Shirtless Baby Imitates Pixar Opening Shirtless Baby Imitates Pixar Opening
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Shirtless Baby Imitates Pixar Opening

Sometimes the title of a post just says it all.

  • Stefano

    Cuuuuuuutttteeeee!!!!!!! ;D

  • LOL

  • joecab

    OK Amid now you’re reaching :P

  • Travis Gentry

    Thanks for posting that! I have a son that age, he loves Ratatouille. He says ‘Mowse, mowse!’ He also likes the dragon in Sleeping Beauty (Roooarrrr!),Dumbo (Ashpant!) and Shrek (Reck!). I guess you have to have a kid to appreciate those dumb little things they do.

  • one really bored girl

    okay, that was 29 wasted seconds of my life I’ll never get back.

  • John A

    Sneer all you want, you childless cynics, but PIXAR knows who its audience is and are masters at connecting with them. Disney Studios WISHES it could generate this kind of responce.

  • dan

    Off of what John A said……I wish there was an emoticon for an eye roll.

  • Lance

    Show him a DreamWorks Animation logo and he’ll drop a load in his diaper.

  • That was too cute. :)

  • Robert Zemeckis wants to sign the kid up as a mocap performer.

  • red pill junkie

    That was cute, although that baby shouldn’t spend so much time watching Pixar DVDs.

    Mark Mayerson, LOL! :-)

  • At the beginning, I swear, it sounds like he’s saying, “Hey, Gonzo!” over and over again.

  • When I’m in theater, me along with several other people bob our heads when we match Luxo Jr.’s actions.
    Pixar does have one of the best opening logo I’ve seen for an animation studio. Disney’s animation studio should make something cooler than what they have. Over 70 years of animation and that’s the best they can do?

  • Steph’

    All I can think about after seeing that is–man, I am SO glad youtube wasn’t around when I was a kid. Imagine a goodly part of the world having access to and seeing your baby antics. Now, imagine trying to go to school, college, get a professional job and your parents still proudly show you on youtube doing something silly. Well, at least this kid can look forward to getting at least a postive spin on that if he applies to Pixar…

  • brent

    Standing a little too close to the TV there, don’t you think?

  • Re. to Steph:

    No, there was no YouTube back then, but there was (and still is) ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos.’

  • Allthough I liked to see logos a lot, I rarely jumped at the logos I liked. But I did scream at the scary logos.

    Animator Bill Field, if you’re reading this, please mind that I never jumped and screamed “A mountian! A mountian” during “Old MacDonald” when I was a kid.

    Must have been a REALLY AUTISTIC person on that YouTube video….

  • Barbara

    @Steph: on the plus side, think of how much tail the “Charlie bit me” kid is going to get when he grows up…

  • I’m the owner of this video and I have to say I’m a little embarassed that I allowed embedding…. oops on my part! Anyway, my son is not autistic and it was actually “A castle!” that he and his twin brother were saying at the beginning of it. I actually put it on youtube to show some of my family, not intending for a lot of people to see it, I really didn’t think it would get noticed by anyone else. Glad some of you enjoyed it. ;)

  • Keith Paynter

    I, Captain Obvious, heard “a castle!”

    classicparamountcartoons: “Oh no you di-n’t!” Can we just it “the cartoon that must not be named” or “the Scottish Cartoon?” I thought we were well past that!

  • Bobby D.

    Just when I think I’ve seen/heard it all…here comes solid proof, (not that I personally needed any), that Pixie’s are just a tad…obsessed. These folks with the Kool Aide drippin’ off of their chins, can find ANYTHING to argue about, or prop-up their point that “nobody” can do what Pixar does. Uh, yeah, John A., everybody’s just “sneering” at the little lamp logo…we think it’s silly and infantile…and we know DISNEY RULES!!! Yikes:)

    BTW, didn’t get to see the video, but I’m sure it’s great, thanks Amid…my six year old does a pretty good impression of the Lamp Logo as well! Maybe I’ll upload it…nah, why get everybody all worked-up again:)

  • John A

    Bobby D: If you haven’t even watched the tape, why are you even commenting? Just for the record, I’m the father of a teenaged son and my kid used to go just as crazy over Disney’s classics. After he turned nine, and I had drug him to more than his share of Disney stinkers, he began to avoid the blue castle logo like the plague.

    I realise Disney has been working on its image in recent years, but we haven’t really been paying attention. He’s on to other stuff now.

    Disney could get a small chilld to react to its films with “sincere spontaneous joy”, but they’d have to audition 2000 infants first, rehearse every move 12 hours a day for about a month, shoot the scene in about 150 takes, cover any static area of the screen with flying digital effects, and then play it every twenty minutes on the Disney channel for the next five years. Thanks to the usual “Disney Corporate Magic”, the kid becomes a media star, and ten years later he winds up in rehab.

  • Bugsmer

    You have an adorable little baby, Leeser.

  • FP

    The Pixar-Tot video has an LOLcat equivalency of 3. If you normally bulk-email one LOLcat picture a day to everyone in your knitting circle, you can skip the second and third day after sending a link to the above video. As a bonus, your friends, missing your daily dose of cheer, will call you earlier than usual, fearing you’ve fallen and hit your head on the tub. This will give you valuable extra hours to talk their damn ears off about your potassium deficiency and how that little Sally Struthers looks too young to need Boniva, bless her heart, she was so good in Norma Ray.

  • Zep

    It’s cute as can be and sincerely adorable because it IS real and spontaneous. Glad you caught that moment, leeser.

    I heard his say “a castle” pretty clearly. *shrug*
    (and I ain’t no kool-aid drinker)

  • Kyle

    heh, I used to do that. I just did this 2 months ago in fact. no one was around though. haha

  • Bobby D.

    Uh, okay…guess that comment missed the mark. Wow. Talk about proving my point. You really think I have to see a child reenact the Pixar logo to know what it looks like…(i mentioned I have a child who does it). But, what that has to do with ANYONE not liking Pixar only you would know…you wrote, “Sneer all you want, you childless cynics”…a pretty nasty accusation, especially for those who may not be blessed enough to have children…or choose not to. My point again, is you can simply write the name “Pixar” and zealots will somehow think you’re “sneering” or perhaps not swillin’ the juice in acceptable quantities. By the way, I’m quite a big fan of almost everything Pixar puts out…but, I’m still taken aback, by the WAY too quick to anger responses.

    Pixar Rules!..figured I’m pretty safe with that:)

  • KEvin MArtinez

    That was adorable.

  • the video is GONE!

  • only people on the internet can take something that was innocent and cute, that was intended for personal family members to share with each other, and twist it around into something as ridiculous as this argument.

  • Steve Austin

    they disabled embedding

  • Bobby D.

    “only people on the internet can take something that was innocent and cute, that was intended for personal family members to share with each other, and twist it around into something as ridiculous as this argument.”

    What do you mean by that!!!! Kidding:) Point well taken, Frank.

  • I found the video again :
    I was too curious to see what job he’s doing from that imitation, kids can do wonders sometimes! And those of you who bring imitation to autistic levels, you’re really offending people. You’re a google away from being fair and moments of information could spare other’s pain. Of course, if that is any of your concern.

    Leeser, you have great kids! Thank you for sharing some of the beautiful moments they bring!