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Preston Blair Swipes

Nothing hits the spot after a hard’s day work like seeing a few good Preston Blair swipes. Reader John Luciano writes, “I never get tired of seeing Preston Blair swipes! I’ve been meaning to take a picture of a pet rescue sticker that’s been on my apartment door since I moved in.”

Preston Blair swipe

And just to show that stealing from Preston Blair is not an activity limited to Americans, Danny Wall sends us a gem from Japan—a cardboard popcorn container full of PB swipes. Danny writes, “Although why use that little donkey? Personally, I never liked that character, although I am guilty for using that lion for my senior class’s high school mascot.”

Preston Blair swipe(click image for slightly larger version)

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  • Chris Sobieniak

    The legend continues… :-)

  • It’s funny seeing someone confronted about it though, I have heard several outright fibs that “it just came straight outta my head!” Via a certain book, of course…


    I LOVE the little Donkey! Its my favorite PB.

    In fact I swiped it myself… it’s the only tattoo I have on my body and it’s on my … ass!

  • Not surprising to see people still swiping from Preston Blair’s book. It must’ve been the only how-to-animate available for 20+ years until the medium started attracting new blood in the 1980’s & could be found in just about every art supply store in the US. The weirdest swipe from the book I’ve ever seen was on a Zippo lighter: the shy, ‘adorable’ pig hiding a huge butcher knife behind his back!

  • Sean D.


    That sounds like Frank Kozik’s Piggums character on that Zippo…

  • Jay Kormann

    Interesting to say the least. Having been involved with the fire service for the past 6.5 years has me digging that pet rescue sticker…

  • I rather like the idea of images being ‘swiped’ so often they merge into the collective consciousness. Tough luck for the artist, but since Preston Blair’s dead (I think,) he probably doesn’t mind so much.

  • There’s one I’ve seen on a bar/restaurant sign by my house. Spotted it while taking the train.