Simpsons Characters Discuss the Elections Simpsons Characters Discuss the Elections
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Simpsons Characters Discuss the Elections

A Norwegian radio host asked voice actor Harry Shearer about what various Simpsons characters thought about the upcoming US election. The video’s funniest moment is unintentional though: it’s when a black guy walks into the room as Shearer is doing the voice of Dr. Hibbert.

  • Katella Gate

    Mad improv skills. In voice, in character, funny, AND answers in a way that doesn’t tick people off needlessly. Thanks for posting.

  • I dunno, would he have been as embarrassed if he’d been walked in on by a gay man, a reverend, or a billionaire?

  • Marc Baker

    Good display of Harry Shearer’s vocal talents.

  • Lots of fun

  • This two minute segment is more entertaining than anything in Treehouse of Horror XIX. What does it say about a TV show when I’d rather see the voice actors riffing in character instead of a new episode?

  • Rio

    20 years of Simpsons…I think the show has done more than enough to stay fresh. Money and viewers go a long way.

  • Ridgecity

    This could have turned really strange if he had mentioned the black panther past of the doctor as that guy walked in.

  • Ridgecity


    it says you probably have seen to many episodes. I find the Simpsons still entertaining, it still is way better than most stuff on tv, with only The Office having a edge on it, but still falling short of UK’s The Office.

  • Emperor Tomato Catsup

    [Mr. Burns voice]Excellent![/Mr. Burns voice] Thanks for posting this!

  • Andrew

    The last episode- a new Treehouse of Horror- had Homer try to vote for Obama, only to have the voting machine automatically process it for McCain…. and then eat him. :)

    A lot of Simpsons Election commotion going on.

  • Gillian

    Wonderful vid. Thanks for sharing.

    I think Fox should let the Simpsons end. It’s past its expiration date. If the network wants to make sure the characters keep making them money, maybe they should let Matt Groening and some of the old writers do a spin-off.

  • Joe

    I’m ashamed to admit it, but I never knew Shearer did so many of the voices for the show.

  • greg m

    get animating somebody!!!!

  • Jason

    I enjoyed the Treehouse of Horror last night, particularly the Peanuts parody. As for Homer’s choice of president, well, some might think it a shout-out for Obama…on the other hand, maybe it illustrates that only a doofus like Homer would want a guy like that for president.

    In fact, the Simpsons writers actually missed an opportunity for some real comedy. Remember those old horror films that feature zombies staggering around, screaming for “brains!!”? The Simpsons could have included a segment featuring Obama zombies (Obamies?) screaming for “Change!” on their way to the voting booth. Now THAT would have been funny!

  • ‘Coincidences’ are nothing but God’s little pranks on us ;-)

  • Steve Gattuso

    Removed by user, dernit.

  • EatRune

    Does anyone know where I can find this clip from a different source?