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Popeye Supplements


I do a lot of posts regarding Popeye’s current licensed (and unlicensed) merchandising activities. Who can forget Popeye the Sewer Man, Popeye the Beer Salesman and of course, Popeye the-Pot-guy-Hip-hop-Hustler-Man? I’m always amused that the character could ever be used a pitchman for anything but Spinach.

Now Brew reader Art Binninger has just discovered that Popeye is fronting a new chain of vitamin supplement shops in Canada. If you live in Canada, here’s a complete list of shop locations. No steroids for this one eyed sailor.

  • Jones

    When I moved last April, I hired Popeye movers here in LA. They claim to be officially licensed, but the movers, while capable, are not spinach-chomping one-eyed sailors. They have a Popeye logo on their truck though.

  • There’s one of these in my hometown! But actually, it’s been here for years, and has always been called Popeye’s. So perhaps it’s just the chain’s licensing of the character that is new? Because the store here has always had this unforgettable bad boy on the sign:


    Now you know why I didn’t have trouble remembering seeing the place!

  • On this subject, anyone ever remember Popeye and pals stumping for Crown Gasoline? This had to be in the late 1960’s.

  • I can’t blame ol’ Popeye for turning to vitamin supplements–spinach is very high in uric acid & after eating it daily for 79 years he probably developed gout which makes running down stairs at lightening speed to catch falling pianos pretty painful.

  • Gordan

    I’ve seen these stores at a few locations in Ottawa and was really pleasantly surprised. One of them is right in the Ottawa downtown between Bank and Slater. That’s the busiest part of Ottawa where most of the government buildings are located (only a minute or two from the Canadian Parliament), close to CBC, Ottawa Public Library, National Arts Centre, Sparks Street that is always filled with tourists….

    It’s funny because you don’t really see classic cartoon characters these days in Canada and, then, one day you walk down one of the busiest streets in the nation’s Capital and a huge sign with Fleischer-styled Popeye greets you. When I saw it the first time, I was wondering whether the store had a licence from King Features…

    Another little detail – if you are a hockey fan and if you’ve been watching hockey games from Ottawa during the NHL play-offs, the same image of Popeye (advertising the store) was prominently displayed on a billboard surrounding the hockey rink. All in all, a great public promotion of the good ol’ one-eyed runt.

  • I have a sticker on my computer from the Popeye Coffeshop in Amsterdam. The sticker is red, green, and yellow and has Popeye holding a hookah made out of a spinach can.

  • Keith Paynter

    I drive by the location here in Regina, SK, fairly frequently.

    There’s also a moving company here that uses Snoopy, but it’s not part of their name. I’ll have to snap a pic and send it…

    …but they don’t sell spinach…

  • Christopher Cook

    Actually, Popeye does appear on spinach items. Allen’s canned spinach has Popeye on it, as does the bagged spinach (labeled as “Popeye spinach”) at Kroger produce departments. You folks on the left coast check to see if Ralph’s (a Kroger subsidiary) has them.

  • Bobby Bickert

    Sometime in the 1990’s there was a line of Popeye vitamins, complete with spinach as one of the ingredients. I clipped the newspaper ad, but I have no idea where it is right now.

  • bud

    did popeye ever sell popeye fried chicken?

  • Tanna

    I live in a city that has one of these stores! XD It’s been there for a while and it’s always been called Popeye’s Supplements, but they only recently changed their logo to the actual character.

  • Aw, I was hoping to break the news to you!
    I recently snapped a picture of the local store here in Winnipeg.
    That chain has been around for a while, I guess they aquired rights to use the Sailorman’s likeness for their logo?

  • Michael

    Bud, Popeye the comic strip character was used by Popeye’s Chicken for a short time. But the chicken chain that began in New Orleans was not named after the character. Instead the chicken was so good, the owner claimed, it made you eyes pop wide. Thus “Popeye”.

  • Kelly Tindall

    Thanks for pointing this out. I used to see these signs everywhere in Calgary, and now I’m seeing them in Montréal, too.

    There’s a plumbing service in Calgary called Pete the Plumber, and their logo is a blue Hulk with a wrench… They seem to be honest-to-goodness comic book fans; they are one of the sponsors of the Calgary Expo.

  • I live two blocks from one of these Popeye vitamin places here in Halifax. I didn’t know they used Popeye’s actual image until I saw a sticker advertising the place that somebody has affixed to the drive-thru window of a nearby fast food joint (not Popeye’s Fried Chicken, sadly…none of those north of Maine)