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“The Looney Tunes Show” Remixed

A remix of the new Looney Tunes Show by HotFriedSkadoosh. Apparently, the kids today call these “YouTube Poops”. Old people, like us, call them remixes or mash-ups. Same difference.

(Thanks, Martin Juneau)

  • Classy.

  • Seriously… why post this at all? That was a thousand times more annoying than any of the preview clips in Jerry’s post. Since when did Cartoon Brew start posting youtube poops, anyway?

  • Adam

    Now that I’d watch.

  • Can we get a Jerry Beck posts only RSS feed?

    • amid

      No feed, but you can access just Jerry’s posts by bookmarking this:
      Be aware though that you’ll miss out on all the Brew’s homoerotic content.

      • I’m fine with all the homoerotic content. A youtube poop is where I draw the line.

      • olivia delettrez

        Amid, I got your back here.

  • Darkblader

    Youtube Poop. Where there’s smoke, the pinch the godawful cartoons.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Yeah it seems like the best fodder for these tends to be certain cartoons that either I didn’t see myself or haven’t heard good things about, though it’s funny the choices often use including video game icons, edu-cartoon trappings, and infomercials. I kinda grew out of this by now, but I guess there’s still a continued interest on the subject.

      The whole labeling of “YTP” and the way it’s presented, despite being something new to these people for the past few years, I was seeing the same thing happen decades before coming out of colleges and other places where people with a lot of time in front of an analog editing deck would be putting this stuff together for personal amusement. There was no real sharing unless it was shown on a big screen at some video festival or you made copies for friends to circulate. This was not something an average person could do with just two VCR’s and a monitor. No doubt once non-linear editing tools became as simplified for those to use like Windows Movie Maker, the sooner we ended up seeing these things pop up on YouTube (which also provided the grounds for such unconventional artistic merit to flourish).

  • Sunday

    That is hilarious!

  • pizzaforeveryone

    Im always sort of amazed by these–they’re really not that easy to make. I’ve got a lot of appreciation for the rhythms and timing going into some of the best youtubepoops.

    plus, they’re just weird.

  • Steven M.

    That didn’t take long. Anyway, I’d watch the show if it was just one big YouTube Poop.

  • D

    What the hell did I just watch

  • Mike Johnson


  • Bud

    Much better.

    • Spencer

      I wrote the same thing. lol.

  • Anoniguy

    This was markedly better than the actual show.

  • Mister Twister

    YouTube Poop is the new Monty Python.

    In other words = awesome!

  • Keegan

    Sums up the show quite nicely.


    I’m so clever.

  • I love this! I think it’s genius! It’s like the speed metal version of classic hip-hop sampling, ran through one hell of a psychedelic trip, and spit back out on the computer. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been listening to a lot of John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman, but this has a very strong “free jazz” vibe.

    Don’t let the haters bring you down, this is a great post. Thanks for sharing!

  • I’m not a big fan of YouTube Poops, but this was pretty good. I doubt the actual Looney Tunes Show would make Bob Clampett and Chuck Jones references, as this YTP did.

  • Kitschensyngk

    Anyone catch Daffy’s Bob Clampett/Chuck Jones head at the 0:22 mark? I thought that was a nice reference.

  • Anthrocoon

    >>people with a lot of time in front of an analog editing deck would be putting this stuff together for personal amusement

    Yes I remember some of that. “Detournement”–taking something and mixing it up for humor (or putting in funny
    comments like “MST3K”). “Blue Peanuts” took clips from Peanuts and used dialogue from “Blue Velvet”; “God Save the Archies” took a Sex Pistols song and set it to images from the Archies. And then there was “Apocalypse Pooh”. With comic strips, it was done by putting jokes into things like The Family Circus.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      All of that came out of the mind of Todd Graham during his days at the Ontario College of Art.

  • I love it! And the beatniks would’ve called it a cut-up.

  • lola

    I don’t understand the appeal to either the show itself or the “poop” version. Both make me cringe.

  • Tim Douglas

    I genuinely liked a bunch of segments from this. Also I didn’t understand even 1 second of it.

    I’m intrigued.

    Also I think old people call this scratch video.

  • As a YouTube Poop fan, I say 98% of YouTube Poops are terrible, 1% is good, and 1% is hilarious.

  • Fascinating. Nicely done. Irritating as all heck.
    YouTube poop is the most delicious poop of all.

  • Youtube Poops are the most important development in animation so far this century and even a ‘bad’ one like this is good and more interesting/entertaining than most of the shorts normally posted here.

    • Ryoku75

      If you’re being serious, then I agree.

      No meaning, no message, so what? They’re entertaining and thats what cartoons were always meant to be!

  • John


  • Kids these days have to much free time.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I say they need to get outside more often, but stay off my lawn!

  • Darkblader

    Youtube poops are all over the place, most of them are rushed while some of them are good. While other times they just use the same clip over and over accompanied by a soundtrack. Dr.Robotnik from Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog gets the most out of this.

  • BobT

    I guess most of you don’t know that Cartoon Network had all these youtube poops beat by at least 5 years.
    Cartoon Network UK had this show in the late nineties called “AKA cult toons” that would come on late at night during the weekends.

    That was basically a half hour youtube poop like montage of Hanna Barbera cartoons mixed with all sorts of other random things (like exploitation films and WCW wrestling).

    That show kinda disturbed me at the time, as I didn’t know what the point was, and the whole vibe of that programming block was as if someone had hacked the channel.

    You can find some vhs recording of episodes on Youtube.

  • Stuart K Reilly

    ah yes, skadoosh’s entry. yeah this was part of a collaboration between many people who make these sorts of videos (and yes you people age 25 and over this IS how the young kids get their jollys nowadays).

    if you enjoyed this video then please make sure and check out the whole collab video which features many artists (known as youtube poopers) making these bizarre remixes such as this


    but if you didn’t enjoy this at all and found this annoying and obnoxious…well, then our work is done here

    • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

      “You fouled me.”


      Sums the source material up quite nicely, I’d say.

    • Funkybat

      I don’t think us over-25 folks are incredulous at the idea that “kids these days” have fun with this stuff. I remember having fun with cassette recorders hooked up to my VCRs, doing audio edits of Disney Afternoon cartoons to make the characters say uncharacteristic things. It took skilled timing and nimble fingers to do it with a consumer deck. Within a few years PC audio editing made such things so easy to do that I actually lost interest. Knowing it could be done any time I wanted, easily, took the challenge element out of it.

      Point is, yeah, it’s fun to mashup stuff from different sources, to edit clips so that bizarre or obscene things happen. I guess I just don’t see it as all that creative, per se. Every once in a while I will see something like this and it’s like a frickin’ Dadaist masterpiece. Most of the rest really doesn’t do much for me. It’s not that it needs a “plot” or even a “point” but an underlying topic(s) that is being subverted or mocked.

      It need not be coherent, linear parody like “Right Wing Radio Duck” but it ought to at least be mocking some concept or perhaps shortcoming of the source material. I assume that’s why those piss-poor Mario and Zelda animations were so popular for YTPs….

  • YouTube Poops are funny. Especially ones where it’s more “artsy”. This Tiny Toons “poop” (apporirate enough since this post is talking about Looney Tunes revivals)
    does stuff that most poops don’t dare do:


    Then here’s one where you’re trying so hard to tell a story but it gets weirder. Reading the description can trick the brain into thinking it’s a geninue storyline rather thinking it’s just a poop. And yes, it’s probably among the most popular YouTube Poop on a classic Paramount cartoon, competing with to some of the Little Audrey in “Goofy Goofy Gander” and Popeye cartoons (both Fleischer and Famous)


    Now here’s something that really is a funny story putting the remix/YouTube Poop into what some would call an art form- by replacing Pooh’s honey into…well a certian Luigi meme:
    (Part 1)
    (Part 2)

    Why can’t there be random cartoon remixes a la YouTube Poop on SNL? I would love to see any PD Famous Studios ‘toon be remixed.

    I guess it would only happen if the Nostaliga Critic gets his own show on TV.

    • Stuart K Reilly

      Honestly, those are examples of the BAD part of youtube poop where children with Windows Movie Maker try to be “epic” by spamming internet memes all over the original source video. and not much else.

      We’re actually trying to phaze out that part of the community. we call them “spa-dinner fags”. long story

      • Ryoku

        Ditto, gets old seeing the same memes 100 times. thats why I can’t recommend watching youtube poops.
        Nearly all of them are the same stuff.

  • youtube poop is the best way of entertaiment

  • I just realized I was making these things before YouTube or poop existed:
    This is one of many. You are thrilled by this news.

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik



  • And cue the seizure

  • Spencer

    So much better.

  • Funkybat

    Most YouTube Poops I have seen are more confusing or annoying than amusing. The most creative and entertaining ones I’ve ever seen were the “GI Joe” ones by Fensler Films. I don’t know if those are classified as YouTube Poops per se, but most YTP I have seen just seem like wannabee Fensler Films.

  • I’m amazed at all the positive feedback for YTP. I like it myself and make it because there’s just a good feeling in taking a video clip and making it into whatever you want it to be.

    I really appreciate that some people other than me can actually understand the artistic concepts that go into making one.

    Also, Professor David Bailey is an intelligent man who explains YTP in a way and will be showcasing it at Ann Arbor. I advise everyone to hear his lectures: youtube.com/user/atmaweapon42

    • Ryoku

      I watch, make, and enjoy YTPs, but theres not much thats “artistic” or that needs to be explained about them.

  • Thomas Mettham

    The Looney Tunes classics are my life, but I’m defiantly not a fan of the coming Looney Tunes Show. Therefore I want it scrapped form the television. Now this is just me but I feel that Warner Brothers don’t care about them (Looney Tunes)anymore. Because I’ve seen the sneek peeks on You Tube and they are not drawn like they were when they were in Tiny Toon Adventures, Space Jam and The Animaniacs. The next thing is that Bugs’ voice has completely changed (if you listen carefuly) and WORST of all Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote are in CGI!!!!! It seems that the CGI hand is grabbing the characters one at a time. What I mean is that I’ve read on the Bugs Bunny wikipedia page that there will be a CGI Bugs Bunny film coming Soon. (Bugs Bunny is my favourite character in the whole world and he should always be pencil drawn)

    I’m sorry that this comment is not about the Looney Tunes Remixed but my voice should be heard before it’s TOO LATE!!


  • Derp

    There’s nothing funny about youtube poops…except one. Not this one though.