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The Most Disturbing Cartoon-Related Image You’ll See Today

Donald Ducks

I’ve been super busy this week, but had to share this image of a Donald Duck brigade from 1930s Serbia. Who were the people under those masks and what were they thinking? The world will never know. More disturbing imagery can be found on the Disney History blog.

  • The Gee

    If they all lost their temper at the same time and that was filmed, it could be funnier than a Keystone Cops caper.

  • Deaniac

    That Mickey Mouse image with the kids…

    Oh my God….

  • Hulk

    Look at the guy in the back like he’s thinking “WTF am I doing here?”

  • me

    One guy forgot his outfit, how awkward.

  • dbenson

    Taken together, they look like illustrations from an unsettling history book (“Entire districts fell under the control of masked Mouskammandants and Ducktroopers . . .”)

  • optimist

    Just your average chorus girls in typically crude 1930s cartoon costumes. I think it’s kind of charming.

  • cbat628

    Holy-! Amid, why would you show me this!?

  • Kristjan B

    Now I’m scared of going to bed, I will most likely get an nightmare like Donald did in Der Fuhrer’s Face.

  • John A

    Howard the Duck is from Serbia?

  • KatellaGate

    Clearly, one of Stalin’s “Re-education Centres”.

    • in 1930 this was in capitalist yugoslavia

    • John A

      Typical of life under a brutal Duck-tatorship.

  • top cat james

    Unseen in the above photo is an entire audience of orphans dressed like mice ready to pelt them with rotten produce.

  • Art Binninger

    And we all know that the guy with the baton is the con-duck-tor. . . OK, I’ll go away now.

  • John A

    Photos from the seldom seen East Duckburg.

  • Everyone seems to have missed the most obvious explanation. This is Ludwig Von Drake’s class before he got a better offer to move to the USA and become an NBC-TV star… in living color, yet!

  • BBL

    Yipes, these people look seriously ducked up.

    (Your turn again, Art!)

  • John A

    It’s a well known fact that the Serbs are hardcore fans of the game “Duck,Duck,Goose”.

    This photo is from their unsuccessful attempt to bring the game to the 1936 Olympics.

    • as I said this was kingdom yugoslavia in that time.
      in 1936 olimpics they are not salute hitler with raised hand.
      slovenian Leon Å tukelj won medal for gymnastics

  • John A

    This is actually a photo from an early sweatbox session, where Walt used strange methods of intimidation and humiliation to break his animators’ will. Ben Sharpsteen is shown looking on as Walt is about to cane Ubb Iwerks.

  • Maya

    Makes you wonder about the guy on the back. Is he their prisoner? Their evil mastermind? An unlucky bystander?

  • BBL

    I think that’s a young Bela Lugosi in the back row, and as you can see, even HE is creeped out.

  • The Gee

    As for the guy in the back row, let’s hope he isn’t manually operating the two ducks in front of him. It would be a lot like puppetry but more like an early hand operated animatronic thing.

  • swac

    I was thinking it was some sort of school safety course, teaching kids that the next time an anarchist tosses a bomb at a passing Austrian archduke, just duck and cover!