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Comedienne Merrill Markoe mashed up a Peter Lorre track from “M” with a Hanna Barbera cartoon, did her own English translation, and added some music by Andy Prieboy. And now it’s all so clear…

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  • Iritscen

    Sweet. This makes HB animation even more depressing than it already is.

  • Jorge Garrido

    She must have been feeling down when she found out about the Letterman scandal.

  • Lodi

    Markoe pulled off more thoughtful and penetrating satire using H-B raw material than did the pseudohip and self-reverential 1990’s crew in Atlanta. Why all the hating on garbage? Because it was garbage.

  • Finally Quick Draw makes some sense.

    This is just a reminder to me that a new book by Merrill Markoe is long overdue.

  • Christopher Cook

    In all fairness, I find myself laughing at an old Quick Draw cartoon than 90% of the stuff being made and imported today. Was Quick Draw cheap? You bet. But you can blame Columbia for that, coughing up a mere $3000 per half hour.

  • John Lotshaw

    Exactly what I would expect from the mind that gave us “Viewer Mail” and “Dog Poetry” (not to mention “Suit O’ Velcro”…)

  • ArthurF

    The last speech of a psychopathic child-murderer selected as the voice-over for this children’s cartoon. Who said comedy writers are drawing from some deep well of dread to fuel the humor.

  • Charles Thompson

    Funny idea but I kind of got distracted since I know what Peter Lorre’s actually saying and love the film M.

    Honestly I think Quick Draw was actually the best Hanna Barbera cartoon.

  • Robert Schaad

    Nice. Thanks for posting this.

  • sporridge

    Come to think of it… some Klaus Kinski rantings from “Aguirre: The Wrath of God” might make “Go Go Gophers” interesting…

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Aside from loving what this is, I had to rediscover one of Markoe’s earlier products that was develped for Adult Swim but never got greenlit for a series, “The Lewis Lectures”, which is up on YouTube as we speak!

  • “Sweet. This makes HB animation even more depressing than it already is.”

    very true. I couldn’t help but find the entire thing very disturbing.

  • Jason

    I can’t, for the life of me, understand the affection some have for Hanna-Barbera. Yes, Tom and Jerry came close to brilliant at times, and was always well-crafted. But the H/B TV stuff WAS CRAP, okay? It has not stood the test of time, and rightly so. I’m as puzzled by the nostalgia for H/B as I am by some who worship the Muppets. They’re old! They’re moth-eaten! They’re antiques! Move on!

  • Adam

    @ Jason

    The muppets are just as enjoyable and watchable today as they’ve ever been, and they have all the appeal that hanna barbera never had.

  • Keith Paynter

    …and that’s why I don’t travel by train…