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Popeye Paté


As a follow-up to yesterday’s image of Mickey Mouse Liver Paste, Brew reader Michael Levine sent in this picture of Popeye Paté from Spain.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    “Can da spinach, I wants me paté!

    (having thought of that Quaker Oatmeal ad with a similar line)

  • …What on earth did they do to popeye’s mouth.

    It looks like…..well. er…..yeeeaaaah.

    Either way, why oh why is liver popular?

  • Is there a list somewhere of all the food products that has been branded with our favorite sailor? For breakfast there was that nasty bagged Popeye puffed rice cereal, for lunch one could conceivably make a liverwurst sandwich with this Popeye pate and Kroger’s Popeye bread, and for dinner there was of course Popeye spinach for a side dish. I think all one needed was a Popeye brand pot roast to be consuming him all day long.

  • Just in case you all are wondering what Popeye is saying, I consulted an online translator –

    “It seeks in the interior my tattooings preferred!”

    Let’s forget the usual backwards jumbling. Is he actually saying his tattoos like it when he eats pate?!?

  • Uh. No. He’s saying “Find my favorite tattoos inside!” (He’s actually saying “Look for my favorite tattoos inside this box!” but the first sentence is better.)

    Those five years in translating school were worth it!

  • Good flavor’s delivered when you eats goose livers, says Popeye the Sailor Maaann…toot toot!

  • Sadly, Popeye’s been used to sell just about ANYthing through the years. He’s got to be King Features’ most recognizable character but in my opinion, they don’t seem to be able to figure out what to do with him – at least for things that’ll do the character justice. I don’t think he’s been utilized in/for anything worthwhile in at least 50 years ! it’s a killer. . .