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This is what they did for Halloween at Pixar yesterday. (PS: “Michael” is none other than Alex Woo.)

UPDATE: Mike Frederickson and Nick Pitera were impressive yesterday too:

UPDATE 2: Here’s a photo gallery of different costumes worn by Pixarians at the studio’s Halloween show.

  • Spike

    Tut-tut. Shouldn’t they be working on Newt or something?

  • j

    Oh my god, those guys are just too creative… i wonder where i can buy tha artbook of this…??

  • Jason

    The term “too soon” comes to mind…

  • doug holverson

    Pretty scary, huh?

  • Pedro Nakama

    Seriously, this seems like a bad high school pep rally.

  • This seems uncharacteristic of them.

  • fishmorgjp

    Have some Jesus Juice, kid! Here’s $20 million hush money! Rubba rubba rubba, it was meant to be!!

  • Sam

    You guys are jealous! :P It’s obviously Pixar has more fun than any of you do. Haha. I love it though.

  • james madison

    I check out his blog and Alex was definitely a Michael Jackson fan.

    No problems with this at all. Actually, it is a good way for a company to encourage their employees. Probably part of the reason their work is among the best in the business.

  • Julian Carter

    Gah! Just let them have a bit of fun!

    Who says every little thing a Pixar employee does during a normal workday has to be a phenomenal artistic achievement?

  • Kyle Maloney

    “Who says every little thing a Pixar employee does during a normal workday has to be a phenomenal artistic achievement?”

    And that wasn’t? haha. Bravo.

  • San Francisco sure is a different culture than LA! Speechless.

  • some guy

    what the heck are people who are yammering on about “bad taste” even talking about? too soon? for THRILLER?! There’s never NOT a good time for THRILLER! god forbid an animation studios have FUN and be COOL and oh… act like creative people that enjoy themselves!

    oh yeah forgot, animators aren’t allowed to be creative or fun. right.

  • Scott

    “San Francisco sure is a different culture than LA!”

    Yes. San Francisco HAS culture.

  • Inkan1969

    I’m sure that’s exactly what Michael Jackson looks like at this very moment…

  • Jason

    **oh yeah forgot, animators aren’t allowed to be creative or fun. right.**

    They aren’t? Well, that explains “Delgo”, then.

    **Yes. San Francisco HAS culture.**

    I’m glad I live in Kansas City, then. Kansas City has standards.

  • CartoonCrazy

    When’s the Christmas performance? :p

  • This reminds me of the Paul Lynde Halloween special.

  • My.


    A lot of snarkiness over something so freakin’ arbitrary.

    Let ’em have their fun. The snarkers sound like they need a good dose of fun themselves.

  • Kyle Maloney

    MJ might not have been irrelevant for like the past decade in terms of music, but I believe this still could have happened had he not died. Reason being he would be currently doing his concerts, so naturally he would be on peoples minds again, making new headlines. people would be appreciating his music once again regardless. Combine that with this being Halloween, why wouldn’t they have done this? I don’t see this as poking fun, just having fun.

    But your already biased against Pixar in the first place so I don’t know why I bother.

  • amid

    I’ve taken the liberty of deleting a few of the stupider comments in this thread. It should be no surprise that they were posted by people using fake email addresses, and as our posting guidelines clearly state, a real permanent email address has to be used.

  • Awesome job guys/gals, very cool and very Halloweeny!

    MJ would have been proud!

  • Denver

    If Green Day switched to styrofoam peanuts, they could eliminate the cost and fire danger of pyrotechnics. Pixar pioneers the art of visual presentation again!

  • Yep, still want to work there…

  • They’re getting off easy.

    At a company I worked for a VP had a band and was sure we’d enjoy listening to it.

  • This creative spirit is what gives Pixar it’s own special vibe. I felt it when I worked there.

    Sadly, the Walt Disney Company exhibited this same creative spirit some years ago, but that’s long gone today.

  • I know this is a Michael Jackson/Halloween post, but as Floyd Norman points out, Disney used to be like this, and that’s the really scary thing. I don’t Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, but You Are Not Alone in thinking this. Isn’t it the same people at the helm of both companies? I’ve heard lots of stories of Disney having to send stories up to Pixar for input, but that only goes in one direction. Pixar does not even pretend to have interest in input from Disney on their films. Combine that with the big layoffs in Burbank after each of the last two Disney films (Bolt and now Princess and the Frog), and it would seem that the two companies are being run quite differently, but by the same people. Say Say Say what you want, but the differences in the company cultures seem to be as different as Black or White. How come? It’s too Bad.

    As for people using fake email addresses, I would also suggest getting people to use their real names as well. If they can’t follow the rules, then they should Beat It.

  • This was a let-down only because, when I read the title in my news feed, I imagined Pixar working on a new horror-genre film (that is to say, A Pixar thriller). How exciting that would have been!

  • Tom D

    This place just gives off a warm, fun vibe. No wonder they’re the kings.

  • Kris

    My immediate, visceral reaction: :D

    I don’t think it’s in poor taste. In fact, I bet MJ would be happy and relieved if he knew people would remember him mostly through the GOOD parts of his career, and that his old songs were making people so happy.

  • Pixar people does know how to have fun!

  • Boris

    Fundance and festive!…I could guess, it’s the part where the pallbearers act with the coffin and the laughing that projected a shocking feel — even though that was wholly unintentional, it may have been different if the coffin was already up there but, it’s never as fun. But , the fact remains millions of people have seen MJ’s funeral ceremony on tv..so, you can’t put up a video like this and expect everyone to have a uniform joyous response. It’s different for someone close to MJ.

    Great dancing!

  • Brian

    It really was never meant to
    be seen by non employees

  • scissorhands

    The videos are no longer available!
    Can I see them somewhere?