Popeye Helps Bruce Lee Popeye Helps Bruce Lee
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Popeye Helps Bruce Lee

Villains are bound to get their due when Bruce Lee (or a reasonable facsimile) teams up with Popeye. The clip is from the 1977 feature The Dragon Lives Again and an explanation is offered on this Wikipedia page.

(Thanks, Jacob Ospa)

  • mitten

    Lets see Miyazaki complain about this!

  • Oh yes – this is indeed a classic piece of mind-melting Bruceploitation!

  • So, based on the Wikipedia explanation, is this what The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus is going to be like?…

  • joe horne

    mmmmm mummy kung fu…dope

  • sean w.

    china just has all the best drugs.

  • FP

    Of course the action music had to be the theme from the early 60s TV Popeye cartoons.

  • En Ming Hee

    The Bruce Lee imitator in this piece was most recently in KUNG FU HUSTLE (this film’s spiritual descendant) as a superpowered martial artist named “The Beast”, the “greatest killer that ever lived”…anyone saw that?

    While the actor who plays Popeye is Eric Tsang, who has since become one of Hong Kong’s favorite comedians.