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The Latest Developments in Motion Capture

The Future of Motion Capture

Michael Bay, Jon Favreau, Ray Liotta, Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel all participate in this Funny or Die video about the latest developments in motion capture. I don’t want to ruin it so just click on the link and watch the two-minute short.

(Thanks, Daniel Savage, via Invisible Creature’s Twitter)

  • DCollard

    Is it weird I find this funny and annoying at the same time?

  • Don’t forget Martin Starr!

  • A Painter

    Am waiting for James Cameron to build a whole motion capture city for Avatar 3 lol. Hell he might even put a mo cap suit on birds too. I remember when i wanted to be a animator back in the day and i was panicking that this would replace animators and I wouldn’t have a job. silly me

  • Matthew Koh

    This reminds me of this video.

  • mj

    anyone see any similarities to the calarts producer show opening?

    • Matthew Koh

      Hey! I posted the video link before you do!

  • Lippy

    Cute. Worthy viewing. Thanks!

  • Toonio

    If you wondered what went wrong for Michael Bay between Miami Vice (the TV series) and Transformers, the ironic answers is computers. He got LAZY when computers came down his workflow.

    Lots of promise all wasted.

    • Actually, Michael MANN created Miami Vice. He’s gone on to create a number of smart successful feature films.

      Never let the facts get in the way of a good rant.

  • “I am a toilet.”

  • wgan

    first time mo-cap really makes me happy!

  • Well … not that funny.

    There was a short film some 2 yrs ago, about people going to work every day, with jobs like being a doormat or a chair. That was a great idea with some serious thinking behind it. This one is just unnecessary.

  • Murphy

    They blew the reveal of humans playing inanimate objects. The fact that they are playing objects is the joke and they chose to reveal it in long shots. I guess that makes this piece die rather than the other option.

  • uncle wayne

    As wood say Arte Johnson (some 4 decades ago), “verrrrrrrrry interesting!” I can relate. Sometimes i, TOO, am “a toilet!” Great!!!Is this how they filmed “Mighty Joe Y” (90s!?)

  • This reminds me of a sketch from the series Time Trumpet a few years back:

  • Anonymous

    Nothing new about this really – it has been spoofed and parodied so many times that its lost its charm.