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Penelope’s Pitstop Sexual Health Clinic

Penelope's Pitstop Clinic

After you visit Popeye’s sex shop in Tokyo, you might consider checking into Penelope’s Pitstop Sexual Health Clinic in London. It’s just that kind of a weekend, folks.

(Thanks, Jonathan Sloman)

  • Brooke Keesling

    Oh my!

  • Christopher Cook

    If that’s Penelope Pitstop, I’m Ben Stiller.

  • top cat james

    Tempted to make a Dick Dastardly reference here…

  • She’s wearing her latex gloves. Cough, please.

  • bobby

    wow, does cartoon brew have nothing to blog about other than these ‘rip-offs’? there are already blogs devoted towards that, i don’t see why cartoon brew has to make “filler” for it’s blog. it cheapens the whole thing. just some constructive criticism.

    a fan.

  • Robert Kristelli

    Definitely worthy of a Paul Lynde (aka “The Hooded Claw”) chuckle!

  • Well, that would explain the vibrator in her car.

  • Keith Paynter

    Visit at your “peril”, naturally…

  • Titanius Anglesmith, Fancy Man of Cornwood

    So Hulk Hogan wants to sue over a wrestler in a cereal commercial that looks vaguely like him, but Hanna Barbera is apparently OK with this?

    “I’ve said it before people: democracy doesn’t work.” — Kent Brockman

  • J Lee

    I guess Bill, Joe or Fred Sliverman had Penelope dye her hair blonde for the TV show — probably feedback from some sort of Saturday morning focus group thing — and she’s just let it go back to her natural color now that she’s debarked for England…

  • Her first name may be Penelope, but I doubt it’s “Pitstop”.

    We should all know Penelope Pitstop is cuter than that.

  • …after all those encounters with Dick Dastardly in the late 1960s, I’m pretty sure anyone would need to visit a sexual health clinic.

  • NC

    It’s actually pretty clever, they’re able to get you to think of Penelope Pitstop without illegally saying her name. “Penelope’S Pitstop” I give these guys a thumbs up for playing to nostalgia while avoiding a lawsuit. I’m not a lawyer but based on what I see it doesn’t look like there were any copyright infringements here.

  • Rooniman

    It never ends, does it?

  • Steve Gattuso

    There’s not a big enough :facepalm: for this one…

  • Bill Field

    I’m somewhat saddened that no one has made any LUBE JOB jokes, yet… This whole thing makes you read the name DICK DASTARDLY with a completely different connotation.

  • OM

    “Tempted to make a Dick Dastardly reference here…”

    …Hell, naming a sexual health clinic after Dick Dastardly would have been far more apropos!