The Asians Explain Conan vs. Jay The Asians Explain Conan vs. Jay
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The Asians Explain Conan vs. Jay

A summary of the Conan O’Brien/Jay Leno controversy, as animated by an Asian news channel. Bet you didn’t know that Conan can transform into the Incredible Hulk.

(Thanks, David OReilly)

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  • I wish it was that interesting.

  • John

    “The Asians”??? umm, don’t you find that aleast a bit disrespectful?

    atlest you could have done a little more research to find out from what actual country this is coming from, or even just put it in a more respectful manner.

    and yes I DID know Conan can transform into the Hulk, because he actually did that on an old episode of his Late Night show on a sketch. Either that was a coincidence, or “The Asians” did their research unlike you Amid!

  • J-F.S.S

    This here might be the future of news.

  • Fuck me runnin’! Now why can’t the news be this much fun all the time? (natural disasters, wars, terrorist attacks and other nasty shit notwithstanding, of course)

  • I will be smiling like an idiot (pronounced “eeeeeee-diot!”) if Keith Olbermann plays the trailer tonight like he did with the Tiger Woods animations. I especially loved Keith’s hilarious, if not-wholly-accurate, translations. “Ow, I fell on my keys.”

  • Was this wouldn’t happen to be the same “studio” that did the Tiger Woods story is it?

  • Chris D.

    That was a pretty hysterical retelling of this last two weeks. Very creative.

  • Christina S.

    For the record, this is from Taiwan, and the video is in Mandarin Chinese. Also, there’s an English version, but somehow it just isn’t as hilarious:

  • This is astounding! actually important news is going to go to hell but, but I hate that I love watching it burn!

  • jic

    They’ve definitely improved since the Tiger Woods animation. It’s more polished, and more intentionally funny. I hope they keep making these, as long as they stick to light stories.

  • I was eating when I watched this, and I choked. XD

    I think this explains everything for everyone to understand. And thanks for the English dubs Christina S.

  • EatRune

    This was featured on Conan tonight.

  • Bugs Jetstone

    This is viral marketing for Hoodwinked 2, isn’t it?

  • The animation news from Taiwan. But it only show on the internet.
    The founder from Hong Kong.

  • christy

    these are like REALLY amazing. wow.

  • Alberto Sed

    Who’s the first guest, Xavier Renegade Angel?

  • Christina S.

    @poham: Oh, okay. That explains why the narrator had more of a Mainland accent. Thanks!

  • Oh man…this video is SO full of win.

  • Charles

    Conan’s been turning into the Hulk for years.

  • I thought he should have been his namesake The Barbarian.

  • This title is racist.

  • Sylvain

    Josh, I tried to be more eloquent is saying the same thing, but they didn’t appreciate my eloquence, that is, my post failed the moderation test… Possibly because I used the F word :)

  • I wonder how long will it take before the Americans steal this news idea from the Asians? ;)

  • Oh, Xavier, your influence is everywhere.