The Middle East Explained via “Three Little Pigs” and Angry Birds

Russian animator Egor Zhgun mashed up audio from Disney’s Three Little Pigs and an Angry Birds graphic style to create Three Big Pigs, an explanation of the situation in the Middle East. It’s a testament to the iconic quality and staying power of Walt Disney’s filmmaking that, nearly eighty years after the fact, one of his shorts can be successfully remixed in a new context.

  • JG

    This is brilliant.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Also a neat little dig on the relationship between journalism and Tweeting.

  • uncle wayne

    i luv that they use the real score!

  • Nick

    Nice work but brought down by the idealistic portrayal of western intervention.

  • Katella Gate

    Tremendously good work. Let’s hope it works out that way. Sly commentary at the end. Note to Nick: The eagle represents American power. If they wanted to show the “Western allies”, they’d use the seven dwarfs.

  • Kristjan

    Rembered me little bit on the final boss in the Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins but the three pigs were one of bosses there.

  • Mark @ Israel

    This is a funny and entertaining animation of the unfortunate situation in the Middle East. Lives were lost and properties were damaged because these leaders are too hard-headed to think of their people’s welfare. When will all these wars end?