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Popeye Google

December 8th is the 105th birthday of Elzie Segar, creator of the Thimble Theatre comic strip and Popeye the Sailor. Google is commemorating the day with this graphic on its main page.

UPDATE: The Popeye drawing was done by Stephen DeStefano.

(Thanks Joseph Game and Bill Andres)

  • doug holverson

    OOOh, oversized 1/2-tone dots! Very “Pop” and “Retro”!

  • joecab

    That is very nice looking. Who drew it? Stephen DeStefano?

  • At least they used a decent Popeye design – I like the “screened color” !

  • Mike Fontanelli

    That looks like the excellent work of a great New York-based cartoonist named Stephen DeStefano. His stuff is always worth a look:


  • Just got word that this is a Stephen DeStefano Popeye. Stephen also did the artwork for the DVD volumes 1,2, and 3.


    -Happy Birthday E.C.!

  • Yeah, it’s probably more positive than Lennon’s death.

  • Isaac

    They got a great artist to do this one.

  • I’m glad to hear that more than just historians know who created Popeye. This is really cool. Congratulations to whoever drew that Popeye (probably DeStefano).

  • Geoff Sadb

    There was probably a proposed Lennon Death design using his bloody wireframes for the Google O’s, but it would have brought them trouble.

  • Christopher Cook

    It’s been noted elsewhere that Segar was born in 1894. Wouldn’t that make him 115 were he to be alive?

  • Hmmmm…
  • CartoonCrazy

    That’s a nice logo I like how Popeye’s arm swing turned into a G.

    Anyways, I didn’t see the logo due to the fact that I have iGoogle. Which coincidently enough, my theme there is Popeye.

  • I had the Google title page on my screen all day!

    I LOVED the logo. So fun and colourful.

  • Dave
  • FP

    –OOOh, oversized 1/2-tone dots! Very “Pop” and “Retro”!–

    Snark is always cool, but I would never have thought to use it on the evocation of a printing method. Congratulations!

    Even more fun with Popeye:

  • Wow, this looks great!! Everything from Popeye to the letters themselves look very retro-cartoonish. You gotta love it!

  • Stephen DeStefano

    Glad you like folks. I was as surprised as anyone to see this on Google this morning. I had nothing to do with the logo, but that is my Popeye, albeit tweaked with an enlarged head (presumably to read better). In fact, that drawing is probably about 15 years old, having been done for King Features licensing when they decided to switch their style guides over from Bud Sagendorf’s work to the more Fleischer inspired look.
    I was never completely happy with this pose, (it looks a little weird and stunted to me), but am happy some of you are happy with it.
    As I said on my Facebook page today, I am personally indebted to Mr. Segar. Not only for decades of employment drawing his creation, (feh! money!) but for being a constant source of inspiration.

  • Gene

    Loved seeing that first thing this morning when I went to Google. And it made me wonder, what ever happened to the Popeye DVD’s. Will there be more in the series? The Famous Technicolor ones should be next.

  • That’s quite awesome to learn! Congratulations, Mr. DeStefano!

  • Peter

    While I love that Popeye artwork, it certainly doesn’t look at all like anything Segar came up with. It would’ve been a nice opportunity to use a more Segar-esque drawing, even if it wouldn’t be as widely recognizable.

  • We own Spinach Can Collectibles/Popeye Museum in Chester, Illinois-The Home of Popeye. We now have 5 statues (Popeye/Wimpy/Bluto/Olive Oyl with SweePea and Jeep/Castor Oyl with Bernice the Whiffle Hen and next year Sea Hag with bernard and then 10 more after that.

  • Richie

    Say, really nice drawing there.