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Popeye Carousel Rocket

I was hanging out with my friends Will Ryan and Tom Knott this morning and we dropped into one of my favorite places on Melrose Avenue, Off The Wall Antiques. Amongst the coolness on display there was this large object hanging from the ceiling, a Popeye Painted Wood Carousel Figure. Kids were meant to ride on his back. The proprietor told us this was part of a set with Felix The Cat and a Mickey Mouse-like figure. It’s a very cool piece, though it’s priced way above my station… Check the Off The Wall Antiques site for more photos taken at other angles. May the right Popeye collector buy it!

  • jordan reichek

    Don’t do this to me, Jerry! That is tre’ cool!

    The finest questionable cartoon product since Capitol Record’s, “Bozo and his Pocket Rocket”….

  • Bill the Splut

    ..And so affordably priced!

  • top cat james

    Both eyes are open, otherwise, it’s design is perfection.

    C’mon, Jerry. Everyone knows animation historians are rolling in dough-and get all the hot babes to boot.

  • I would sell both of my children for medical experimentation for a chance to own such an object.

    Any takers?

  • I love Popeye, he is my favorite.