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Pink Panthermobile for sale

For the Pink Panther fanatic who has everything…

When the Pink Panther theatrical shorts were first broadcast on NBC’s Saturday Morning in 1969, DePatie Freleng created a live-action opening title segment (see below) using a customized “Panthermobile“, designed by Jay Ohrberg. Now, the original car is now being offered for sale via an online auction from September 4th through October 14th. I was never sure what they thought creating such a vehicle would do for the Pink Panther – other than create publicity at car shows around the world – but it’s a pretty cool car. If you got the green (and the pink) for it, a once in a lifetime opportunity could be yours.

(Thanks, Charles Brubaker)

  • Do the unregistered mattes come in tow with the car ?

  • William

    On a related note, there’s also a working Tim Burton Batmobile replica on Ebay:

  • It has an area in the back for my harem?? sweet. *nerd snort*

  • think pink

    I saw this thing in the old (old, old, old) “Cars of the Stars” museum on Hollywood Blvd in the 70s. They had it on a turntable with the Pink Panther theme music playing. Meh. Talk about tangential! For hardcore car freaks only.

  • The song’s pretty catchy but I’m more used to the original theme music for the Pink Panther.

  • Toonio

    Gotta get me the shag mobile and join the 120 mph club!

  • Doug Nichols

    Wow! The soundtrack missed both the surf music and the drag music craze by a few years. And what was with the shot of the kids on the Giant Slide from the LA County Fair? Did going on that slide make me a Pink Panther fan? Too bad the print color was so faded that nothing was actually pink.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Funny when you have to consider faded film prints usually turn pink early on.

      Yeah, the intro’s very cheesily put together the way it is. It’s like they didn’t really know what made a good intro but they had a kickass car and damn we have to use it somehow!

  • tonma


  • Did I have an AMT model kit of this or did I imagine it?

  • Baron Lego

    That car used to freak me out to no end- I didn’t like how the way the driver sat way out in front and unprotected. It seemed so dangerous and unstable. Granted, my little kid brain was putting way too much thought into it and the car was clearly designed with “form” in mind instead of “function” but still…

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Still, that car sorta kicks some serious tail in my book!

  • Up North

    On the still, the driver looks like he has his hands tied behind his back and is sent careening to his death in this soapbox.

  • Randy

    No, AMT didn’t do the model…..Eldon did. Kits were re-released by a Japanese company several years ago, but they are hard to find. BTW, that kit was a BEAR to build!

    God, I HATED this cartoon when I was a kid/young teen.

    Also, WHY are all these prints always red? Does no one have the negatives to strike new archive prints from?

    • Chris Sobieniak

      This is usually because most studios resort to using the basic crappy Eastman stock than to fork over the dough for a better grade to use (let along in syndie prints where the need to simply run ’em regardless of quality was the standard back then).

  • Hooper

    Heh. While some people use the expression: “You’re a gentleman and a scholar”, I *still* say: “You’re a gentleman, a scholar and an acrobat”! Although, I do remember this song in a title sequence heavier on animation…especially the Pink Panther’s cool ‘hitch-step’ walk cycle…than live-action footage.

  • The Gee

    The Mary Kay Cosmetics salesperson who buys this car becomes the Queen of It All.

  • The Gee

    Now that I think about it, it would be cool to see a parade with that ride, followed by all of the versions of the Batmobile, the Mach 5, a pack of Shriners on scooters, Santa’s sled (for kicks) and followed up by the main attraction:

    A flying version of the Popemobile. Of course, featuring the pope doing the twist to incidental music from the Flintstones as he waves to crowd.


    • Chris Sobieniak

      Now there’s a parade I would go to!

      • Was My face Red

        Cars 3!

  • Scarabim

    I really hate the latter-day versions of the Panther. He’s a far cry from the charming, pouncing prowler in the opening credits of the first film. The most recent incarnation, where he’s a teenager for god’s sake, is even more pathetic. Come on, MGM or whoever owns the pink kitty now. Bring the Panther back to his original quadrupedal glory.

  • dbenson

    Old enough to remember this. Also car shows at the fairgrounds, where we never got the Pink special but we did get an official “Batmobile II”, a weird acorn-themed limo connected to the first cartoon version of Alvin and the Chipmunks, and local bands doing covers of the latest bubblegum hits.

  • Gerard de Souza

    I can say being a kid at the time of this show’s original airing, It was my first exposure to the Pink Panther and I just knew something was exceptional with the quality of cartoons (perhaps all that money they saved on voice talent went into animation). …..and everyone I knew thought the car was cool; being into Hot Wheels and such and perhaps living vicariously through the kid driving it.
    Anyone remember later on when they had puppets host the Pink Panther Show?

    • tonma


      • Gerard de Souza

        Really. :)

      • Gerard de Souza

        Oh, do you mean “really?” about the puppets? Yes, The Paul Ritts puppets for at least a season, if I recall correctly.

  • dave kovarik

    So Friz Frelrng created the Stig not Top Gear.

  • looniINmiami

    It was used in a porno!

    Look at a vhs cover (SFW).