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Raymond Scott by Drew Friedman

To commemorate the 100th birthday of composer Raymond Scott (1908-1994), the folks at his official website, RaymondScott.com, have commissioned one of my favorite caricaturists, Drew Friedman, to create a limted edition portrait of Scott and his Quintette.

Scott is, of course, best known for his jazz compositions (such as Powerhouse) which were heard in numereous Warner Bros. cartoons, George Pal Puppetoons, The Ren & Stimpy Show, Animaniacs and other cartoon series. Scott was a band leader, composer, inventor and electronic music pioneer. Though he personally never wrote music for cartoons, his compositions work perfectly in the medium – and continue to do so today. For more information on Raymond Scott click here.

  • Keith Paynter

    A very fitting tribute for Scott’s centennial. A bit pricey, but not out of line. Sadly, too rich for my blood.

  • This might also interest you: WNYC’s Spinning On Air did a great hour long segment on Scott this past Sunday. A little bit of history, a little bit of music, a lot of fun.


  • Robert Schaad


    The Manhattan Research Inc. cd is phenomenal!

  • Jay Sabicer

    Hmm, very nice. From what I remember of Mister Friedman’s past work, it used stippling, with fairly harsh cariciatures, of Hollywood’s more unsavory characters/historical tidbits. He can cariciature quite beautifully as well, it seems.

    Although Raymond looks an awful lot like Henry Ford…

  • Sam Coles

    Does anyone know anything about the film being made?
    I read it will have an animated Raymond Scott in it.

  • Agreed on that Manhattan Research CD and booklet. I had no idea Raymond had worked closely with Jim Henson prior to that. Imagine directly influencing both classic Warner Bros. tunes and the Muppets?