Sarah Palin’s Awfulness Equals Disney’s Sarah Palin’s Awfulness Equals Disney’s
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Sarah Palin’s Awfulness Equals Disney’s

Just how bad is Sarah Palin’s candidacy for vice-president?

It’s like a really bad Disney movie.

I’ve replayed Matt Damon’s Disney comment a dozen times and I’m still laughing. It comes at about 40 seconds into the video clip.

  • Chuck R.

    What a string of non-sequiters. He sounds like he’s in panic mode: …”I don’t know anything about her.” …so I’ll launch a public tirade about her just to show my liberal credentials.

    Don’t expect a lot of even-handedness from the Brew this fall. McCain picked a running mate that eats Bullwinkle for breakfast. :-(

  • DanO

    Matt Damon’s opinion on important issues is not something I have ever cared about. Trey Paker and Matt Stone summed up Matt Damon’s motivation on everything he speaks out about: “Matt Damon”

  • Riza Gilderstern

    Finally!!! Someone says what I’ve been thinking!

  • Dan

    I can see why you posted this on an animation blog. This crazy team up of McCain and Palin is as close to a cartoon or “the illusion of life” as I can imagine. Sadly, I’ve got a bad track record of picking our presidents, so I’m trying to think of a bumper sticker to slap on my car incase the pattern holds-And, I loath bumper stickers! Right now it’s “Unbelievable!”

  • AdrianC

    I think he’s referring to Disney’s live-action films, although that isn’t to say that the studio hasn’t put out any bad animated films. It’s just that the idea of a super-duper hockey Mom from a small Alaskan town sounds more like the focus of one of Disney’s live action movies than one of their animated features. In fact hearing the mention of Alaska and Disney reminds me of “Snow Dogs” which was, to put it politely, less than satisfactory.

  • Anon

    Oh for pity’s sake, is there nowhere I can escape the election? This isn;t fraking CNN. Give us a break.

  • It’s just as scary from this side of the pond. I hope this whole business motivates more of you over there to speak out like this.

  • ZAR

    No, it’s not “fraking” CNN, it’s reality.

  • Chuck R, yes, it does sound like panic mode. And I think that panic is warranted. After eight years of the village idiot with a grudge, you guys are going to vote in Mad Dog McCain, who throws out his obviously psychologically-damaging torture experience as a positive, simply because he’s thrown out this hockey mom religion-driven stepford wife? A total diversion – you’re not voting for me, honest, you’re voting for this lovely wholesome woman who thinks you all deserve to go to hell.

    You’re damn right it’s panic mode.

    Nice clip. It is like a Disney movie.

  • Steven Finch, Attorney At Law

    It’s so easy to use phrases like “the last eight years” to justify practically anything, isn’t it? Why discuss politics and issues at all when you can piss and moan about a candidate’s character instead, like Matt Damon or–yes, even our friend Bitter Animator here? So specifically which of Sarah Palin’s policies is it that scare you, personally, as an Englishman, Bitter Animator? Can you name any at all, or is it just because you’ve “heard things” about her religious views that threaten you for some reason?

  • slowtiger

    Palin: appears to be very stupid, and stupid people make even more mistakes than intelligent people. This person as vice president of USA is a scary vision.

    Damon: is an actor. Appears to be not so stupid here, but still is an actor. Why would I want to learn about politics from an actor? Just because US elections are more about acting than politics?

    The Brew: is an animation website. Does that mean that it will post more snippets from whatever interview or news show as long as Disney or any other toon is mentioned?

  • Why didn’t they do this in 2D? The CGI modelling of Matt Damon is terrible. Look at his eyes. Where is the life? C’mon guys, I know your not Pixar, but try harder when you know the end result will be posted on one of the world’s “premiere” ANIMATION – RELATED websites.

  • Rob

    Damon speaks the truth – dinosaurs, for goodness sake! We need to know!

  • Orc Slaya

    Huh?? Why is this on Cartoon Brew?
    Amid, why don’t you go start your own blog where you can express jejune and simplistic glee at all things scatological, post-mod, transgressive and liberal to your heart’s delight, and let Jerry keep us appraised of cartoon news?
    John Mark Reynolds sez:
    “The worst that can be said of her is that the Alaska governor hunts like Teddy Roosevelt and prays like Franklin Roosevelt. If her opponents keep up their foolish attacks on her religion, she is likely to win like both.”

  • Steven Finch, to answer your question from my own perspective only (I can’t speak for Damon or anyone else), yes, her religious views scare me as they carry with it certain ideologies – her pro-life stance (a nice way of putting it) is well documented as an example. But more than a bunch of separate ideologies, I find the more extreme end of religious views (no matter what the religion is – and, actually, it’s not limited to religion) can carry with it a blind self-righteousness that is dangerous.

    Put that along with her gun views and, well, yeah, that scares me. She’s a gun carrier who believes her views to be the one and only. Put her in charge and she has access to far larger guns. Guns that will likely turn on the rest of the world. Why wouldn’t that scare me?

    And that doesn’t even get into McCain and his cronies. It’s not just about the individual and their policies, Mr.Finch, and I’m sure you know that. Palin was only pushed out into the front because she is far more pleasing to look at than McCain, who is a scary bastard. Each term in office brings in a lot of people beyond just who is out there in front, and a lot of interests, and, personally, I don’t like their cronies.

    Probably not the place for such a discussion though but, yes, I think the last eight years are very relevant. To not look at what has happened in the world in the last eight years would seem rather shortsighted no matter which side you’re drawn to.

  • Gordan

    I wish it were Michael Palin…

  • Dave

    And this is about Cartoons how ?

  • Chris

    Fooksie wins.

  • Jody Morgan

    And this is related to cartoons how? Quoting from Cartoon Brew’s “About” page: “Each day, Cartoon Brew brings the latest news and trends in animation [… and] cover[s] a wide range of topics, including contemporary and classic animation from around the globe, CGI, advertising, design, anime and industry/business news.”

    Or do you believe Matt Damon was comparing Sarah Palin’s candidacy to “The Wild” and “The Black Cauldron”?

  • Spot-on, but off-topic. A JibJab or other political cartoon might be worth posting/discussing, but not this. It’s best forwarded elsewhere.

  • Stephen DeStefano

    Personally, I applaud Amid’s posting of this video. True, my political leanings appear to be similar to Matt Damon’s, and I share many of his feelings, although I wouldn’t put it in those words. Animation website or not, it is Amid’s (and Jerry’s) forum, their blog, and in an election year, it feels refreshing, and to me, even important, that we acknowledge the world outside of animation. And as Amid pointed out, it can even be kind of funny. At least, I thought what Damon was saying was kind of funny.

  • drmedula

    The Droopy/Foghorn piece from THE DAILY SHOW was totally valid, but this time you’ve stretched the boundaries of “animation-related” just a bit TOO much, I think. (And just for the record- I’m rooting hard for Obama, so I’m not just some disgruntled right winger angry because you’re not on my side…)

  • Someone somewhere briefly mentions Disney! News at Ten!

    All I can think of now whenever I see or even hear the name Matt Damon is his appearance in Team America. That entire video all I could hear is “Matt Damon!” over and over again.

  • Jason

    So I guess 80% of Alaskans are stupid since that’s the percentage of them that like their Governor. And I guess all that talk about women having families AND careers was all a Disney fantasy. Wow, I certainly learn some things when I visit this site. Such as how closely liberals actually adhere to their “principles” in the face of a truly liberated, successful career woman. Threatened much?

    BTW, Fooksie, nice comment. Much funnier than anything that nitwit Damon had to say.

  • jip


    Still.. He’s kind of right, right?
    But why saying McCain is probably gonna die.. That’s just harsh.
    Imagine being McCain, watching this on the brew… How would you feel if everyone expects you to die:D
    Seems so mean.

    Im not American though, and it kind of seems you guys have nothing to choose. I mean.. two parties?! Wow, that’s one whole party more than the Soviet Union!
    But why would you want a guy who has been tortured for years in the oval office? The guy probably is heavilly traumatized. How is that gonna help him?

  • Jon Cowles

    Actually, it’s closer to a bad Capra Movie (a la a bad re-make of Mr Smith Goes to Washington), but point taken.
    Another good point Matt brings up, and I think this should be a litmus test for all politicians: Does she think dinosaurs were here four thousand years ago?
    The Matt Damon Political Litmus Test that would instantly rule out any candidate who answers “yes.”

    Now, if he asked if dinosaurs were here for MILLION years ago, then yes, that would weed out the evolutionists from the creationists. (I had to listen to the clip twice to make sure that’s what he really said.)

    Just put it on the old blooper reel of your next DVD release, Matt.

  • john

    haha, i guess disney wont be asking matt damon to be in any of their straight to dvd masterpieces any time soon.

    By the way that is a great comparison between Palin and sucky disney stories.

    Disney should make a movie where Palin coaches an international hockey team, and they have to play against the terrorists. and the terrorists are coached by a moose. id see it.

  • Kai

    I’s be a lot more scared if Matt “Airhead” Damon ran for anything above dogcatcher. Mine may be a lonely voice on here, but I think Sarah Palin is a most refreshing choice, and if I think of her in terms of Disney at all, it would be as a rootin, tootin, gutsy heroine… Slue Foot Sue, perhaps? ;-)

  • bug

    this gave me quite the guffaw

  • Tom Pope

    First, I’m a Democrat, if not nessarily a liberal. But… that’s a minute and forty seconds of why alot of people across the country laugh whenever a celebrity (even one who has an informed, intelligent point of view) comments on politics. It only takes a couple who are rambling about scary suburban hockey moms (which sounds a little misogynistic to me) and dinosaurs to make the rest look nuts too. I realize this may be an unpopular comment (which doesn’t reflect MY political point of view:I’ll vote for Obama.)

  • anthrocoon

    The Dem ticket should be leaps and bounds above the GOP in the polls yet in recent polls, McCain is leading. Way to lose another election, donkeys! Ya really know how to choose ’em!

    Or maybe if Obama DOES gets in, he can get Rev. God Damn America to give the invocation. I’m for Popeye the War Hero and the Hockey Mom, myself. Fear not, either way the country will still be here in
    four years and we can only hope that things will be going well at that time. “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party; the Democratic Party
    left me”–Reagan
    And by the way to keep this in cartoon mode, I note the new issue of Mad has their mascot blended with a certain candidate: “Yes We
    Can’t! Alfred E. Obama ’08” (see

  • Was this rotoscoped?

  • Thad

    Oh, Amid, you crazy liberal you.

    Reading the plethora of pro-Palin comments here… And I thought people liking Wall-E proved America was retarded.

  • But, Orc Slaya (If that even is your real name)-
    I like Amid’s posts.

  • Paul N

    McCain, if elected, will be 72 on inauguration day – the oldest man ever to start his first term as president. He’s also had several bouts with cancer and (as he himself points out) physical issues stemming from his five years in captivity. It’s not much of a stretch to consider the possibility that he may not have four years left in him.

    The presidency is a taxing job, even for those who don’t do it well. It’s just common sense to look at both names on the ticket and question whether they’re both qualified to sit in the big chair.

  • Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran!

    Good choice people! Vote for the old warmongering geezer and his empty suit VP.

    Don’t come crying to me when the next four years closely resembles the last eight.

  • Yeah, it wasn’t exactly (or even remotely) a cartoon-related clip, but it just shows how real life events can get so startlingly dire, that they must be spoken about in EVERY situation.

    Palin is a MESS, but the biggest question remains:
    Why do Republicans think it’s OK NOT to pay taxes for services in this country? Taxes are the “dues” we ALL pay to maintain infrastructure and keep the underlying systems of the society moving FORWARD. There is a startlingly naked SELFISHNESS inherent in the Republican ideology that needs to be clearly delineated for the sleepwalking US public who are watching too much TV.

  • Marc Baker

    Let’s see if i understand this. Mat Damon compares Sarah Palin to bad Disney movies. If he means an of those awful Disney Channel movies, or most of the live action films from the Ron Miller days, then yes, i see what he’s trying to say. with that said, i’m not too keen on voting for Obama in this election. Especially after Rev. Wright reared his ugly head. So i’ll take my chances with McCain, and Palin, but i seriously doubt she’ll get ‘Hanna Montana’ to fire all the animators at Disney, and continue to make more bad Disney movies. Disney already dose that without the help of any political candidate.

  • Killroy McFate

    It’s animation-related because Ms. Palin is an anthropomorphic dog, fish, horse, or pig, depending on what news channel you watch.

  • Gerard de Souza

    He makes all good points.
    She is indeed charismatic and probably would make a good neighbour and seems sincere and earnest but I think her appointment is political tokenism.
    McCain just needed a strong personality female, any strong personality female…and she just happened to be in the system.
    This doesn’t negate this was a very clever card to play on McCain’s part.

  • Skip

    Palin is a liar, and is certainly NOT prepared to be second in command. Hell, even mcSame said so:

    She’s a total whack job that, like bush, hears voices and talks to invisible people.

  • I really enjoy seeing people bitch about the author-chosen content of a blog. If anyone else thinks they can do better, by all means – – help yourself. Its also humorous that Jerry gets all the love and Amid gets the scorn and backlash when neither always plays it safe. Oh well, all I can say is keep doing what you do, Amid. Detractors be damned.

    And to anyone who thinks they should be able to go about life without having what is perhaps the most important election in the history of our nation permeate all aspects of culture, including a little blog about cartoons, well you are what is wrong with this country. You are why we’re in the sorry, derelict condition we’re in. You don’t care enough.

    We should hear EVERYONE’s opinions shouted from the rooftops. The more we’re exposed to, the better informed we’ll all be. Most people only have talking points they pick up and don’t realize the depth of what they’re discussing. We have to force ourselves into debate – – round out our views to the point they are strong enough to stand on. On that note, actors have as much right as anyone else in this country to say what they think.

    And at least to the extent Amid and Jerry will allow, we have the right to post comments on Cartoon Brew and have this inane discussion. What is most troubling though, is how so many people exercise their right to free speech by wishing and even demanding that other people shut up. Get a life and wake up.

  • This week’s Real Time with Bill Maher opens with a fake movie trailer: “President Mom” by Touchstone Pictures.

  • Oliver

    Since Disney’s ‘Fantasia’ depicted the evolution of life on Earth, as well as an absence of humans during the dinosaur segment, it’s safe to say that crazy Creationists like Palin won’t approve.

  • Paul

    I’m done with this site.

  • Wow, Travis, well said!

    If people only had one community perspective, instead of the many different opinions that we do have, and weren’t able to share with each other, we’d be no better than cows.

  • She didn’t sell the state jet on eBay- she only had it posted there- it was yanked BY eBay for being an inappropriate auction- yet there she is on the campaign stump claiming “I sold the state jet on eBay!”
    McCain was one of the Keating Seven- blamed for the first savings and loan scandal two decades ago… these people aren’t capable to run the U.S. well.
    That being said- Matt Damon is asking if she believes there were dinosaurs 4000 years ago. What some Christians believe, is that Adam and Eve were placed on a fully evolved ,in 3 Days time, Earth, and that dinosaur artifacts are merely Satan’s ploy to make us think differently. No one in that contingent has EVER asserted that dinosaurs were around 4000 years ago, but that they NEVER exsisted in the first place- this makes his whole argument suspect, when he states something that is not in the fundamentalist’s argument in the first place. If one believes God created everything, including the laws of nature, God would in fact follow his own laws- which include evoloution, which he created as the building blocks of said laws.
    I’m a democrat, and a Christian, who believes that God created the Big Bang in the timeline suggested by scientists, and he created evoloution, and that 4000 years ago, dinosaurs- with the possible exception of Behemoth (a biblical creature that by description sounds like a dinosaur-like creature), were long gone- but did in fact exsist, but countless years before the appearance of man/woman -Adam/Eve. Matt- get your facts straight next time – there is no one in any faction tha I’ve heard, that allegates dinosaurs roamed the Earth 4000 years ago, even an inexperienced candidate for vice president.

  • doug holverson

    I’m a registered Democrat who is going to vote against the party of Fiorina and Palin, and even I think that this video is off topic.

  • FP

    Palin isn’t scary simply because she’s religious (although that’s bad enough) – she’s scary because she’s horrifying, disgusting hard-core superpsycho end-times tongue-speaking sick freak maniac religious. She’s tried to run her mayoral and gubernatorial offices like junior gestapos, every budget she’s supervised has suffered from unprecedented, severe financial mismanagement, she can’t even keep her twisted little family in line, and we’re to believe this fire-breathing, lying, imperious little t-watt of a lord-loony is fit to be in charge of anything?

    Articles about Palin’s church:

    Sarah Palin’s Demon Haunted Churches – The Complete Edition

    YouTube censors documentary on Palin’s churches

  • This post was apt. Aaaaaaaaapt!
    1- Damon makes a good point. Palin believes in some loony creationist rubbish and she’s the supposed next-in-line to the coming term of presidency? Yikes. And just because he’s an actor or you may not like his personality, that doesn’t disqualify his opinion.

    2- The Disney reference is the best part. Admit it, you knew exactly the kind of movie-genre he was referring to. Though it’s more of a jab toward the live-action stuff, it’s speaking this website’s language.

    3- This sort of thing needs to be addressed, so yeah, even Cartoon Brew has reason to make note of it. Regardless of political affiliations, if you’re a registered voting citizen of the U.S.A. then it’s time to get off the fence. Get informed already.
    (Why are people defending Palin? It really is absurd!)

  • John

    For those on the other side, if you want to hear Matt Damon’s diatribe spoken while using a Tex Averyish-like dumb voice, have at it:

  • Tommy

    People who are able to use the internet seriously care about Reverend Wright? Is this for real?

    You care about him and not Palin’s whole church? Or are you into speaking in tongues and shaking on the ground and priests who say you’ll go to hell if you don’t vote for Bush?

  • You bet it’s animation related. Every time there’s a Republican in the White House, the animation industry goes into the tank.

  • James Version

    Palin not only didn’t sell the jet on Ebay, she sold it elsewhere at a LOSS. And she is veritable Republican porn. Her selection on the GOP ticket was a master stroke by a master stroker. Lizard boy McCain did it to tick off Rove and in the process found the antichrist. Who says old reptile head knew nothing about economics? Anyone who thinks the country will still be here after four more years of those two is a fan of “American Idol” and wipes him or herself on lizards. Praise Jesus!

  • Pedro Nakama

    Wow! Slow animation news day, right Amid?


    OH NOEZZZ!1!!!

  • acetate

    The Palin choice has been great. It’s brought out the hypocrites from the right, the left, and the feminists as well. Lots of good talking head shows on cable news are having their own geek-gasm….which reminds me Sarah is Mariska Hargitay hot. Of course as many have said here already none of this has anything to do with animation other than Damon mentioning the name Disney

  • Jason

    Why are people voting for Obama? He’s barely even a Senator! He’s spent half his time “in office” running for President. He took his kids to a race-baiting church (let’s see a white politician get away with that) and hangs out with home-grown terrorists. How does that compare with a man who has served his country in just about every way a man CAN serve his country, and an accomplished governor who has an 80% approval rating from her own constituents? In addition, one must ponder as to what on earth makes Obama attractive to the Hollywood crowd? Well, I guess maybe THAT question is easy to answer: Obama is pretty, has an impressive voice, can barely speak without a script and slips in and out of various personas as the situation demands. I guess celebrities recognize a fellow actor when they see one!

  • Jim Engel

    Amid, I barely accept your views on animation, so I’m certainly not take your advice on elections.

    If it makes you feel any better though, I’d listen to you a thousand times sooner than I’d listen to Matt Damon.

    In any case, I think you’re infringing on Mark Evanier’s Republican-bashing + cartoon news turf.

  • ridgecity

    Just what the U.S. needs: a guy so rich he cured his cancer 4 times and is going for a record breaking 5th, that loves nuclear power (Isn’t he Montgomery Burns?) and a right-wing M.I.L.F. for vicepresident.

    If they wanna be taken serious around the world, they couldn’t have gone with a better team. well, maybe a nun and a rabbi…

  • elan

    >>So I guess 80% of Alaskans are stupid since that’s the percentage of them that like their Governor.<<

    Actually, yes. I honestly believe most Alaskans are simple-minded, and not even remotely ready to pick a leader of this country, if you want my honest opinion.

  • Jay Kormann

    You know, when I log on to Cartoon Brew, I expect to read things about..oh, I don’t know, maybe CARTOONS and ANIMATION. Not some celebrity A-Hole’s political views. Seriously, how is that in any way relevant to cartoons and animation? Because he used the word “Disney”? Give me a freaking break!

  • Andy Panderer

    Children, children, please. Have we not learned by now that the only actors worth considering their respectable and intelligent political opinions are Ronald Reagan, Sonny Bono, the guy who played “Gopher” on “The Love Boat,” and Arnold Schwartznegger (SIC).

  • Andy Panderer

    I forgot Fred Thompson, better known as DA Arthur Branch from L&O

  • Glen Moyes

    It’s pretty obvious to most of us that the Disney reference was just an excuse to put this up here. Yes, politics are important and it’s your blog so you can post whatever you want, but please remember who visits your site, why they come here, and that people on both sides have religious-like zealotry when it comes to candidates they support. I’m confident that you knew this, so any conclusion that I can come to regarding your motives for posting this is disappointing.

    Regarding all the bickering about the Republican and Democratic candidates that has occurred here as a result, let’s be perfectly honest: anyone who can manipulate people enough to actually get elected within our current electoral process shouldn’t be allowed to run the country. From what I’ve seen both parties do, I don’t want to vote for either of them.

  • Erik

    I couldn’t with Matt more…Sara is a joke. If you saw that interview she had with Charlie Gibson, you’ll know what I mean.

  • Erik

    I couldn’t agree with Matt more…Sara is a joke. If you saw that interview she had with Charlie Gibson, you’ll know what I mean.

  • Rich

    Doesn’t all this liberal ranting expose the Left’s hypocrisy and ignorance?

    1. Republicans are mean because they reject the idea that it takes a government program to run a family. Does the government EVER really help anybody or does it simply keep stupid liberals dependent on politicians for the next handout? Read the 10th amendment. It strictly prohibits the feds from doing anything that the Constitution does not authorize them to do. Last time I read it, the Constitution did not allow the feds to be involved in very much– including all these intrusive “benevolent” programs. Or are we tossing the Constitution out now because we’ve grown lazy and stupid?

    2. Palin is evil because she supports the Constitutional right to bear arms. I guess we ARE throwing the Constitution out.

    Here’s a question for all you libs: Who would you rather have defending your rights? A. Someone who thinks your rights are to be cherished because they are a gift from God and should be defended as such? or B. Someone who thinks the Constitution is a “living breathing document” subject to the latest whims of politicians? I for one want my rights to be solidly protected as unchanging and enduring.

    3. Palin is evil because she opposes the holocaust of almost fifty million “legally” aborted babies. Apparently you “enlightened” liberals (who supposedly are the champions of the weak and helpless) care more about a woman’s right to kill her baby that the baby’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Hypocrites! You support the murder of babies and Christians are evil? Dream on!

    4. We’re supposed to care what a ditzy actor thinks when he regurgetates false rumors? Palin never spoke about dinosaurs. Its another outright lie by liberals who are supposedly in favor of women advancing in all areas of society. However, it seems liberals only care about SOME women advancing. Apparently women must be liberal to qualify otherwise they must be destroyed at all costs. Hypocrites.

    5. Palins religion disqualifies her but Obama’s does not (even though he was a member of a bigoted, racist church for decades). Hypocrites.

    6. Palin, a mayor and governor is unqualified but a street activist from Chicago is qualified. His time in the state senate is noted for voting “present” and his short time in the U.S. Senate has been spent running for president. Hypocrites.

    Cartoon Brew is much better at commenting on animation because your political views are Looney Tunes.

  • Fred Sparrman

    Correcting Bill Field, Palin doesn’t claim to have SOLD the jet on eBay; her killer, hilarious punchline is “I put it on eBay.” I hadn’t heard eBay yanked the auction, but it didn’t sell there, so she sold it elsewhere at a loss.

    Her terrible record can speak for itself without any elaboration!

  • Joel O

    Mr. Jay Kormman, you read my mind! How’d you do that?!

  • frank

    It’s the dem’s own fault. Every year they nominate a wacko leftist, try to sell him as a moderate and by Labor Day the makeup is coming off the candidate and his Ch Guevara roots are showing…we did it with Dukakis, Gore and Kerry….what is left for the voter to do….Obama is tissue paper thin when it comes to experience as is Palin, but he’s at the top of the team and she is at the bottom….America deserves better …

  • Andy Panderer

    RE: Rich. Holy Crap! Does the RNC have devotees to spew right-wing talking points/non-sequitors on every blog everywhere? Take your meds, Rich and calm down.

    For starters, anyone who uses the terms “libs” is automatically a moron.

    Secondly, I don’t think any right-wingers should be bandying the word “hypocrisy” about.

  • Well, Elan, that’s the liberal mind-set: to diss the intellect and morals of anyone who disagrees with you. I guess that’s why liberal blogs are by and large full of smears, character assassinations and some of the foulest language this side of a fratboy locker room. The same people who embrace the idea of progressiveness (without, apparently, actually grasping it) and believe they champion women’s rights are subjecting Ms. Palin to language and characterization they don’t reserve for terrorists and child pornographers (these are also the same people who boost the star-ratings at Yahoo whenever a piece about violence in Iraq is posted. Yayy! More bloodshed! More innocent victims! More votes for Obama!) Is it any wonder why the country responded so enthusiastically to McCain’s choice of Palin? By doing so, McCain proved he deserves his maverick reputation and is in fact the REAL force for change, and Palin says the things many Americans have been aching to hear. Instead of the defeatist guilt-tripping mantra Obama has been spewing, we hear the words of a man who has actually taken political risks (the choice of Palin is just one of many) and has lived the principles he champions. How can a shallow man like Obama and a mere politician like Biden compete with that?

  • Jason:

    It’s funny that you defend the party of Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reily, Micheal Savage, Michelle Malkin, and Ann Coulter. Saying liberals are hateful. I LAUGH!

    The hateful intolerance of the Republican party was laid out for all to see at the RNC.

    People are not complaining that Palin is a women, but that she’s simply unqualified for the job. She knows nothing about foreign policy, to extent of her experience being that she can ‘see Russia from land in Alaska’. Laughable. This is the woman that will be a 72 year old’s heartbeat away from the Whitehouse. If that doesn’t frighten you then you’re not paying attention.

    The fact that the republicans call Obama an empty suit, and then turn around and praise a truly empty suit like Palin is just another example of their hypocrisy.

    Yes, McCain, The Keating Five McCain, the guy that has a staff full of lobbyists and has been part of congress for 22 years is going to bring about change, he was just waiting for the right moment to stop voting with George W Bush 90% of the time. Give me a break!

    It’s funny that you call Obama a shallow man when he clearly displays more character and depth then McCain, who has had things handed to him his whole life. Hey lets vote for the guy that was at the bottom of his class! Or who is so reckless he gets his plane shot down five times.

    Obama lived the American dream, no not the 21st century one where your rich parents hook you up with power and connections, the original one, where you are born into humble beginnings and you work your ass off every day and excel in school and graduated from the top of your class. Obama was a constitutional scholar for 9 years, it’ll be refreshing to have someone who actually studied the constitution and respects it to take office.

    The judgment of McCain’s followers are as questionable as the judgment of McCain himself. No wonder why they’re a perfect fit.

  • Jody Morgan

    Quoting Travis Wavescorx: “I really enjoy seeing people bitch about the author-chosen content of a blog.”

    I apologize. I have no idea where I got the idea this was a blog focused on cartoons and animation, instead of Amid and Jerry’s personal blog.

    I’ve returned to this thread a couple of times hoping to read some further comment from Amid about why he chose to post this, but obviously he doesn’t feel the need to write anything more about it.

    While I’ve seen some intelligent discussion here (in particular, I agree 100% with Glen Moyes and even pretty much agree with Travis Wavescorx), a disappointing percentage of it is just the usual spewing of insults, vitriol, and comically inaccurate generalizations that passes for political discussion nowadays. It’s to the latter writers I address one simple question: Just what are you hoping to accomplish with your post(s)?

  • FP

    –Palin says the things many Americans have been aching to hear–

    Yes, things such as, “Jussa gah loy lee blemma tee si jah sah mola bean mini cooper zippity doo dah… and jeezus”.

  • Shannon

    Could we please have a truly liberal discussion about this election; one that is genuinely open minded and avoids venomous, hate slinging.

    I personally consider myself a moderate who will probably be voting for Obama this election; I’m not too keen on either candidate.

    Also, and this is directed at FP and Tommy, I was raised in one of those “tongue speaking, rolling on the ground church’s” and found more compassion and open mindedness there than I find in most supposedly liberal organizations. My grandfather was a minister in one of those church’s, my father a deacon, and they’ve both voted democrat their entire voting lives. So let’s try and back off of the ignorant hate mongering for a second. It’s just as hateful and telling as comments I’ve heard from some right wing conservatives.

    All this red state, blue state crap (started by Nixon in the 60’s) does nothing but divide us. It’s easy to get caught up in labels. Being from the South, I’ve been referred to as a dumb redneck who “thinks people will go to hell if they don’t vote republican.” This couldn’t be further from the truth and it’s a comment that’s been directed at me from plenty of West Coast “liberals”.

    This is an important election, but it’s polarizing a lot of people and to truly change things, we should start talking and stop screaming.

  • anthrocoon

    The Lying King: a detourned version of a certain Disney film shows the media’s campaign of lies about Palin. There, and it’s about a cartoon.

  • Norty

    Without Sarah, McCain would draw only flies to his rallies. And they’d be there only for the rotting flesh.

  • Mark

    You do realize the whole “dinosaurs are only 4000 years old” thing is a joke from a blogger (TUBOB), with the title of the post being “Fake Governor Sarah Palin Quotes”.

    An incredibly stupid leftist (probably a KosKid) copied the quotes from the “Fake Governor Sarah Palin Quotes” web site and sent them out in a email.

    Something tells me if Matt is this gullible about the email he gets, his medicine cabinet is probably full of penis enlargement pills, and he is waiting from his check from Nigeria.

    As far as Matt Damon YouTube clips, I prefer this one:

  • John Q

    Among all the screaming, this blog seems to make the most sense:

  • Fred Sparrman

    Rich —

    Thank you for your essay on your radio-listening preferences. Me, I like listening to music, not talk, and I make up my mind about politics by reading the news and stuff like that. But hey, to each his own! Right?


  • HAW HAW…..
    Yeah, its funny.

  • Thad
  • M. Jane

    Frank, I couldn’t agree with you more. If Hillary was the Dem candidate, this wouldn’t even be a contest.

  • Shannon

    Quote:Yes, things such as, “Jussa gah loy lee blemma tee si jah sah mola bean mini cooper zippity doo dah… and jeezus”.

    Thanks FP. Just the kind of mature, open minded discussion I was talking about.

    You hit it right out of the park once again.

  • Paul N

    “I for one want my rights to be solidly protected as unchanging and enduring.”

    O.K.,it seems we’ve found the one conservative who supports a woman’s right to choose as “unchanging and enduring”…

    “Apparently you “enlightened” liberals (who supposedly are the champions of the weak and helpless) care more about a woman’s right to kill her baby that the baby’s right to life…”

    …so “unchanging and enduring” only counts when it’s a position you agree with? Now who’s the hypocrite? (Don’t get me started on the inflammatory rhetoric…)

  • Danny R. Santos

    What does politics have to do with cartoons? Answer: A lot. Cartoons have been the mainstream of politics since the colonial times, if you go to Theodore Roosevelt birth place right there in midtown Manhattan, the house is littered with political cartoons, some cartoons depicting politicians of that time in an unflattering situations. As far as Mc.Cain and Palin, chills up my spine. Their is just so much material for cartoonist to play around with these two individuals.

  • Frank, she said at a rally two days after the GOP convention- ” I sold Alaska’s state jet on eBay” I’m sure she has phrased it “put the jet on eBay” as well… But there is a McCain ad that says straight out “she sold the state jet of Alaska on eBay”
    McCain has huge anger issues- not to mention 3 youtube videos that were pulled that had him- on 3 different instances calling his wife a bitch and the c word. Is this a man that respects women? No- it’s a member of the Keating 7, now older than Reagan at election, who will do ANYTHING to get elected.

  • AB

    Paul N, please quote for me the section of the Constitution on the “right to choose.”

    By your logic, if a woman chose to murder you, she would be within her rights. I am all for this. Please send me your address so I can send one over.


  • What are you guys, the Cartoon Brew police? Why can’t Amid and/or Jerry post whatever they want on this blog? That’s the joy of having a blog: to post what they want when they want. Granted, they do state that it’s ‘leading the animation conversation’, but jeez, don’t rake ’em over the coals if either one of them briefly go off-topic. Sheesh.

    And by the way, this was hilarious. I wouldn’t have known about this clip if it werent’ for the Brew.

  • Fred Sparrman

    Wow, AB, an actual threat! I didn’t think anyone could make this thread sink to even greater depths, but you managed to pull it off! Way to go!

  • Dizznee Studios

    She’s a hockey mom from a small town-… who has a big dream..-the Whitehouse!, this summer…., prepare to laugh..,be inspired.., and run from moose.Palin For President, rated G.

  • Abe

    Another celebrity confusing fame for significance.

  • Mark Morgan

    Wow, this has absolutely nothing to do with animation! Way to go Amid, you’ve just turned a fun website into a political pissing ground. It’s your site, I guess you can do what you want, but if you’re really concerned about America’s political structure, why not campaign, start a political blog, or show us some actual animation with a political message you support. This kind of move is shallow and it shows and you’re better than that, or at least you always seemed to be.

  • Paul N

    So, AB; let me see if I understand – You believe that abortion is murder, but you’re fine with killing people who disagree with you politically?

    Nice. Shall we have that “sanctity of life” discussion now?

  • Dan

    Just curious Shannon, are you Shannon of Kentucky? Anyhow, I checked back here to read through this litany of commentary from my animation comrades about low, and behold: Politics! And, to my dismay it’s apparent that we’re as divided as I’m afraid this country STILL is. Personally, I can’t understand where the right is coming from other than a place of fear. And, like Shannon I see tremendous value in hearing opposing viewpoints. It’s often more telling to hear other’s extreme views because their biases become all the more apparent. So, even from the standpoint of simply hearing where our animation community stands with regards to these elections, I think it is a worthy read.

    This one from Skip bears repeating:
    “Palin is a liar, and is certainly NOT prepared to be second in command. Hell, even mcSame said so:”

  • Don Walters

    I think he has the same concerns as many of us. We’ve had eight years of religous nut jobs. Enough already.

  • muh-oon

    Can we compare another campaign to a bad Disney movie? Yes we can!

  • Bighorse

    Go post your political ramblings somewhere else. I come here for animation news, not to hear the same tired crap that’s on TV 24/7.

  • vinllo

    thats funny thadpole
    you stay classy

  • Yet, Bighorse, you add your thoughts to the thread, so you are taking a part in the “ramblings” seems like hypocracy, to me-

    Fred Sparrman- I accidentally called you Frank in my last post- sorry for that!

    In my eyes, this is a current affairs of animation site, and Damon citing a Disney reference, made it fair game for a thread-

    Just like changing the channel- if you don’t like a post on here — JUST SCROLL PAST IT!

  • Surkey

    Funny, as many of you are complaining about this post, this is one got way more comments than actual animation-related posts.

    Maybe not relevant to animation, but still totally entertaining. Possibly even eye-opening, maybe shocking for some of you conservatives nonetheless. You probably don’t hear the important stuff like this on the news anyway, so at least you’ll read it here.

    Go Amid!

  • Oh, will people please stop commenting?

    I know Cartoon Brew is meant to “Lead the Animation Conversation”, but it’s not meant to “Lead the conversation about how one of Amid’s posts was not leading the animation conversation”

  • Shannon

    Yes Dan, I am from Kentucky. Go CATS!

    And Don Walters, there is a difference between someone saying they’re religious to get votes and actually practicing that religion. That’s another thing that’s been so frustrating about Bush.

    Either way, it’s always bad news when faith begins to dictate policy. I’m not coming from a faith bashing POV here either. I believe in God, I just don’t believe it’s to the exclusion of everyone else’s beliefs.

  • Brandon Cordy

    If only this _were_ a Disney movie; then it’d only last for ninety minutes, instead of (potentally) four years of more war mongering, more tax rewards for corporate barons while those unlucky enough to be born poor and non-white (i.e. those who either don’t have the means to “pull themselves up by their own bootstraps” or have to be ten times as good as the other man just to be seen as on their level), more of the failed “No Child Left Behind” education plan (McCain’s counting on people to be stupid enough not to recognize the NCLB policies if he doesn’t mention them by name in his RNC speech. My mother’s been a teacher coach for years; she’ll tell you firsthand just how “well” NCLB is doing in inner-city schools), more pushing this country towards the religious right (to hell with “speeration of church and state” and the right to choose your own religion, hmm?), more Islamaphobia…

    …and worst of all, most of the folks who will be negatively effected by it all won’t have any means to get out or any place to go. And the folks who benefit will be too selfish or callous (and in some cases, racist and xenophobic) to pay attention or care.

    Yup. Definitely sounds like the second act of a Disney movie.

  • Dave

    And this has what to do with cartoons? I guess Palin really REALLY must be freaking you hollywood types out if this kind of stuff is appearing on this blog. As a conservative, it makes me happy to see you all lose your minds over her because it’s a sign you know you really are in trouble in november. Guess all that Obamamania didn’t hold out long enough to sustain you…

  • anthrocoon

    Meanwhile in the Muslim word, the edict has gone out: Mickey Mouse
    must die. Well, we were talking Disney, so…

  • Rich

    For heaven’s sake, Paul N,

    I was speaking about Constitutional rights, not the fabricated “rights” invented by libs out of whole cloth. A woman’s “right to choose” to murder her baby can nowhere be found outside of the imaginations of lefties. I was speaking about our real rights spelled out specifically in the Constitution.

    I think it was also obvious that AB was using sarcasm to make a point. Your twisting of AB’s obvious intent demonstrates an unbecoming cynicism.

    And Fred, I don’t listen to radio. You did not (or could not) address the substance of my statements so you wrongly dismissed them as the product of radio. That’s known as an ad hominem attack. When one is unable to argue his point, he attacks his opponent. Typical liberal response.

  • Dan

    Rich, the constitution was a written over 200 years ago. Though it is a valuable and well conceived document, I don’t understand why you think it shouldn’t be an evolving document. Things change over time. From a leftist point of view, it’s been alarming how this current president has actually taken away our inalienable rights. And he’s no leftist. To me it almost seems like a plot. I think people who use abortion as a wedge issue are not being balanced. I don’t know of anyone left or right that thinks abortion is good. If you believe in liberty, than I think you have to have faith in your fellow man and allow for choice on such a touchy issue. Leftist I know tend to think about war atrocities in conjunction with the abortion issue. Why is it okay to kill thousands of innocents (babies, children, moms, dads, etc.) yet abortion is where the line is drawn? To me and many others that doesn’t make sense. And, it’s hard to separate the two issues within reason. If you could make a compelling argument than I’m all ears.

  • Surkey

    “Typical liberal resonse”

    Typical conservative response.

  • Sean Williams

    i feel bad for america. if john mccain gets elected and actually does some good for this country, the liberal left will never acknowledge it. they will only point to the negative. if obama wins they will never recognize his failures. it will always be the fault of 8 years of bush or the racist attitude of this country. anyway you look at it were screwed for 4 more years.

  • Fred Sparrman

    Rich —

    Sorry, I missed any trace of substance in your statements!

    “When one is unable to argue his point, he attacks his opponent. Typical liberal response.”

    Wow, John McCain is a liberal! Who knew?

  • Fred Sparrman

    Hey d’ya think Cartoon Brew puts up off-topic posts and then allows the off-topic responses to number into the hundreds because it drives up their hits and increases money from advertisers?

    Mmmmmm….COULD be!!!!

  • amid

    Fred: Boy, I wish we were that smart. :)

  • Chuck R.

    Derek said this:
    “The hateful intolerance of the Republican party was laid out for all to see at the RNC.”

    and then Derek said this:
    “…more character and depth then McCain, who has had things handed to him his whole life. Hey lets vote for the guy…who is so reckless he gets his plane shot down five times.”

    Apparently, someone has no idea what was being presented on the last day of the RNC, but felt qualified to opine anyway. Apparently, some compassionate soul on the left has a funny way of thanking servicemen for their sacrifices. Keep it rollin’ Derek, you’re doing fine. With a support base like this, Democrats will continue to lose election after election.

    Also, I can’t help noticing the way several posters try to bolster their arguments with a link to another website like the link’s going to take us to some oasis of objectivity. Hello?! Not all artists are on hallucinogens, people.

  • Oliver

    “I was speaking about our real rights spelled out specifically in the Constitution.”

    Is this the same Constitution that politicians — not God, politicians — had to amend in order to give African-Americans and women the same “solidly protected” rights as white men?

    Question: if our rights only come from God, where in the Bible does it say slaves have a right to freedom? Where in the Bible does it praise parliamentary democracy and freedom of speech?

  • Dan

    Since we’re going there: I decided to try and find evidence of McCain’s supposed temper-which I really hadn’t seen, but kept hearing about. That search led me to a website where Vietnam vets who actually served with McCain had much to say about the Admiral’s son, Johnny. That was very enlightening to me. Because, it’s much more compelling for me to hear first hand information. For the record: he crashed 3 planes, one was accidentally fired on on an aircraft carrier and led to many casualties on deck. And the 5th plane was the one that got shot down (not exactly a “Maverick” in the Tom Cruise sense). He was severely injured in that crash. I always assumed his injuries were solely from being a POW. This is just a little of what I read about. It’s important to be objective about even a war hero.

  • Rich

    Dan, the Constitution has a built in method for amending it. That method does not include judicial fiat (Fred, that means judges aren’t supposed to change the Constitution all by themselves).

  • Fred Sparrman

    He still loves me!

  • Rich

    And for the record, Oliver, the Republican Party was founded by Abraham Lincoln with the intent to abolish slavery. It was the Democrats of the old “Solid South” who wanted to keep slavery.

    When I asked about whom you would prefer to protect your constitutional rights, I was not addressing any flaws in the Constitution, but rather the attitudes of those who would fight to the death to protect your freedoms or those who would change your freedoms on a whim.

  • Giovanni Jones

    06/28/08 11:32pm

    Remember when WALL-E’s gentle jabs at the leisure-prone consumer generated so much controversy? At one point in the entertaining fracas in which posters’ political views went flying in all directions, we read this on our beloved Brew:

    “Future off-topic posts will be deleted. The discussion is YOUR thoughts about Wall-E and Presto, not drawn-out back-and-forths arguing about other people’s thoughts.”

    Is this one of those chicken-or-the-egg things or what?

    Personally, I believe Mr. Jinks was way out of line when he dissed Magilla Gorilla’s running mate during the great “Yogi vs. Magilla” for President campaign of ’64. Something about his lack of qualifications — apparently VP hopeful Peebles ran a pet shop and hardly sold anything. And hey there, that Yogi Bear — he and Senator Boo-Boo really offered us hope!

    But you might have to wonder: do the opinions of 2-dimensional celebrities really matter at the polls?

    Whether it’s supposed to be on this site or not, it sure makes interesting reading.

  • Paul N

    “if john mccain … actually does some good for this country, the liberal left will never acknowledge it. they will only point to the negative. if obama wins they will never recognize his failures.”

    Hey kids – wanna have some fun? Replace “john mccain” with “Bill Clinton”, “liberal left” with “conservatives”, and “obama” with “Bush”. Voila – you have the last 8 years in a nutshell.

    Lather, rinse, repeat…

  • Dan

    Let me get this straight. Peebles campaigned on running a pet shop but hardly made a sale? And you bought it? Come on! Mr. Jinks called it, and you know it.

  • Bighorse

    I’m not being a hypocrite. I’m just not a fool who believes that either Republicans or Democrats give a damn about anybody or anything other than themselves and their narrow partisan views. I’m just sick of all the hoopla from both wrong sides. I guess I thought it would be nice to have some place to go that’s free of it all. Can’t wait for December so that all this BS will be behind us.

  • Glen Moyes

    Bighorse: That’s the sad thing: it’s not going to be behind us. After a candidate wins the election and the respective party declares victory—to be followed by them rubbing everyone’s nose in it—we’ll still have the same B.S. but in a different context and just as disheartening.

    I think the problem is that when someone picks party X, they are pressured into believing and defending everything that party X believes, to the point that their original beliefs, attitudes, and morals are manipulated into aligning to that of their party’s. To top it off, the liberal and conservative agendas have become so polarized that they’ve both passed the mark of any level-headed individual and most certainly where America should be. Most of what we hear now are extreme viewpoints, slander, and rhetoric without substance. It has turned the nation against itself and transforms otherwise charming people into dicks, for lack of a better word.

    I do take comfort in knowing that many of those who haven’t been manipulated into partisan conformance and would have rabidly and blindly defended their party with logical fallacies and belittlement, probably saw this thread, rolled their eyes, and moved on. Please. Everyone. Debates are essential, but do it with intelligence and respect.

  • Giovanni Jones

    Hold on Dan — just because Peebles hardly sold any merchandise in his pet shop does not mean that he knew nothing about business. Why, as a matter of fact, he could see Wal-Mart from his shop window.

    As for Senator Boo-Boo, how quickly we forget how he once gave a speech that was allegedly taken from Ranger Smith’s desk. And how about that tuft of fur between his ears? Plugs!

  • Andrew Leal

    “And for the record, Oliver, the Republican Party was founded by Abraham Lincoln with the intent to abolish slavery.”

    I hadn’t intended to get into this, but that “for the record” comment is pretty misleading. It’s half true, in that the Republican Party, in its earliest incarnation, was tied to abolitionism (and its original goals and principles differ fairly significantly from its current incarnation, as a close or even cursory examination of history tends to show; same for the Democratic party, which in its earliest form was “the Democratic–Republican Party” and its members tended to consider themselves Democrats or Republicans fairly interchangeably, since at root the words are essentially synonyms). But the Republican Party was *not* founded by Lincoln. In fact, the original “party of Lincoln” was the Whig party, and in letters and remarks, Lincoln for many years remained nostalgic for it. Lincoln in fact waited to join the Republicans, hoping the Whig Party would become a fully anti-slavery party, but the divisions were too deep, and he basically joined the Republican party as a default means of reaching his goals. He remained a Whig candidate, at least in name, through 1854 (he retired from all parties for awhile, and basically any attempts to label Lincoln during the early 1850s are generally inaccuraye), and he demurred when the Republicans appointed him to the State Central Committee without his prior knowledge or consent. By 1855, he was working with the Republicans (since his main aim was to oppose Stephen Douglas) but it’s not until 1856 that he actively campaigned *as* a Republican.

    This isn’t to say Lincoln wasn’t significant, and it is fair and accurate to call him an early leader; he led the Illinois faction (which was not the first) he was the first Republican President, and his presence definitely helped unite the party (which was basically a collection of the dissafected or remnants of dissolved parties). But it’s stretching things to call him a founder or consider the Republican party his idea. I won’t get into the debate on the current political scene, which I agree doesn’t fit in with “the animation conversation,” but historical inaccuracies like that bother me.

  • Sean Williams

    can’t argue with that logic Paul N. (insert sarcastic tone here) you’re right the media never reports GW Bush’s failures. i must be dreaming of the constant anti bush drone i hear every time i read a newspaper or watch the news. but wait, wait till obama becomes president. criticism of the chosen one will no be allowed.

  • Dan

    Just because Peebles could see Walmart through his shop window does not make him a retail expert! COME ON!! I can see a power plant out my window and it doesn’t make me an expert on power! I didn’t know that about BooBoo. And, I thought he was a stand-up bear! He grew up in Jellystone! He should’ve known better, man.

  • Chuck R. says:

    “Apparently, some compassionate soul on the left has a funny way of thanking servicemen for their sacrifices. Keep it rollin’ Derek, you’re doing fine. With a support base like this, Democrats will continue to lose election after election.”

    This will be my parting shot.

    Spare me your faux outrage. I support the troops far more than McCain does. I want to bring them home, I want to give them armor and equipment that they need for the battlefield. ALSO I would have voted on the expanded GI Bill that McCain voted against. Apparently he doesn’t think the troops deserve expanded educational benefits for serving our country. THAT’S HOW THE REPUBLICANS THANK OUR SERVICEMEN!

    I’m sure you were cackling along with the rest of the GOP when they mocked Kerry for his service to our country. Purple heart band-aids and swift-boating. THAT’S HOW THE REPUBLICANS THANK OUR SERVICEMEN!

    Bottom line, Republicans had 6 years of full control of all branches of the government and this country has never been worse off. If you want to give them the keys for another four years they’re going to finish driving us off that cliff.

    Wise up, turn off talk radio and cable news and starting thinking for yourself.

  • Chuck R.

    “This will be my parting shot.”

    Excellent. I won’t promise that this is mine:
    Have you ever condescended to ask a serviveman/woman whether he’d like to be brought home in defeat? Do you think any serviceman cares to see his comrades die on the battlefield and then have civilian politicians decide the mission just wasn’t that important? (Think about Clinton’s ignominious retreat from the Mog.) I have a brother who almost lost his life in Iraq and almost again in Afghanistan, so I have some firsthand knowledge of what they are prepared to do, given that their leaders are behind them.

    Everyone knows which party supports the troops. The military voting record speaks volumes as does the fact that liberals like you try to suppress their absentee ballots. The Democrats mistakenly thought that Kerry’s war record would make him impervious to attack. They forgot that he dumped on his fellow soldiers while they were still fighting a communist takeover of the East, and his ubiquitous mug shot with Hanoi Jane didn’t help him much either. Kerry sabotaged himself, he didn’t need any help from the GOP. Conservatives were mostly gracious in thanking Kerry for his service …before they voted against him.

  • Andy Panderer

    Well, I decided to come back and am stunned to hear about Boo-Boo’s shocking behavior in ’64. Good thing I voted for Huckleberry Hound.

    Sean – you hear things when you read? They have medications for that sort of thing. PS – what newspapers do you read? My local rag is about as liberal as you can get, and I never read about Bush at all. But they sure are busy kissing McCain’s buttockular area.

  • Dan

    Hey if you dig enough on McCain’s record, you’ll find he has a lot more in common with Kerry than he does your brother Chuck. There’s plenty to be skeptical about.

  • Fred Sparrman

    Chuck R. —

    Just because servicemen are dying on the battlefield doesn’t make the fundamental reason for this war “important.” Your outrage about that situation needs to be addressed towards the bonehead that you voted into office (again).

    And as I too bow out of this thread, a final word to you and the ironically named Republican “Rich”: Rest assured that your reasoning and thought processes seem to me as completely divorced from all reality and human logic as I’m sure ours (we “libs”) do to you. You are wholly unconvincing, and it is time for you to own your failure.

  • Marbles

    Chuck R:

    Your choice of words in saying Kerry “dumped on” his fellow soldiers, and in referring to “Hanoi Jane” reveal the place you’re coming from. It’s that deeply entrenched “us and them” mentality which seems to go hand in hand with relatively unquestioning support for the military. I have deep respect for people who choose to sacrifice their wants or their very lives for a cause larger than themselves, but I do not respect and in fact deeply oppose the mindset that leads people to be so blindly devoted to fighting “the enemy” because their country’s “freedom” needs defending, that they become unable to view the situation through the eyes of others. And if you are unable to step back and view your own country’s actions from other points of view, it leads down a very dangerous path. Which, I’m sad to say, we have already walked quite a ways down.

  • Chuck R.

    Whoah —you guessed that I was conservative! How do you guys do it?

    Marbles, pick any “enemy” we’ve fought in this century: Hitler, the Viet Cong, Aidid, Saddam Hussein, and Osama Bin Laden and tell me what wondrous perspective you’ve gained by seeing the world through their eyes.

    Fred, I agree that going to war is serious business. I can respect anyone with serious moral reservations about going into Iraq. But you might want to question the democrats that backed the “bonehead’s” decision to remove Saddam, and then decided to renege, only because it was politically expedient to do so. There’s a reason that Congress’s approvals are lower than Bush’s.

  • Paul N

    Do me a favor, Sean. Point out where, in either the quote I used or my response, the media was mentioned. Go ahead, take your time… I’ll wait…

    If you want to have a conversation about how Bush is treated in the media, that’s fine, but that wasn’t the point I was making. But somehow, I think you knew that…

  • Tom D

    Fred, you’re way out of line in your last statement there. Bush was only voted into office ONCE.

  • Dan

    My hunch is that the low approval rating of Congress is because they didn’t stand up and oppose in numbers what was transpiring. Of course once we’d already expended all those resources in invading Kuwait, it would really be “boneheaded” NOT to remove Saddam. I’m sure many in Congress hoped that would be the turning point in this conflict. And, it IS interesting to peer though our enemies eyes, because all too often we directly or indirectly helped elevate them to that position of power. It’s definitely worthwhile excercise to comprehend what their objectives and motives are. My problem with what your saying that you seem to discount opposing viewpoints. That’s why they invented instant replay.

  • Andy Panderer

    Chuck R Whoah —you guessed that I was conservative! How do you guys do it?

    It could be because you’re a moron. That’s a dead giveaway.

    “…pick any “enemy” we’ve fought in this century: Hitler, the Viet Cong, Aidid, Saddam Hussein…”

    Saddam was Reagan’s Mid-East BFF. Ask Rummy.

    Who is “Aidid?”

    You want to know how I know you’re conservative? Because you’re clown-shit insane.


    Let’s thaw out Uncle Walt and put him on the ticket…..That’s a bad Disney movie….

    Matt Damon would be lucky to get into that one… Talk about a non-story…funny that anyone would even care what he thinks about Sarah Palin….

    What does Matt think about ”the BUSH doctrine”?

  • I think he meant one of Disney’s live action movies. Kinda like this –