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T-Shirt Day

Too many cool t-shirts have come my way recently, here’s a few worth noting:

Photographer Vincent Gonzales has a very small line of stylish tees based on found objects. He has a shirt based on an old Krazy Kat 16mm cartoon film box (above) that I absolutely love. It isn’t posted on his website, but you can order it in any style (men’s, women’s, babies) and on any color if you request it. I got a long sleeve black shirt with this design and I love, love, love it.

That’s John Kricfalusi’s dad (above) posing in one of John’s great T-shirts, exclusively available on his Cartoon Thrills Store. George Liqour, Jimmy the Idiot Boy, The Heart-Aches, Blen and Kubercheebie, and my favorite Donald Bastard, are among the designs available.

TeeFury is one of those daily t-shirt sites that offer one-design-a-day. Today’s tee is this Tin Tin Tinman design – which already seems more faithful to Herge, and has more humor and heart than the stills from the upcoming mo-cap film have demonstrated. If you are interested in this one, you have to buy it today – $9 – at

(Thanks, Phillip Salomon)

  • Thanks for giving my shirt a nod! I’m a big fan of the Brew.

  • Thanks for the props, Jerry!!! Will have more to share.

  • Thanks! You inspired me to run right over & purchase that brilliant TinTin Tinman shirt. I already own a TinTin tin, even threw a little name-day celebration for it on 10-10-10. So yeah.

    I’m just beginning to learn animation & have found a lot of inspiration here, many thanks!

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I’ve linked to you from my Curious Art blog, as part of a Stylish Blogger award:

    “Cartoon Brew – A wonderfully eclectic collection of animation & articles on the subject, from experimental student shorts to full length studio feature reviews.”

  • uncle wayne

    As one who COLLECTS toon-t’s, i am humbly grateful for your post today! (I am so obsessed…i actually have one air-brushed if I don’t/can’t find one!) [Any one out there know where I can get a Baby Huey and/or Heckle& Jeckle?]

  • Normally, I hate sound on a website but that John K. shirt site made me chuckle.