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Popeye Bonus Material

Here’s a couple of odds and ends that won’t be found on any Popeye DVD collection anytime soon…

Sounds like Jackson Beck Allen Swift doing the voice of Popeye in this commercial – and he’s not doing a bad job!

Now, sing along with this… (below, in Arabic!)

  • I remember the START commercial. I’ve always believe that was Alan Swift. There was another commercial with Olive Oly voiced by Mae Questel. Again, Alan Swift was the voice. Why Jack Mercer wasn’t used is a “myskery.”

  • Mr. Semaj

    Popeye sounds like a thug in the commercial.

  • Dave Sikula

    Beck isn’t half bad at all! Pretty good.

    I think the two most interesting things about the Arabic version are that they kept the Jack Mercer/Billy Costello gutteral voice, and that the “digga digga doo” section sounds eerily like Noel Coward’s “Mad Dogs and Englishmen.” This may be the first time Popeye and Coward have been mentioned in the same breath (other than the 1939 production of “Design for Living” starring Popeye, Olive, and Bluto, of course).

  • Sean D.

    What’s with Popeye’s gums being white in the commercial? Too much I-ron perhaps? “Packs I-ron, tastes Orange” Sounds awful.

  • That sounds like Quagmire from Family Guy doing the “ahhh-giggie-giggie-giggir….”

  • uncle wayne

    Thank God they kept his “mumbling” asides in! (Too bad they hadda think to make his mouth MOVE doing so!)

  • C. A. M. Thompson

    Speaking of Popeye oddities. I thought you might enjoy this:

    http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=18746 It’s from the fake Bruce Lee movie “The Dragon Lives Again”.

  • Ray Pointer – Thanks Ray. I think you are right. That’s Allen Swift as Popeye in this commercial. He was the first local host for the Popeye Show in New York City around the time this commercial was produced.

  • Abdul Elah

    The evil that is Space Toon. I really feel sorry for Arab kids growing up these days. You say a channel that just shows cartoons all day long, that’s good right?. No it isn’t. It’s like the last nail in the coffin for Arabic dubbed animation. No respect for the medium. Nothing. It’s all about the money.

    In the 80’s the dubs were done by professional actors. Anime was never edited, names were left as is and songs and OSTs were left intact. The opening might be translated but the music stayed the same. Since companies like Young Future and Space Toon came that all changed. Everything is edited beyond recognition. Dubs are done by the same 5 accountants who have also have a small Casio keyboard to make the songs to go with the animation. Not only that, everything done in the 80s has now been redubbed and edited.

    Captain Tsubasa, an anime about soccer, is now an anime about some kids competing over the Nido Cup. Nido, a powdered milk product by Nestle.

    Pokemon and Digimon don’t transform, since that’s considered evolution.

    Princess Sarah. An anime based on Frances Hodgson Burnett’s novel, A Little Princess, is now an anime about religion.

    You think Valley of the Wind had nothing to do with Nuasicaa. That was nothing. :)

  • Charlie

    Why am I seeing a double Popeye in the Arabic commercial?

  • MrNeilESQ

    Charlie– That’d be Popeye’s 99 year old father, Poopdeck Pappy. He looks identical to Popeye, except that he has a white beard and baggy pants that he refuses to cinch up with a belt. I guess the washed out colors and general blurriness of Youtube’s videos kind of obscured those details.

  • John

    The animation of Popeye in the Start commercial also looks like it was done by Paramount studios in New York, about the time they were making the King Features Syndicate episodes (which would coincide with the end of Swift’s stint hosting the Popeye show on WPIX — he was replaced by Jack McCarthy when he left the station in the early 1960s).

  • joecab

    Can’t say I agree with how good this voice is. I think Mae Questel did a better job when she had to pinch hit for Jack.

  • Lisa N

    I was wondering if anyone remembers a show that featured some popeye cartoons. This was like back in the 70s. I’m trying to figure out the name of the host. All I can remember is that he would talk about popeye and I believe draw some stuff too. I think he wore a cap of some kind. I know that isn’t much to go on. I’m also from southern california just in case it was only a local show.

  • Gerard de Souza

    So who do you think did the animation. John Gentillila? It’s quite good and as good as the latter day Famous and TV Popeyes.

  • Yay for more Popeye no matter what the problems are! Thanks for sharing Jerry!

  • Tim R.

    Lisa N – The show you’re trying to remember is The Popeye Show which was hosted by Tom Hatten. You’re right – it was local to southern California. I watched it every Sunday morning on KTLA when I was a kid.