RIP, Oscar Peterson RIP, Oscar Peterson
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RIP, Oscar Peterson

Jazz legend Oscar Peterson passed away last Sunday at age 82. Below are a couple of his animated collaborations with Norman McLaren and John Hubley. There are a couple articles here and here about Peterson’s collaboration with McLaren.

Begone Dull Care directed by Norman McLaren

Tender Game directed by John Hubley

  • In my book with “Rooty toot toot” and “La Joie de Vivre”, these two are among the best ever animation shorts.

  • Truly American Artforms are, Comic Strips, Jazz, Cartoons, Rock n Roll, Comic Books… and I’m sure I’m missing a few, but you get the idea, Music and Animation are as basic a concept as audio AND video. When you have a culture that consistently is an innovator and creator to these expressive artforms, you say a lot about it, and it’s true powerbase… Brain Power, Imagination, Innovation. To even try to put into words what Peterson gave to jazz and American Music, is as dificult as trying to express the Genius of John Hubley without pictures. Peterson was brilliant, and is missed. The Hubley’s were brilliant, and are missed. Here’s to the American Geniuses of the Arts-past and present!

  • Admittedly, I was never much of a fan of Norman McLaren’s “Scratching on film” style of animation, but I always loved Oscar Peterson’s jazz accompaniment. I was very sad to hear about Oscar’s passing, as I am a big fan and coincidentally he lived less than ten miles away from me here in Mississauga. I actually had his address and had always meant to drive over to his street in the hopes of getting a glimpse of the great man. Alas, I never did do that and now I’m regretting it.

    I’ve got a number of Oscar’s albums on CD, and I particularly recommend his self-composed “Canadiana Suite”, and also his team-up with fellow jazz great, Lionel Hampton. I was listening to his CDs all Monday in tribute to him. Truly a music legend who will be missed.

  • Jack

    Aural and visual improvisation at their pinnacle.

  • Pedro Nakama

    These were wonderful. I’ll miss Oscar Peterson. Years ago I used “Mumbles” as the music on my demo-reel.
    Great links. Jazz and animation go great together. Let’s get some more links like this in 2008!

  • OP will be missed, his conviction, drive and soulfulness are virtues solely needed in our time. We’re blessed that he left such a prolific body of work, in which his spirit will live on. Thanks for your observance of his passing, Amid.

  • Mr. Trombley

    Dear Sir, your website is the first to inform me of the death of pianist Oscar Peterson’s death. His many note style has been an influence and source of fear for many pianists. Too often it seems that the jazz world is committed to killing every Bebop musician except Sonny Rollins. We can take solace in the knowledge that Mr. Peterson lived a full life and created much great music.

  • Jazz & cartoons… It’s really faaaaaaaaaantassssstic!!!.

    Oscar Peterson is the boss. I´m very lucky to see him in Buenos Aires (1998).

    I copy this post on my blog as soon as possible

    Thanks a lot for this gift for my soul