Seth MacFarlane’s Hulu Commercial Seth MacFarlane’s Hulu Commercial
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Seth MacFarlane’s Hulu Commercial

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has apparently become enough of a celebrity to appear as himself in a commercial for Hulu:

  • Autumn

    Wow, he’s lost some weight since the last time I saw him

  • doug holverson

    “A veritable barfarama!”

  • Tekena

    Really kinda tired of him. I think we would now benefit most from a headhunt

  • joe

    Does anyone even watch family guy anymore?

  • Brian

    I actually thought that was really funny, especially the tagline at the end.

  • Market research shows that projectile vomiting is the hot, new trend in advertising! Well, played, Hulu. Well played.

  • Jorge Garrido

    I threw up watching an internet clip of Seth MacFarlane watching an internet clip of a character Seth Macfarlane voiced throw up. Unironic, I know.

  • chris

    it’s ok, but the one with alec baldwin was much funnier

  • Wow, this was all really well timed out with it’s humor – I accidentally ‘LOLd” out loud…and at work too! eek!

  • Robert Barker

    I’ve become a fan of the show this year, getting over the fact that Peter is an extreme Homer ripoff, and that many of their situations are Simpson ripoffs. In light of the inevitable decline in the Simpsons, it’s good to have reruns of The Family Guy to enjoy.

  • Ohhhh, so that’s why Family Guy is so popular! :P

  • Ira

    Apparently so.

  • Charlie

    I think this one of FG’s finest moments. I like how they switch spontaniously to a new character to describe what Hulu could do to you.

  • Seth MacFarlane’s a pretty good voice actor, I must say.

  • The final punchline was good.

  • Richard

    Of course MacFarlane is an alien! That’s why his show’s are popular!
    I guess I never put two-and-two together.

  • Keith Paynter

    He’s a very good singer, I must say…it took me a while to catch on that he’d performed the opening song for the fourth ‘Futurama’ movie. Guess there’s no anamosity with Matt Groening. Kudos to David X. Cohen for the coup.

  • Ryan

    That’s the best tagline I’ve ever heard in an advert.

  • I often feel that a voice actor doing their character voices outside of the animation is like a magician revealing their tricks.

    Or like Nancy Crartwright selling scientology.

    Kind of spoils the fun. But I must admit MacFarlane impresses me as a voice actor. Even watching his human self deliver the lines, they feel like whole other characters. Like he’s dubbed. Or like he’s Hugh Laurie in House rather than Blackadder.

  • Brendan

    I really don’t think Seth is a good voice actor. All of the voices he does are kind of done in the same pitch, and they’re all equally annoying. None of them are really appealing.

    So sick of Family Guy

  • Seth MacFarlane is the Mel Blanc of the 21st century. Family Guy, American Dad, the upcoming Cleveland spinoff – they are the Looney Tunes of this generation. Amazing stuff.

  • Mike Russo

    I thought that was funny.

    But then I would say that. ;)

  • Annie-Mae

    Ug I hate that clip, it really makes me sick…but what does that say about Family Guy and the people who watch it?

    I really do LOVE Seth’s voice. He has incredible talent and if they did more songs again I’d love to hear another FCC song where it was him doing three voices in harmony. That’s pretty f**cking awesome (Not sure if I can swear like that here).

  • Richard

    Annie-Mae says, “That’s pretty f**cking awesome (Not sure if I can swear like that here).”
    Um, shouldn’t there be only one *, as it would be the “u” in the situation.

    Space Jam says, “Family Guy, American Dad, the upcoming Cleveland spinoff – they are the Looney Tunes of this generation. Amazing stuff.”
    I pray to God you mean by “voice acting” and not “writing” standards.

  • chris robinson

    annie-mae- just say FUCKING. It’s like Louis CK said about people who say the “N word” instead of “nigger”. The speaker is putting the onus on the listener to fill in the gap. It’s passing the buck. We all fucking know that it’s FUCKING so just say FUCKING say FUCKING.

    Family Guy makes me laugh sometimes.

  • I really don’t think this is all that bad. Funny stuff!

    For all you student haters, you really can’t watch FG for animation fundamentals, obviously. The writing, my friends, is what it’s all about. It’s unique in the sense that a show like this has not been done.

    Can you imagine what the show would be like if it was actually animated well?

  • I take back part of what I just said – minus the fart and puke jokes.

  • pat smith

    i like it! it’s not everyday an artist is featured as a celeb. btw… family guy is a hideous looking show. but Seth looks GREAT!

  • Naz

    You sure this clip isn’t dubbed? Seth either went in and did his own ADR or someone boosted the hell out of his lines, or he has a Caruso-like vocal projection ability. At any rate, this guy has no trouble hailing a taxi with that voice. Of course, there are no taxis in L.A.

  • Chris

    These lines are almost certainly dubbed. Most people don’t realize how many lines in live action productions of all sizes are ADR.

  • Shane

    You are th man Seth. Dont stop doing what you do.

  • Macito

    Seth MacFarlane needs to go to space and stay there.

  • Leslie

    I got a little wet in the panties when Seth lifted up his shirt at the end. He is a sexy mofo and I love it when he sings Frank Sinatra songs. *swoons*

  • Jason

    Leslie says: I got a little wet in the panties when Seth lifted up his shirt at the end. He is a sexy mofo and I love it when he sings Frank Sinatra songs. *swoons*

    Okay, now *I’m* vomiting…

  • Angel

    Love this commercial!!!! Seth is awesome and very talented.

  • That show has become quite the classic and has produced some of the best one liners ever!

  • Shania griggs age: 13

    Wow how hott is seth ! He should have just did the whole commercial naked ! The show is getting kinda old and lame but when he lifted up hiz shirt i couldnt take it. He’s just wayyy too hott for words. His face and voice is another big turn on. Sorry if this is sloppy im doing this from my i-phone and it takes alittle getting used to =]

  • Mark

    i had no idea who that bloke was but he is fucking sexy. Mmmm bring it!

  • Seth Macfarlane is so talented he can sing, play the piano is a brilliant animator and voices so much of the characters for family guy and yet there’s still so much he can still do.

  • Jimbo Frankie

    Wow. I am so amazed that one man can voice all of the characters effortlessly. I would love to have a talent as great as his.