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Pricey Pixar Messenger Bag on eBay

Pixar Messenger Bag

You know, I like Pixar and I like messenger bags, but I certainly don’t like either of them this much.

(Thanks, Kevin Elam)

  • A similar style bag with Bruce the Shark was auctioned off at the PIXAR fund raiser for the Cartoon Art Museum. I am not sure how much it went for.

  • It’s an interesting work of art. Whether it works as a messenger bag is debatable…
    I’d have used “The Claw” as the fastener.

  • Sean D.

    Notice it’s not being bid on.

  • Zoinks, that’s nuts! I guess he figured it was worth a shot?

  • Anne

    Oh wow…at first I thought it had been bid up to that price. Then I looked again. :P Yeesh.

  • Steve

    Man! If Tim likes it THAT much, maybe he should keep it!