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Swiftboat Willie

The Brew gets political again, but this time it’s truly animation-history related.

(Thanks to Bradley Walker for bring this to my attention)

  • Sam Filstrup

    It’s comical but the animation needs a bit of fine tuning.

  • slowtiger

    This falls under that Unfair Use Clause, right?

    Not that politics in my own country is really much more rational, but I’m amazed to see that the US electional race can be told best in 1928 visuals. It’s just namecalling wich pictures.

  • Matthew K Sharp

    Good stuff; although I was hoping for a scene where Sarah Palin, running late for the election, was winched across to the boat by the seat of her pants.

    Ironically, though, 1928 wasn’t such a good year for Democrats…

  • Now, that’s just plane crazy!

  • Saturnome

    Weird idea, but the pace isn’t good at all. But mostly overall, I can’t wait that these elections in your country are over, it’s everywhere!

  • Gummo

    Cute, if obvious, but I wish they could have spent more to make the animation look more classical.

    Cue your angry right-wing readers complaints in 5, 4, 3….

  • Marc Baker

    While this was a clever little send up on ‘Steamboat Willie’, I didn’t care for it’s favoritism on Obama at the end.

  • Derek

    It’s against the law to drive without a license…..maybe its time to do the same for animating.

  • Marcus

    “Plane Crazy!” Good one.

    I think people would respect mcSame more if he at the very least stuck to his so-called “maverick” guns instead of flip-flopping all over the place based on polls. And picking a wingnut who believes the earth is only 4000 years old, humans lived with dinosaurs, and talks to invisible people has pissed off PLENTY of conservatives. But it’s made fringe right theocrats happy because logic, reason, and facts are THE ENEMY!

  • Dave

    That is some really bad animation. If it weren’t for the uplifting “message” (if you are of a certain political persuasion) would this have ever been considered worthy of posting on the Brew ?

    (or most likely it would have been posted as yet another example of inept Flash animation to pour mockery and scorn upon it and ignite about 123 posts arguing on why Flash isn’t really that bad and not to blame the tools , etc, etc. )

  • Herb

    How could they miss bets like better synchronization, sharper timing, real poses and McCain playing Sarah’s teats in time to the music, like that 1928 Disney sow? This is why there are retakes.

  • I saw that posted on the comment list of ‘Wile E. Coyote explaining the Economy meltdown’ post.

    This was done by a person who claimed not to be a professional animator, and still I think it shows a lot of potential ;-)

  • Masten

    I’m as Pro-‘bama as the next guy, but man, this is dull. The old political cartoonists trick of explicitly labeling abstract concepts needs to be taken outside and euthanized. Give the viewer’s intelligence a little credit, for cryin’ out loud.

  • Gerard de Souza

    For a so-called non-animator this is better than some stuff done by so- called animators, conceptually, timing and directional.
    Look at it this way, it’s a very good animatic.
    This is the type of individual who may be great in a story department.

  • Mike Lucy

    Dave is right, this animation is very poor. Ok, if it is a non-animator who creatd this, kudos. But since when did the brew celebrate poorly made flash animation. This is another display of hypocracy.

    Maybe if Amid were not such a polarizing bomb thrower then this stuff would not come back to blow up in his face.

  • Bob

    Hello, this is Bob McKeon, the author of the video. I just want to say a quick thank you for the compliments and criticism.

    It’s an honor to be featured on the site, and yes – I’m aware, and embarrassed about, the plethora of problems with the animation. As Gerard said, I’ve never animated anything before, and had less than a weekend to do it for a class. I know…excuses, excuses.

    Anyway, thanks again. Keep up the good work.

  • amid

    Mike Lucy: I didn’t post this video and never would have. But I have no problem if Jerry wants to. Just like a magazine or newspaper, a blog with multiple authors is obviously going to present multiple viewpoints.

  • Herb

    Chuck Jones once said one must get ‘the first ten thousand bad drawings’ out of one’s system if one wants to become an artist. Of course, he had yet to see his LAST ten thousand drawings when he said that.


    About what I’d expect…. cheep animation for cheep shots…

  • Chris L

    I don’t really mind all the political stuff cropping up on all the blogs I read, but I have said this before and I’ll say it again: I will be glad when November has passed.

  • Christian

    I like how it turned into Plane Crazy then it turned into River Raid. I also like the message of, “The other guys get everything wrong and we get everything right.”

  • Yeah! This election is stupid!!! I mean, what’s the big deal right? Having an opinion, a point of view? Expressing that point of view? I mean, Obama/McCain, Bush/Gore, it’s all the same right?

    What’s a stupid election in the worlds most influential super power matter anyway right? I mean, it’s not like elections change the world or course of history right?


  • Rio

    It gets a C+ as an animatic for me. I’d recommend tightening the timing on most shots. Especially when McCain is thinking. That’s more than twice the length it should be. Also at :38, that shot of McCain just steering the boat does nothing to advance the story and it’s almost 10 seconds in length. The last thing is a nit-pick. I’d like to have seen the character design match the cartoons of the ’20’s a bit more.

    I prefer this posts over Amid’s Matt Damon post simply because it seems instep with the mission of this blog.

  • It was an interesting idea for a gag cartoon… and a political cartoon that I suppose belongs on this blog, which I read for Cartoon stuff, not for politics. I’ve already given up on several sites this year for their Obama pandering. As strongly pro-Obama as anyone is, I am probably more anti-Obama, but I try to not let it color everything I do :)