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The Sunday Funnies 10/25/09

(Thanks, Uncle Wayne)

  • Jonah Sidhom

    The first one is pretty funny.
    What strip is it from?

  • Nightmare Is Near

    These two comics are comedy gold. One political and the other can be what happened a week ago with “The Boy in the Balloon”.

  • The first one is an editorial cartoon from Mike Luckovich from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He’s one of the better editorial cartoonists out there. He has a pretty good sense of humor.

    I did like a strip from the New Orleans Times-Picayune about the Balloon Boy better though:
    Dad (reading Jack and the Beanstalk): And he escaped on his hot air balloon…
    Boy: Maybe it was just a publicity stunt.

  • Pure genius! LOL Thanks for sharing this, it really made my night. :)

  • David T.

    These are hilarious! Here’s one you missed from “Molly and the Bear.”