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Raymond Scott, Doc!

Film editor Stan Warnow has made a documentary about his father, the musician/composer/inventor Raymond Scott. Deconstructing Dad: the Music, Machines and Mystery of Raymond Scott is now playing film festivals around the world. The six minute preview above explains it all, with commentary from musicians Mark Mothersbaugh, John Williams, historians Irwin Chusid, Will Friedwald, producer Hal Willner and many more. I can’t wait to see the whole thing.

(Thanks, Craig Clark)

  • NicKramer

    I wonder if it will mention his brief work with Jim Henson in the ’60’s.

  • Chrisbo

    Thanks to Carl Stalling, I was a fan of Scott before I even knew his name. Learned the title of my favorite was “Powerhouse” from L. Maltin at the New School in NYC in the late ’70’s, learned the name Raymond Scott from the Friedwald/Beck book in the early ’80’s, found The Toy Trumpet on vinyl in the late ’80’s. Finally after 20 years of wishing and 10 years of searching for more vinyl came the Scott explosion in the mid ’90’s. With the Scott releases then and the Beau Hunks recording the LeRoy Shields tunes, my life suddenly became that much more complete. Can’t wait to see this film.

  • one of my heros – cant wait to see it.

  • Angry Anim

    Absolutely fantastic! Can not wait!

  • Chris D.

    Oh, this is going to be absolutely a thrill to watch. I cannot wait to see it.

  • Scott

    Nice to see the second most utilized composer in Warner Brothers cartoons finally get his due.

  • Scott is my second favorite mad scientist after Nicola Tesla.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I believe the LA Weekly had an article a while back that Mark Mothersbaugh owns Raymond Scott’s old composing machine.
    Okay Jerry, the minute this film comes to LA let us know!

  • Mike Fontanelli

    I still get a chill when I hear Powerhouse. A well-deserved, long overdue tribute.

  • Dock Miles

    Okay — Machines and Mystery gets equal billing with Music. That sounds right to me and promises an enlightening film.

  • Eddie fitzgerald

    I’m there!!!!

  • Professor Grandiositypants

    Good to see Scott getting the notice that he deserves. This documentary looks very worthwhile –even as a trailer, it’s a must-see.

  • Keith Paynter


    If someone can get me info on a distributor in Canada that can circulate this, I may be able to get it played at our library’s rep theater.

    “Will Friedwald”?!? The ghost in the machine! EREIAMJH!

  • Robert Schaad

    Very excited to see this. Has it screened in NYC (or surrounding area) yet?

    hint hint.