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Peter Robbins, Voice of Charlie Brown, Arrested in San Diego (UPDATED)

You’re a bad man, Charlie Brown! Peter Robbins, the original voice of Charlie Brown in animated specials like A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, was arrested last Sunday on an outstanding felony warrant and held on $550,000 bail. The charges: four felony counts of making a threat to cause death or great bodily injury and a single felony count of stalking. More details in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

On an upbeat note, Robbins seems like a fun guy when he’s not stalking people and sports a cool Peanuts tattoo on his arm:

(UPDATE—Jan. 24): According to this Reuters story, Robbins was arrested for threats to his girlfriend, a police sergeant and a plastic surgeon who had performed breast enhancement surgery on his girlfriend. He has been released on $50,000 bond and will appear in court on January 28.

  • Mike Johnson

    “Good Grief!”

    • Mohegan

      Darn it! You were too fast for me!

  • Hey Now

    I hope it was the original voice actor of Lucy that he was making the death threats to.

  • “Charlie Brown, you BLOCKHEAD!”

    • TheDirtyVicar

      Soon to be a cellblockhead.

  • Maybe he needs to visit the psychiatrist.

  • wever

    Didn’t Charlie Browne, like the other characters, have many child actors voice them?

    • John A

      Peter Robbins was the very first child actor to voice Charlie Brown. He started with a Charlie Brown Christmas and his final job was the first Peanuts feature, A Boy named Charlie Brown. He voiced all of the “classic” TV specials of the 60s.

  • Jonathan

    I wonder if the person he was stalking was named Lucy.

    • TheDirtyVicar

      No, I think it was a certain little red-haired girl.

  • Floyd Norman

    Animation artists seldom end up in the slammer. We’re too busy trying to make that impossible deadline. Booze, drugs and sex are usually enjoyed by those earning a lot more than we do.

    • Charles Brubaker

      See!? There IS a bright spot for all those deadlines! It keeps you guys on your toes, legally.

    • zac leck

      I’d argue it’s the impossible deadlines that drive us to booze, drugs and sex. How else are you going to deal with that kind of stress?

  • Frank Fontaine

    Sounds like someone will be requiring the services of a certain “World Famous Attorney”.

  • Frank Fontaine

    Coming up next-“Don’t Pick Up the Soap, Charlie Brown”.

  • Tim Powers

    Reports say he was in a relationship with the woman he was stalking, but the woman, Miss Ellen Football, kept pulling away.

  • ShouldBeWorkin’

    A child actor, he was also Alexander Bumstead from 1968/69 on the Blondie TV show. The girl who played Cookie was Pamelyn Ferdin, who was a voice of Lucy.
    Wow. I wonder what went down.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    Was he stalking a redheaded girl?

  • Caesar Romero Jr

    Ah “a fun guy” when he’s not stalking people and threatening to kill them eh? You sound like his mother! LOL

  • Guest

    The defense pleads insanity on the grounds of having one of the crappiest childhoods ever.

    However the court should be pleased to know he will be put under therapy and will cost the state just 5 cents a session.

    “Don’t pay attention to the voices in your head Charlie Brown!”

  • Watched this ( today and it reminded me of this news

  • he must REALLY hate his girlfriend

  • samjoe

    What an awful way to ruin a good gig.

  • jvenicejay

    Pete is a pussy-cat, a fun – regular guy. He’d never hurt anyone. Likely a bunch of aggravated, idle threats. As for the stalking, the Pete that I know, would’;t have the patience to follow anyone. – chill out Pete, this too shall pass. Like usual, you’ll bounce back.