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The Greatest Cartoon Album Cover of All-Time

I think we have a winner – “Makin’ with the Magilla”:

Making with the Magilla

No song could possibly live up to the cover, but if you must:

If you have a more perfect cartoon-themed album cover, share it in the comments.

(via John K Stuff)

  • So he was the real origin of AIDs. And you guys say Family Guy is full of lies.

  • N. W. Smith

    My wife and I loved this cartoon as kids, and this song was part of that love.

    When the show went into syndication, and I was much too old for cartoons, I would still tune in to see if the “Magilla at the beach” segment was on, and then stick around for this song.

    I never thought “Makin’ With The Magilla was actually released as a single, as few if any of the “cool” cartoon songs from back then ever were (I would have happily sacrified my $1 weekly allowance for a full-length version of the “Jonny Quest” theme). Then I stumbled across “Makin'” in a discard bin in a used record store in the late 1980’s, in stunning monophonic! It’s on the current Little Eva Greatest Hits CD – though uncredited, I think that Carole King had something to do with it, it’s got her cord progressions and harmonies all through it.

  • Magilla’s stylin’ with those jams!

  • That hit me, and it felt like a kiss.

  • Craig M

    In the original script, this was the first image astronaut Charlton Heston sees as he regains consciousness.

  • Beach party fun. Kind of reminds me of Topanga Beach in the late 60’s.

  • Brendan Spillane

    I wonder how Little Eva’s “Makin’ With the Magilla” fared on the Billboard charts! LOVE me some of that surfin’ sound from the mid-1960s! :-D

  • ShouldBeWorkin’

    Little Eva. IIRC, she was discovered while babysitting for Carole King and went on to have the original hit with The Locomotion.

    Magilla Gorilla is very strong in my memory but after seeing this I realize the last time I probaby saw Magilla was Saturady morning in the 60s sometime; maybe the original season. I do not remember this at all or any episode, come to think of it. Thanks for sharing.
    Seeing the record on John K’s site I had assumed it novelty but not a tie-in. Wow.

  • uncle wayne

    i’ve never heard of that phrase, “much too old for cartoons!” !??

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I remember watching this on tv back in the 70s and I always wondered if it was released on record or not. Thanks for showing me it was.

  • Who’s that guy in the ape suit embracing Magilla?

    • Rockin’ Ed

      Phil Spector!! LOL

  • Martin Dirk

    Dear god, I remember this!! This is a thousand times better than Fred Flintstone singing “When the saints go marching in” ;-)

  • Dr. Truth

    That was surprisingly catchy!!!

  • One of those beachniks looks like a teenage Beany!

  • There’s a complete album of covers with bands from the 80’s and 90’s of the saturday morning cartoon greatest hits.
    I like this one:
    Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah (Means I Love You) by Violent Femmes.

  • Mike Tiefenbacher

    To be technically accurate, this is a picture sleeve (for a 45 RPM single) and not an album cover.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I would’ve said something about that too, oh well!

  • Dave

    Get your paws off her, you damn dirty ape! There. Someone had to say it.

  • Stumbled upon this thread rather late, but it was asked who composed the song.

    According to BMI, the song was written by Ed Justin, Jack Keller, and Tony Powers. They were among the group of songwriters working for Screen Gems’ music publishing, most likely under the direction of Don Kirshner. So the Carole King guess wasn’t too far off.

    BMI also lists another (later) entry for the song, but only crediting Hanna and Barbera…because apparently they did everything.

    And as far as I can tell from the limited sources on Little Eva that are out there, the single did not chart in “Billboard.”