Teela! Teela!
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Animator Morgan Miller (Vacuum Attraction) has created a new film featuring his character, “Jeff Twiller”, discussing his obsession with Teela from the old Filmation He-Man cartoons, “poking fun at the strange world of You Tube and this phenomenon of the ‘tribute video’….”

  • http://kelseighn.blogspot.com Kelseigh

    Clearly this has some sort of appeal, or it wouldn’t be here without being ridiculed, but it’s lost on me.

  • http://agoynamedjew.blogspot.com Anson J

    If I ever decided to create a death cult, or a profitable Scientology-style religion, the first place I’d mine for names is at YouTube for whoever these people are who make tribute videos and LEGO animation.

  • http://www.damianosketchblog.com DamianoD

    Thought the first one was very funny, I liked this one also.

  • http://agoynamedjew.blogspot.com Anson J

    Actually, if you want a really good animated YouTube personality, check out this guy:


  • Peter

    The Grey Bloke is great. I also really like when Jeff Twiller’s friend Randy co-hosts these movie reviews – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhDYjclTzMM

  • http://fluidtoons.com Brett W. Thompson

    I love Jeff Twiller!

  • http://www.frankpanucci.com Frank Panucci

    The character reminds me of Mr. Plinkett of the Red Letter Media STAR WARS reviews. Sort of. I dunno who existed first.

  • Brian

    I love these. Jeff needs to have his own show.