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Seasons Greetings

This JibJab video is a lot like the dream I had last night after seeing The Pixar Story at the Egyptian. What a great film — and just like the Pixar features themselves, I found it very inspiring.

Speaking of Pixar, The Food Network has been running a special episode of their series Dinner Impossible shot at Pixar’s Emeryville studio. In Pixar Movie Mission the chef has 6 hours to feed the entire staff of Pixar, with recipes based on Pixar characters from Finding Nemo, Cars and Ratatouille. Worth watching just to see Brad Bird introduce the Food Network cook — with Lou Romano was one of his “assistant chefs”. It airs again on January 19th at 3:30pm ET/PT.

(Thanks, Evan Spiridellis and Andrew Atteberry)

  • Keith Bryant

    Looks like pretty company to me. Merry Christmas!

  • Charlie

    Sorry what happened to ya, Jerry…that must of hurt! OW! ;)

  • Ohhhhhhhh, my GAWRD!!! Of the over 100 cards I get, E & regular, that IS the best. Too damn bad I can’t “run the thing” on my Wall-0-Cards! Super-terrif! A very very Merry right back AT cha!!

  • Emily

    Awesome video! What fun…Frank, Ollie, John, Disney…and Jerry!

  • Haha that’s great Jerry. Nice outfits!

  • Floyd Norman

    Great card, Jerry.

    And yes, Pixar does have a great commissary. Yum!

  • Nice card, Jerry! Frank & Ollie kicked your butt!

    Did you see the “It’s a Wonderful Life” card they did? That one would look really funny to send. But for two bucks a card, I wouldn’t get too attatched to them.

  • sandra

    when i am watching the seasons greeting animation it just stops right in mid air—-is that right?
    how can i put my faces in there and do the whole thing??

  • red pill junkie

    In case of swelling, some ice might help… oh wait! :-D

  • Bobby D.

    Yes, a really nice commissary…and cool parking spaces! Oh, and the air is really clean, 70 degrees and it never rains! There’s no place like Pixar, there’s no place like Pixar”…