Stewie Dances With Gene Kelly Stewie Dances With Gene Kelly
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Stewie Dances With Gene Kelly

Stewie and Gene Kelly

Last week’s episode of FAMILY GUY included this enjoyable interlude of Stewie dancing with Gene Kelly. Wouldn’t it be something special if a modern TV series regularly afforded this much thought to its animation and choreography? The original clip of Jerry the Mouse dancing with Kelly can be seen here.

UPDATE: Steve Worth of ASIFA-Hollywood’s Animation Archive wrote in with some comments about this sequence:

How much “thought to animation and choreography” does it take to rotoscope someone else’s animation and slap your own character over the top of it? If this was a parody, it would have added some sort of comment through additional humor. If it was a tribute, they would have had the respect not to obliterate the great animation by Ken Muse and Ray Patterson by pasting their own poorly traced drawings over the top of it. To my eyes, this looks like the Family Guy crew took the hard work of these legendary artists and copped it for themselves without adding a single thing to it. They can get away with it, because the viewers probably have never heard of Gene Kelly, much less have seen the clip of him dancing with Jerry Mouse.

How eager are you to see Bugs Bunny cartoons with new videogame characters rotoscoped over the top of them? Maybe they could take Fantasia and roto a CGI Mickey Mouse over the top of Sorcerer’s Apprentice… That’s the sort of thing “great ideas” like this lead to. I’ve never understood why people feel the need to paint mustaches on the Mona Lisa and then have the gall to pat themselves on the back for their great work.

Family Guy deserves no praise for this. A ripoff is a ripoff.

  • Dan Knapton

    Someone learned a new word. “Rotoscoped.” I thought that’s what my ortho did to my shoulder.

    Seriously, it was a great bit of the master Gene Kelly and animation mashup brought to a new and wide audience that otherwise never would have seen it. A physical and technical masterpiece with a modern contextual facelift. Should Seth have just broken from the middle of a FG episode and played the original?

    Thanks Seth & FG animators – I hadn’t seen this dance scene in awhile and thoroughly enjoyed your “interpretation”.

  • sunil

    what a pathetic article – the author of it obviously hates Gene Kelly and entertainment in general. What this episode did was to tell us that the 40s and 50s had INCREDIBLE dance moves and entertainment, something most of us dont know. I didnt know who Kelly was until Family Guy introduced him to me, enticing me to look up the original. The author of this article wants Gene Kelly and musicals to be lost forever, but it will never be due to people like Seth McFarlane who revive the classics and bring the originals back.

  • mechasus

    I’m on board with Steve. While it may be great on the one hand that we do get to see Gene Kelly again and introduce a new generation to his work, this piece is just shamelessly ripped, and I cannot see any reason beyond that for defending the FG crew for this. The entire crew that made the movie, including the animators who did Jerry in that scene, deserve better than this so-called “homage” which adds nothing of substance to their product except using it for a few handy minutes of filler time. I’d be more grateful for this if Family Guy had any original ideas for it. This time, they obviously had none.