pebbles & Bamm Bamm on KFWB (1965)


Here’s a fun website to browse: Radio Use Only is a new site devoted to collecting and making accessible downloads of rare radio station promo discs. One highlight is this rare Hanna Barbera recording especially made for Los Angeles radio station KFWB, featuring the song (with special lyrics) “Open Up Your Heart and Let The Sunshine In” (famously featured on the 1965 Flintstones episode “No Biz Like Show Biz”).

(Thanks, Joel O’Brien)

  • Wow! Now that IS a “rare treat!” I remember (very fondly) the nite it FIRST AIRED. I went to bed humming it….and for the rest of the next day, for the next week….and on up til NOW!!! I have been trying to find the recording ever SINCE! Thank YOO!!

  • Pedro Nakama

    Wow! That is crazy. I totally would have expected it for 93 KHJ!

  • Christopher Cook

    Frente! did a charming cover of this song in 1995 on the compilation album “Saturday Morning–Cartoons’ Greatest Hits.”

  • Even more noteworthy is the fact that if you play that “special” recording backwards, there are hidden plugs for Welch’s Grape Juice (listen for “woo woo gay goo”) and for Kenner’s Building Boulders!

    Surely a find, but I’ve gotta admit, I find “Let The Sun Shine In” a real low point for the Flintstones (but not as low as Fred and Barney’s teaming with Al Capp’s Shmoo as “Bedrock Cops”!)

  • Okay, so the song’s actual title is “Open Up Your Heart”. I guess my inability to remember its correct title is an indication of how I feel about it.

    Long before Fonzie jumped over that shark, I remember thinking — after first seeing this particular FLINTSTONES episode (I was probably about twelve or thirteen at the time) — “Well, I guess the FLINTSTONES is no longer aimed at adults!”

  • Earl K

    You can find the complete original song on “The Flintstones: Modern Stone-Age Melodies, Original Songs from the Classic TV Show Soundtrack” CD. But you’ll probably have to look on e-Bay for it, since it’s out of print.

    I agree with Scott Shaw! though. I didn’t want to include this song, because a) it’s not original to the Flintstones and b) it’s an insipid song about the devil trying to steal your soul, but Rhino insisted.

  • Keith Paynter

    Nice to have that link! Quite possibly KFWB’s most notorious ‘release’, The Beatles Talk made the rounds on bootleg vinyl and CD ‘interview’ discs.

  • Corey K.

    Remember kids – if you’re at all unhappy about anything whatsoever, the devil can get ya! So cheer up… before you’re dragged off to HELL! (Love that Frente! cover, though.)

    I completely misheard the lyrics as a kid – I heard “Smilers never lose and frowners never win” as “Mothers never lose and fathers never win.” I thought the song was about Wilma and Fred.

  • Some Toon

    So help me, Corey K, I had the EXACT SAME THOUGHTS (misheard lyrics and everything) when I saw this stupid episode as a rerun years and years ago. I might have to watch the clip just to finally dislodge the vaguely rmemembered details.